This show is definitely not getting enough love so thought I'd give it a shout out here. Set in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by anthropomorphic androgynous gems (relation to Steven Universe is surface level only). The gems of this world are under constant threat by lunar beings attempting to kidnap them. Would categorise it as a fantasy slice of life with some heavy mystery and action elements. 

My personal love for this show stems from the fact that it has some of most fully realised CG/3D I've seen so far. Using it to really give impactful emotion and fluid movement to its host of unique characters in a captivating world.

Example of the beauty of this show

Promotional video

A lot of people seem to be against it from the get-go due to it being primarily CG. Thought it might be better received here for obvious reasons. Doing well in Japan though so hopeful for a second season.

Note: Airing Saturdays on Amazon's anime service, currently on episode three.

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