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    • 四畳半神話大系の一節 (A passage from Tatami Galaxy)

      4 weeks ago

      Ryokugan 俺はのんびりやるために生まれてきた。

      Recently I've been reading Tatami Galaxy (四畳半神話大系; Yojohan Shinwa Taikei) by Tomihiko Morimi. I was hooked from the first page, and I've been enjoying it quite a bit. I haven't translated anything in quite awhile, so I thought it'd be fun to do a bit here. If you can read both, tell me what you think of it! This is from early on (pages two and three) but I found it really funny the first time I read it, so here you go.
      Original text:



      It's said that those who interfere with people's romances are fated to be kicked to death by horses, so I made sure not to go anywhere near the equestrain club's riding grounds on the desolate northern of end of the university. If I had, it's likely that those rampaging horses would've rushed and jumped the fence, surrounded me, and kicked me to death so violently that the dirty chunks of meat left behind wouldn't even be suitable for making sukiyaki. I was deathly afraid of Kyoto's mounted police for the same reason.

      As for why I was so afraid of horses, that would be because I was notorious, even among those who didn't even know me, as someone who interfered with love. I was a cupid in Reaper's robes; weilding an ax instead of arrows, like some sort of infrared sensor I cut, snipped and severed the red threads of fate stretched between couples. Thanks to my work, the young men and women of kyoto cried six tubs worth of bitter tears.


      I paraphrased a bit more than I tend to like, but I feel like it does a good job of getting the feeling across. As far as I know, the book hasn't been translated into English (at least not officially), but it was turned into an anime at some point. I haven't seen it, so I don't know if it's any good or how accurate an adaptation it is, but I've heard lots of good things about it.

    • RvBのセリフ!

      11 months ago

      Ryokugan 俺はのんびりやるために生まれてきた。


      Agent Washington: That was the worst throw ever. Of all time.



      Agent Washington: I'm not crazy, okay? I'm totally, completely sane. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to blow up this dead body.


      カブース:時系…列? ふん、時間は列でできていないんだよ。丸でできている。だから時計はまるい。

      Caboose”Time... line? Psh, time isn't made of lines! It is made of circles. That is why clocks are round.”



      Is it a spider?


























    • Translation of Lines

      1 year ago

      Ryokugan 俺はのんびりやるために生まれてきた。

      Got the idea to translate a bit of RvB just for practice and whatnot, so here's Church's goodbye to Tex at the end of Season 9 (the whole "I forget you" bit).

      チャーチ:監督がわからなかったことを解決したばかりだと思う。アルファも。君だった、テクス。初めから。あのね、俺は。俺たちは君を作ったと思っていた。監督と破片も。でも事実はそうじゃなかった。君が俺たちを作ったんだ。アルファが作られた時、君もたまたま来たんだ。より偉い何かを作ることは、キミにもできるという考えを、監督が与えてくれたんだ。アルファを分けられるということだ。分からないか?君は記憶だった。君はその記憶を辿るキーだった。君は全く別の人を作れてしまうほど、強かったんだ。彼は…いつも君を探していた。なんていうか、君を完璧にしたがっていたんだ。彼は最後のもう一度だけ…君に会いたいと願っていた。彼は、俺が君と同じことをできることを望んでいたんだ… 君をここに見つける、というよりむしろ、ただ別の反復を出したかったんだ。この「テクスの問題」を解決してほしかったんだ。正しい解決方法を分かってほしかったんだ。でも… 今はわかってる。全ての直し方を知っている。これをきっぱりと終わりにする方法がわかってるんだ。それは初めからずっと、とても単純だった。あとは君に、この3つの言葉を話すだけだ… 君にずっと言いたくて、だけど伝えられなかった3つの言葉だ。


      チャーチ:いや、テクス。そうじゃない。「好きだ」とは、言わない。「君を忘れる」と言う… 君を忘れる… 君のことを考えないようにする。

    • 「百万ドル(をもらえる)が」The One Man Fan Translation into Japanese.

      1 year ago

      Ryokugan 俺はのんびりやるために生まれてきた。

      I've only been doing them a bit at a time, but so far just over half of the black cards and about 1/4 to 1/3 of the gold cards in the core set. I'll be doing the expansion as well once mine arrives. In the meantime, I'm keeping a master list of translations with their English counterparts. I'll publish the whole thing when it's done.

      Edit: All of the Black Cards in the core set are translated!

      Edit again: The core set is completely translated. The full list can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjxv1q8pneeflot/MDB%20tr...

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