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      Good Evening everybody!

      3 months ago

      Here I am... Alone. So now seems to be a good time to take this new website for a bit of a test drive. So I guess I can give a bit of an update on my life since...however long ago it was that I mentioned anything about my life.

      I currently have a job I rather enjoy personally, much better than the job I had before this one. It could still be euphoria from the fact that I'm no longer working in fast food, because I realized how bad I had it there. I've never been in an abusive relationship, but I think after 3 years at [insert fast food restaurant I was employed at] I kinda see what happens. Except that I had a miracle happen to whisk me away from that place and most abusive relationships aren't that clean of a break. The new job pays much better along with benefits!

      On a sadder note, I gave up on school. College isn't for me apparently. I couldn't focus myself down to finish the classes I needed to graduate. College felt like I was trying to chip away at a brick wall with a spoon while being lost at sea then my spoon broke and I realized I need to get off this boat. I may go back if a job becomes available that I really want and need a degree to acquire it or I may try to apprentice myself to a trade.

      In summary, things seem to be looking up (not that things were that bad before), and remember there are other options after high school aside from Food or Service industry.

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      Hello followers!

      10 months ago


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      RWBY My Thoughts After finishing Volume/Season 1

      2 years ago

      Someone told me about RWBY and most of the people who mentioned it to me didn't really seem to like it. However, I got curious and wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I watched a few episodes. And ended up watching the whole series thus far...
      I'll admit it, the animation is sometimes a little hard to look at, and the anime throw-ins are jarring at times, but it's a low budget production, probably nothing compared to the level of funding we see with most cartoons and weekly animated shows of today. It also seemed to be going for a "computer animated...anime" and I kind of liked that. Thus I was able to look past the flaws of the animation, but for many that may be a turn-off.
      The story was pretty interesting for me but I feel like it's probably been done before, maybe I'm wrong on that, but I liked it nonetheless. But it felt like all this season was just build-up and introductions to the characters and little actually happened. I also kinda felt like there are too many characters, but it also gives the viewers plenty of different people to root for and connect to instead of just the four main characters.
      All in all, I like it, I hope it continues and does well.

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      Journal Jam

      2 years ago

      Hey would you like your journal to be jammed
      Q. what is a journal jam?
      A.well it is when some active people from this group come into your journal the first few pages we will talk about ur Journal topic if possible then well it usually turns into a random talk session about current event weather that be movies games or just what going on in our lives.this will go on until we hit 500 post or so then we will find a new journal to jam in.

      Q. what are the rules
      A. well the first rule is we dont jam where were not welcome if you join the group u will be journal jammed at some point.
      the only way we will jam somebody outside the group is if they let us we may ask you if we may if you say no it is a no and we will respect that

      here are the other rules
      1. Absolutely No Spam!

      2. You must make a Journal Related Comment on the Host Journal.

      3. Make sure you MOD the Host Journal.(since the mod system is gone this may change)

      4. Be kind and courteous to the host and fellow Journal Jammers

      5. Have fun!

      if you have any questions about the journal jam fill free to ask them here I will do the best i can to answer them

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      I hope this message gets out

      3 years ago

      This is Serenity, we're under attack by Indiana Jones in the Millennium Falcon, please assist.

      Yes, this is a plug so that people will vote for something. If you don't care/hate voting stuffs, please ignore.

      Otherwise, support Captain Malcolm Reynolds please! Submit your vote once a day by giving Serenity +10 points and taking away 10 points from the opposition.

      Maybe I'll have something better soon.

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      Split-screen in Games

      3 years ago

      Am I the only one that really thinks that split-screen is still an awesome way to play? Apparently Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City doesn't think so, not offering it. The game is flawed yes, but if the name of the game is co-op play, why would you not offer it?

      I think it's because the companies realize that people play split-screen so that's one less person that buys the game, so they're trying to make people buy the game. It's not an issue of graphics or processing power, I seriously doubt it anyway (most of the time).

      Sure there's some pluses of online play, but you don't get instant feedback like split-screen, all you hear is people speaking. Again, I don't hate online play, I just think there's the problem of relying on it to make your game.

      I may change this journal or post more on it, but for now, thoughts, comments?

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      About 2 weeks and 5 years ago...

      4 years ago

      I joined this site!

      Wow... has it been that long already? Thanks to all the great people on this site (you know who you are ;) ).

      ...Maybe I'll think of something cooler to end this journal with later...

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      My memories of 9/11 Ten years later...

      4 years ago

      Here's what I remember:

      I was taking some kind of (Standardized or maybe it was practice) test in middle school when a teacher walked into our classroom and told us about it. At the time I didn't know what was going on or the graveness of what had happened. Our school was one of the few schools that didn't let the teachers turn on the tvs for students to watch. But when I got home and saw what was happening... I just felt numb. One of my sisters was just a baby (not even a month old). Later I felt a little scared when we went out (for some reason I can't remember what) and we saw crowds around the gas stations. I also remember that night being very quiet with no airplanes flying in the air.

      It's also strange, despite this being a day of tragedy for many, one of my sisters has a birthday on this day and some good things have happened on this day for our family. It's just a shame that some crazy terrorists decided to try and ruin that day for all Americans. Despite this being a horrible day for many, I am kind of glad I can look at this day and remember some good things that have happened.

      The short version is: Let us not forget what happened, lets pray, hope, and try to prevent another tragedy like this from ever happening again, and let us also try to remember what we have instead of what we lost. But let's not forget those who gave their lives on that day to help others or those who were just doing their job.

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      Been Away Lately

      4 years ago

      I have noticed that my presence on this site has not been much lately. Mostly due to me working two jobs, thus having little time to do time consuming Internet activities.

      As much as I almost hate to say this, I think I'll have more free time when school starts. XD At least by then I'll have a good indicator as to which job will work out better for me. I just don't want to quit one job and find out the other won't work out, so I'm going to college broke again. The other reason I'm working two jobs, is that I'm trying to purchase a car of my own.

      Here is my list of cars that I'd like to look into (realistic or not):
      Dodge Challenger
      Chevy Camero
      Ford Mustang
      Ford Crown Victoria
      Ford Taurus
      Chevy Impala

      An old pickup truck would be kinda cool too, as long as it had 4x4.

      So, I guess I leave you with a question. What kind of car do you want? Or what is your dream car? If you already have it, list it.

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