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    • zOMG Summerzzzz

      13 years ago


      Yay! Summer ish here!! Fiiiiiiiinally!!! Although reports come on the 17th... ::shudders:: I should check parent viewer to prepare for the worst... although I know I got a B in math, which is higher than the C i got the quarter before... GO MEH!

      urm, i'm gonna lose my job in a week since the restuarant is closing... but i was getting tired of working there, the kitchen was like waaaaay to small and i kept getting hit by the walk-in door since my station was right there... those bruises will finally heal! YES!!

      my completely awesome tan is peeling away... i got completely crispyfied last monday when i went to the beach to relax from finals stress for a day and yeah, the burn had started fading into this totally nice tan on my shoulders and back (i'm like usually rather pale-ish) and then it started to peel away T,T now i'm gonna only have this crappy light tan... damn..

      my friend Lia is joining my other friend Kitty (his real name is michael) and Me at our mini website development job thingy called Kittay Inc. (its like a totally inside thing between all of our friends). we all hung out yesterday at the publix plaza by my house to eat at Coldstones (totally awesome ice cream place) and while we were walking around this girl like ran up to me and started going rather fangirl on my headband... i was wearing my Konoha ninja headband (naruto thing...) and my necklace with my chibi Viva*Rock style Naruto and Sasuke keychains on it. (SASUNARU FO LIFE! heh) and then she started following us for a little bit and we were all, "WTF..." eventually she left and lia was like "OMG! LETS RUN TO THE OTHER SIDE OF STARBUCKS SO SHE CAN'T FIND US AGAIN!" so we did... then Kitty's dad came and picked us up and dropped Lia and Me at my house. That's where I got lia to join Kitty and Me on making a website for my dad and maybe some of his friends... we get paid of course...

      i have no motivation to work on my Moogle costume for Yasumi Con this summer... wait... scratch that!!! My friend Jen reminded me that Piano Squall is gonna be there... and and and and and OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I NEED TO WORK ON MY COSTUME SO PIANO SQUALL WILL HUG MEH!!!!!

      ::fangirl of piano squall::

      zOMG i just checked out the Tates Special Events calander and and zOMG!

      U P C O M I N G...S P E C I A L...E V E N T S

      "Anime on the Big Screen" at CINEMA PARADISO!
      Monthly ONGOING, 10:30pm-12:30am, Admission: $5
      See Japanese Anime on the BIG SCREEN at Cinema Paradiso in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale!! Door prizes & fun! Most screenings will be for mature audiences.
      Sponsored by TATE'S.

      Cinema Paradiso Phone: 954-525-FILM (3456)
      Address: 503 SE 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale

      **************Next Showing: Friday, June 10th**************
      The Naruto Movie, 90 Minutes, English Subtitled
      Bonus! Ranma 1/2, Episodes 1 & 2, 50 Minutes, English Dubbed

      I'm soooo going... mwahahahhaa.... even though I've already seen the movie, I'll go again to see it on the bigscreen!!

      :meeps: long journal entry...

      ~Rika Outta~

    • Home aloooneee!!

      13 years ago


      I'm sooooooooo booooooooreeeeeeed!! /wah hahaha ragnarok emotions!!! /heh I've been playing on ragnarok for awhile, I also played some DDR although my pad sucks and acts like a baby and tries to move out from under my feet... Seriously I ended up halfway across the t.v. room from playing afronova...

      then i tried making a strawberry apple smoothie from scratch, but i forgot to peel the apples and i added too much milk... what a waste of fruit of ice cream...

      so i'm thinking about riding over to publix to buy MORE ice cream and some sushi 'cause i want some... hrm... i wonder if i called my dad to ask if i can go if he'd say yes... maybe... i'll go call him!!

      OMG! HE SAID YES!!! ::cheers:: Now i'm gonna go get ice cream and sushi! better take a lunch box with an ice pack though >.>

    • Wooohoooo!

      13 years ago


      Man oh man, I be bored... I'm in American History right now... lunch is like twenty minutes away. ANIME CLUB meeting today! YAY!!! ::dances:: Not sure what we're watching today, probably .hack//udeden since i was asked to bring my DVD of it.

      I'm going to the Oasis tonight, and to gameworks. I get to play DDR! Yay! Good thing I got a new inhalor, my other one expired over a year ago... so yeah, my new one should work mucho better.

      I hope I go to gamestop too... Kitty and I are going to buy the two seasons of Red Vs Blue that are out on DVD. Go us!

      I made a new livejournal friend! She lives in germany and seems to love the legend of zelda games, which is awesome 'cause Link is sexy kickass hahahaa!

    • First Journal Post Thing!

      13 years ago


      Uhm, well here is my first post on this journal. I'm home sick... and I got bored... so I joined up here. I like Halo and Halo 2. I just wish I owned an XBOX to play them more... I only have a playstation 2. I'll get one eventually!! That's what saving paychecks are for!!!

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    • ApharoahsKIN

      12 years ago

      YAY for .hack *nods* yeah i'm sorry....kinda wierd and tired

    • Zikashi

      12 years ago


      The Game of Tag
      If I tagged you... HA! You now have to follow the rules of the game:

      -You cannot tag someone who tagged you
      -You should tag at least 5 other people (those with 4 or less will be punished by flogging or any other way I can think of)
      -Random tagging is accepted
      -All tagging should be done in the personal comments section on the homepage of the tag-ee
      -Do not eat a live chicken
      -This game is only fun if people participate
      -The goal is for everyone on the site to get tagged EVENTUALLY
      -If you decide to participate, post the rules in your journal or link them to this journal
      -I have a space monkey in my pics section
      -There is no violence until I change the game to capture the flag
      -When capture the flag breaks out, the teams will cluck like chickens until I am satisfied (....???)

    • Josh029

      12 years ago

      The amount of fear that i have is uncomparable.

    • darkstitch

      13 years ago

      I live closer.


    • bludawg7

      13 years ago

      Hey, you live near me, so I want to be a friend! ^_^

      I also like sushi, I'm half Korean. The other half is Puerto Rican....
      Yeah, so anyways, whats up!

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