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    • Final Preperations

      5 years ago


      I'm finally getting closer to having my laptop back. All I need to do now is to download Ubuntu onto my flash drive, then boot my laptop in it, then use that until I can get Windows 7 Ultimate, or Windows 8.1, whichever I choose.

    • Free Adobe Programs!

      5 years ago


      Yes I know, another post and so soon after the last one, but this is actually quite exciting, Adobe has now shut down their activation servers for their CS2 programs. Yes the CS2 Suite is 10 years old, but the downloads are free, and there is no hassle with it. All you need is 650 MB of storage on your computer, an Adobe account (which is free) and the will to sit through the downloads for your new art programs. I suggest watching something while you wait, say Game of Thrones, RvB, Achievement Hunter (though I do not recommend using any internet services while downloading, it will help speed up the process)
      So enjoy the next few hours as you frantically rush to download some new design programs. Here's the link to the site detailing the rest of the shizzle wizzle that I didn't cover.

    • I forgot my RT birthday again!

      5 years ago


      Damn, every year this thing comes around and bites me in the ass. I always forget about my RT Cake Day. I will always use my original account's birthday, because that was my first real account, too bad it was hacked and deleted (I'm still pissed that my award says "first 2 million", rather than "first million").
      I joined this site on December 31st 2010, so this is my 4th year on the site. In that time, I've met some really great people. A few of them, I haven't spoken with in a very long time due to animosities, but I will soon change that...

      I remember starting this account when I was in 8th grade. I had to lie about my age, and say I was old enough to register here, but I always ended up telling my friends how old I really was (and it was never some outrageous age, just enough to get me in). When I first started, I didn't have many friends here, I was a pretty shy person IRL and on this site, and my first three friends were @Marshal, @Chris, and @Kerry. Pretty soon a lot of the other RT staff accepted my friend requests, and I had about half of the cast and crew on my list. This was a huge confidence booster, and helped me come out of my shell per say.

      Before I signed up here, I watched RvB quite religiously. I started around the beginning of Season 3, and have been with them ever since. I knew this site existed, but I never bothered to join, because I was super young back then. I was just starting 4th grade.

      My RT life really kicked off at the start of 9th grade, when I discovered Chupas from @littledogs13. I quickly fell in love with them, and was a fast fan of the R[e]volution comic. After a few weeks, I learned that Chupababies were adoptable, so I quickly jumped on making one after my Freelancer OC, Hartley. I remember doing my first Chupa drawings in my metal working class when I had my free time. I would simply do a little sketch in my little sketchbook, snap a picture with my iPod and post it on my page. When I finally finished Chupa Hartley's design, I asked @Myshu to draw it in her own way... she quickly declined the next day, but I do recall that rather than shooting me down, she complemented me on my work. That was a huge confidence booster for me.

      Over time, I started to develop a story around Hartley, and @Myshu mentioned me in a journal, and spoke about it as an RP group. So I acted on that. I made the group, and went around to a few people, and started recruiting for the Chupa Special Forces (yeah dufy name I know). The group began to prosper quite well, and by the end of that school year, we had 17 pages of RP done in only a couple of months.

      Though that time felt good to me, tragedy struck me, like a ton of bricks. My boyfriend at that time died in a car accident with a drunk driver, and it left me devastated. I fell into a deep depression, and shut out all of my friends. I bottled up my emotions, and hid them away from the world, and my boyfriend's parents only made it worse (I won't go into detail about what they did, just know that they are heartless assholes). Because of this, I lashed out at people who were criticizing me and my work, specifically, @DevilMayCrye. He was a major cog in the CSF group for a long time, he helped me get the group going, and helped me manage it, along with @Brunette. I came to grow close to these two people when the group first started growing, but after Caylen's death, I shut them out of my life. I would snap at them for questioning my design choices, and... well I was an overall dick to both of them. (Through recent revelations, I have learned much about why I was acting the way I did, and I am trying to make myself a better person from who I was in the past. I only wish for forgiveness, and a second chance to start anew, if you would have me).

      After I lost my mind, I went into a self imposed exile from the community. I left for three months to cool off and calm myself. When I returned, I had become a better person, but I was still pretty fucked up. I didn't know why I acted the way I did, and I didn't know how to change myself, but that all went past me when I met @Blueworgen. I first met him when I asked him to help me write a story, CSF Rebrith (yes the CSF name was still there, I hadn't changed it yet). I had a base idea of what the story would be about, and after months of reworking it, I finally got an understanding of what I wanted to make. I realized that it wouldn't be very efficient to write a story line by line in emails exchanged once or twice a day, so I took it upon myself to write the story, and have @Blueworgen help me rework parts of it before it's finished. It was around this time that I met @Bensonator too, and he quickly became one of my closest friends I have ever had. I learned that @Blueworgen and @Bensonator were already friends before I met them, and that quickened our friendship. Together, @Bensonator and I began to lay the groundwork for a new story, a sequel to Rebirth, Retaliation. After that time, I was conflicted about what to write for a third story. I had planned to make one about a rebellion, but then I heard @Blueworgen's idea for a story about something (I'm not sure if I can talk about that yet), and I though of a fantastic way to work the newly renamed Sircan Special Forces in.

      It was also around this time that I was admitted into the Department of Chupaology, but that was short lived, because I felt that I didn't really belong there, and that I wasn't needed there either. Maybe in the future, after some relationships are patched up, and I am on the same page with a lot of people, then maybe I could reapply. But I don't think that will happen for quite a while.

      (Continued in the comments, I didn't think this post would be so long)

    • So Nintendo is really smart

      5 years ago


      Nintendo has just released the Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green soundtracks on iTunes for $11.99... there are 90 songs in the album, and each are $0.99.
      Really Nintendo? You couldn't see through that? You put 90 songs into one album, and each song is worth about a dollar, but the entire album only costs about 12 dollars. I've done the math, and Nintendo should either release multiple volumes of the OST, or price it at $84.99 (which is approx. the price of all the songs).

    • Ear Pierced and Xbox ONE

      5 years ago


      So yesterday I got my ear pierced for the first time (yes the other rings I wore were fake, I wasn't sure if my parents would let me keep them so I thought I might as well spare myself the pain if it would be all for not), and ya know how people say it doesn't hurt at all, well they're lying... a little. It didn't hurt that much, it was like getting a shot through my ear, nothing painful about that. the only parts that hurt was when the little stud was shoved through the hole, and cleaning it with the alcohol this morning. It looks nice, and I'm looking forward to having my continuous loop put in in two months when this one is healed.

      In other news, I was able to play the Xbox ONE at the Microsoft store at the Mall of America, man it was fun, I got to play Forza 5 (which I'm really bad at) and it was really fun. I remember playing Forza 4 on the 360, and my console was lagging quite a bit (it is a pretty old machine at this point) and the ONE played it like a dream. The controller fit perfectly in my hand, and the trigger feedback was cool, I could feel the stress when I pulled the handbrake and I could feel it when I hit the gas. The D pad is a lot better now, it has the clicky buttons, so clearly they took some pointers from Sony and Nintendo with that one, and it felt overall like a good controller. Despite this awesome controller, I do feel there's gong to be a strong competition between Sony and Microsoft with the controllers. The Dual Shock 4 feels really nice in comparison to the old revamped Dual Shock 3, and the ONE controller is shockingly similar to the 360 in it's form and quality. I'm eager to see the outcome of this in a few weeks when the consoles are released.

    • Just got a Steam gift card

      5 years ago


      Wanted to buy the Borderlands 2 ultimate edition... I saw that something similar was on sale for 75% off, and it was the Game of the Year edition... didn't realize it was for Borderlands 1... Now I must wait until Christmas for the vanilla Borderlands 2 to drop... ugh

    • Sony's a b*tch

      5 years ago


      So... I'm sure you've all been following the whole Next Gen console debacle, and all of this "day one patch" thing... well to shed some light on that, some inside (and pretty reputable) sources, and I shan't name names, because Sony will have my thumbs broken in about three seconds. Now onto the thing with Sony, but first, I'm gonna' warn you, sit down, go to the bathroom (because you will probably shit yourself)... In the day one patch for the PS4, Sony has taken out a feature... do you want to know what that feature is... DRM! Sony had planned to have DRM in the PS4! The only reason as to why they chose not to tell people, is because they let Microsoft take the fall for it, while they just sat back, and enjoyed people flowing in to pre-order... Sony, you're just a bag of shit... it's pretty apparent that you aren't "for the gamer" and that the all mighty dollar is driving you for this.

      So tell me, do you think Sony is a POS for doing this (and might I add that they intended to keep this removal out of the patch notes...), and do you think Microsoft deserved so much hate for having DRM , knowing now that Sony planned to have it too, and lied about it? Please tell me your opinions...

    • 5 years ago

    • The Toddler Code of Conduct

      5 years ago


      1. You are the family alarm clock. It is your job to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn every day.

      2. ALWAYS crap your pants AFTER leaving the house. Your best bet is to clench those cheeks together until you have left your street, and then EXPLODE!!! To achieve Legend status, do this when your parent is in a huge hurry to get somewhere very important.

      3. Do not be content doing anything for more than two minutes. You have to constantly keep moving. NEVER SLOW DOWN!

      4. If you are not interested in being picked up, get as low to the ground as possible. Think dead weight. Feel free to flail and cry for added difficulty.

      5. If someone tries to take something from you, teach them a lesson by first throwing it, then jumping up and down while making your best "oh you are going to be REALLY sorry," face, then falling to the floor and starting to spaz out, screaming and crying extra loud if you are in public.

      6. If you do not like the food that is served to you, throw it on the ground in disgust, then at your parent, then at the cat/dog. For extra credit smash the remaining food into your hair and clothes. When you are given something to drink immediately dump it in your lap.

      7. Whenever possible terrorize the family pets so they know who is in charge.

      8. NEVER EVER let your parent get the house clean. EVER! Once something is picked up off the floor, put something in its place. A good rule of thumb is dumping out the cat/dog food daily. Feel free to snack on it as well.

      9. You are in control of your sleep schedule. If you do not want to go to sleep, then don't, and if someone really wants you to go to sleep, then definitely do not do it. Do your best to get so tired that you become an evil miserable crying mess. That will show them!

      10. Always do your best to be in the way, including but not limited to: playing at your parents' feet while they are cooking, cleaning, fixing something, talking on the phone, getting ready for work, or doing anything that looks remotely important.

      11. Take ALL of your toys out of the toy box before playing with any of them. This goes for books, too -- rip all of them off the shelf before reading one. Your job is to make a huge mess. Hint: To keep things interesting, never ever play with the same toy or book for more than one minute.

      12. Under no circumstance will you make diaper changes or potty training an easy venture. If poop does not get everywhere then you have failed.

      13. Every time you leave the park throw a fit big enough to make it look like you are being kidnapped. If you are lucky, this will buy you five more minutes on the slide.

      14. The minute you learn to walk, refuse to be held. Insist on walking EVERYWHERE!

      15. The minute you learn to talk, DO NOT STOP! Do not be discouraged if you are not understood -- talk away anyway. It is not your fault if people are too stupid to understand you.

      16. EVERYTHING in this world belongs to you. Feel free to touch it, take it, hide it, throw it, smash it, break it and completely ruin it. HINT: ALL of the telephones in the house belong to you -- store them in the toilet.

      17. Your mantra is, "Catch me if you can you silly fool."

      18. "No!" means, Good job! Keep doing that!

      19. NEVER EVER do anything the first time you are asked.

      20. And last -- the most important code of toddler conduct -- for every five minutes you spend terrorizing your parent(s), sibling(s) and/or pet(s), provide one minute of pure sweet lovin' to ensure complete forgiveness.
      (from the Huffington Post)

    • (Insert meme here)

      5 years ago


      Everyone already have their Chupas grown up, and I'm just sitting here all young.

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