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    • More friends, less time, got a laptop

      5 years ago


      Hello nobody,

      Tackle this journal in three points, first off, getting back into real life circle of friends, I went over to a friends house on Halloween and had a great time and got my spirits about being nowhere in life up. I'm feeling better about my life, more like i'm on my way rather than just running in place.

      The pharmacy tech course is going well, we're about a quarter of the way through, and did I mention i'm the only guy in a class of 13? And before none of the guys out there say "wow your so lucky" Go to the same room, 5 days a week, for 2 months straight with he same group of 12 girls, half of which are dating someone and the other half are focusing on school, and tell me again after that. It's really not that fun.

      Less time for myself these days, most of it taken up by school and work and studying

      that was short, 3rd point, got myself a laptop. Feeling really good about it and really want to get started in animating, but since i'm broke from school and this laptop, I don't have the money for flash, and the free animation tools I've tried I dislike heartily.

      That's all, short and sweet, this roach is out and about, keep an eye out for me....oh right, no one reads

    • Working while going to school...not fun

      5 years ago


      Hello nobody....why do i even do this? I could go crazy and no one would notice....anyway back on topic

      So in 2 days it will be a monday and the third week of my classes at the Thompson Career College. I've also been working graveyard shifts while going to school and it is pretty darn close to hell. No scratch that, hell would obviously be worse...ok it's like having a blinding headache all the time.

      The schooling itself isn't that hard, its for Pharmacy technician (The person in pharmacies that does all the pill popping...into bottles of course). Really all you need is math and a good memory, and since I'm great at both of those, it's pretty easy. However, this brings out my less likeable personality traits. I have a short attention span, so with school work being so easy I'm always trying to distract myself so I'm not bothering others, the problem is, I usually distract others while distracting myself. I have a fix for it now, so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

      In other news, been playing borderlands 2 mostly these past couple weeks...a huge improvement over the first. My favourite character has got to be the mechromancer. I've just started a new game with her and she is badass in a whole new way.

      My friends list is pointless, at the moment of my writing this, the only 2 on there are chris and brandon from rooster teeth, but i think they just friend everyone who asks, and i'm willing to bet they haven't looked at most of their 'friends' profiles even once. This is not a complaint, Working at a place like roosterteeth takes up a lot of time so I doubt they have the time to waste.

      I think this is my longest journal yet...I just looked at my last journal, and realized I mentioned brandon and Chris in that one too. Also, I just unchecked share this on facebook because my RL friends already think i'm a big enough nerd/geek/whatever.

      The newest member of the rooster teeth team i know about is one Ali Baker. A cute/hot, pink-haired, energetic gamer. I just saw her application to Fragdolls from awhile back. I would have voted for her in a heartbeat. SHOUT OUT TO ALI BAKER AND THE FRAG DOLLS.

      oh and since I did mention them SHOUT OUT TO CHRIS AND BRANDON as well. Less of a rant this week and more of a ramble, but since I write for no audience, I'm sure my audience won't care...*Chirping cricket*.

      Oh and forget that little bit at the end of my last journal about my gamertag, it's now Chaotic R0ACH and will be staying that way.

    • King of the Court(field, track etc.)

      in Forums > King of the Court(field, track etc.) | Follow this topic


      Hello RoosterTeeth and AchievementHunters everywhere, I've had this Idea for awhile, and just didn't have the Karma lvl to post a topic till now.

      I'm planning on starting a weekly (or bi-weekly depending on feedback) tournament called King of the Court (or whatever field of play) where we hold a tournament, and the Winner get's bragging rights for a week (or two see above bracket).

      This is just a quickie topic to see who's interested. If you are a for sure joiner then PM me your RT name, your gamer tag, and what game you'd most like to play (put 2 or 3 just in case). When I get what I feel is enough, I'll create the tournament and we'll play whatever game was most said in the pms.

      If your not sure, or have questions, Pm me whatever you want to ask/say.

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    • Why is dating so hard?

      5 years ago


      Hello all, It's been a month since you've heard from me...oh wait, no one reads this, so i guess it's been a month since I've ranted about something to NO ONE.

      This time, I rant all about why Girls make daring them so GODDAMN difficult. Take my most recent experience for instance: Theres a girl, I'm attracted to her, I want to get to know her. We talk and start texting practically 24/7, but she just keeps leading me on, and on, and on. It turns out, I'm just someone to text to pass the time. It's ridiculous, and the last 2 girls before that were lunch dates that turned into "Lets just be friends", which, lets be honest, is a nice way of saying "I'll never date you".

      It pisses me off, plus I can't seem to get anything going in any other areas of my life, I'm turning into the slob who lives in a basement and plays video games all day. (No offence to rooster teeth or achievement hunter).

      In regards to the last sentence I just posted, I'm not sure why I bothered, the only friends on here are Chris and Brandon and I'm pretty sure they don't read this. I'm sure Geoff and Gus are happily Married and kudos to them for finding a girl who can stand a guys presence for longer than 20 seconds, but I'm so done with Girls and their mysterious ways. I just wish that it was easier to tell what they were thinking, I'm gonna be on here more often, i'm thinking once a week. I might even post videos instead just to liven things up.

      In a side note, My XBOX gamer tag has been changed from Roach Chaos, to B1LBO BAGG1NNS

    • Video Games, No Longer about Split Scree

      6 years ago


      Welcome, It's only been about 3 months since I posted a Journal Entry...Not sure why. Anyway, The other day I was up at EB games looking around because I'd just gotten my pay check and wanted to see if any of the newer games looked good. I've always enjoyed playing video games with others (Split-Scree, Co-op or VS) and I've now realized that Todays gamers, Have hardly any Split screen games, aside from Halo and Cod. I know Borderlands had a 2 player split screen, and I'm sure There are others, but since no one reads this thing anyway, I don't have to worry about people pointing out crappy games for split screen to me.

      Reading that, I come to My second conclusion, it is rather hard to get really involved with Rooster teeth in a purely "internet" way. That being said, I wish there was some way I could get more involved with other users and the cast and crew of both rooster teeth and Achievement Hunter.

      Hunter is close to Hunger...The Hunger games O.o

      The Hunger games came out last week, and I've been really excited for it. At first I was planning on Going to see it real quick like, but then I learned by Brother is coming home from College for a week this wednesday, and I thought I would wait and see if Him and his GF wanted to join me. (I'd be such a third wheel)

      I'm having tons of fun with Mass Effect 3, which Is pretty much all I play these days. The multiplayer is really distracting, I keep going on there just to kill stuff rather than have to have the dialogues and choices of the story :P Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but it does make it seem like I've played it forever and hardly made a dent. (Even thought the save game is only like 7 hours)

      I keep trying to keep track of the games you guys use in live streams, and thinking about buying in relating to connecting more with Cast and Crew. Maybe I could actually join in if I had some of the games.

      If anyone has actually read this, thanks for taking the time to listen to me, feel free to ask me anything, I crave human Interaction O.o that sounded kind of creepy

      Roach Out

    • Roach Rambles about stuff Volume 1

      6 years ago


      So today is Saturday, January 21. The time is 5:07 pm at the start of this journal entry.

      Today started out rather joyfully, waking up to the screaming of my niece and nephew who are over visiting all day today. Although they do have a cool marble tower building thing that occupied them for all of 10 minutes. After dressing and eating breakfast, I checked into getting a security licence online so I could be a guard at the local mall. Turns out it costs over 100 dollars and is a long hard process, more on that later. With nothing better to do, I cleaned my room while listening to the rooster teeth podcast number 140, with guests from critical systems (i think was the name) and where burning tries to kill brandon in New Zealand. After all that, just played Dues ex from 2:30 ish till about 10 minutes ago. In our house, 5 o clock means news on the tv.

      Now we enter the rant portion of this journal because I feel I need to address something that is plaguing our roads all over the world. I'm driving downtown and the car in front of me decide to slam on their brakes in the middle of the road for no discernible reason whatsoever. I nearly rear-ended the stupid driver, stopping just in time myself. Passing the vehicle later on, I noticed the driver was a young woman...figures. Woman please, learn to actually drive before getting onto the roads by flirting with your license tester to pass. For all the woman who read this who say "I did not use my womanly charms to pass my test, well good for you, you are in the minority of good woman drivers. I wish I could send you all thank-you cards because of it. Also, old people need to be able to maintain the speed limit, not 20 below it.

      that's pretty much it for now, Next entry will have more on getting a security license and perhaps even another rant if we're lucky.

      Thanks for reading, sorry if I offend, it's just the Roaches opinion. Have a good night/day depending on when you read this and may God bless you with long life and happiness.

      Roach Out.

    • 2018 years ago

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