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    • SSF Rebirth Novel (Update)

      4 years ago


      Well it's coming along nicely (I'm having a lot of trouble typing this because I've been at this for about a week straight). Currently I am at around 104 pages (That's around 53 MS.dox pages). The story is coming along well, looking at the outline I have already made, I am around page 12 of the 160 page outline. This is going to be a novel, I can tell.
      One of the biggest supports I have when I'm writing this is that I have Hans Zimmer playing constantly, very heroic and epic, makes for good motivation. I also have tried catching up on old RT podcasts, I've learned the hard way that writing something and trying to listen to some one else, can be very hard.
      I have also looked at the time I started writing this, and it appears to be about two weeks ago. So looking at that, I can say that the entire book will be written in about six and a half months. After Rebirth is finished, I will be sending it to my editor so they can look over it and finalize it. Then it's on to SSF Retaliation. I have @Bensonator working on the story outline for that book. Once Retaliation is finished, then we have the final book to write. I still have to talk with @Myshu about the story, that will probably be in a few weeks, when she's done with the adoptions. I can guess that the entire SSF trilogy will be written in about a year and a half (minus all of the editing).
      Hopefully when I graduate from High school, I will be accepted into MCAD where I'll be learning Comic art and Animation. I also hope that having a BFA in an art school like MCAD can get me a job here at RT. Then the next step in my master plan, asking Matt if he will let me work on the SSF games as a side project, and maybe have help from 343 industries making the game (because I really understand that two people cannot make a game alone, and I realize now that I would need help)

    • SSF Novel (Preview)

      4 years ago


      So I have been working hard on the first SSF novel (this will be the ground basis for the SSF games in the future) I have posted them to both my deviantArt page and my furAffinity page. Check them out here

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    I am a proud member of the Harms family, and a proud member of the Ancient Council. My grandfather has been training me for the past 2 years and I'm ready to take on my role as the protector of this ringworld. I have a loving sister who is always by my side and helping me through any situation I get myself into, and is also by me when I'm feeling a little blue. In my spare time, I like to chat with my good friend, Myshu, who is also Omega's High Priestess.

    I am also a Captain in the SSF, and the Lt of my sister, Lyra Harms. I am also the leader of the Alpha Squad with my teammates, Kain and Crow.

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