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    • I Still Play Pokemon GO...

      4 days ago

      SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

      ... and last week I caught a Mew! Hooray! Apologies for the delay in excited posting, I caught it at work before my day began so I didn't have the chance to jump on and say so.

      Best of luck to other PoGo's that are whittling away at their Mystic Tasks. #legendary

      Laughter and Sunshine!

    • I still play Pokemon GO...

      1 month ago

      SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

      ... and I caught a Mewtwo today! Hooray!

      Laughter and Sunshine!

    • A successful start to the year!

      2 months ago

      SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

      Funeral's tend to throw things into perspective for many people. You start eating healthy, exercising, doing something different, set a new goal, living in general... I had that moment yesterday at a funeral I attended. I was already doing a lot of the things that I just listed though, so I decided to remind myself what I had already done in 2018 which made me happy instead. It helped pick me up as I was quite upset at this person's passing.

      - Very busy Lunar New Year of performances with my Lion Dance Team. We had a hell of a lot of fun during it though, lots of memories made, innovations taken on board, and I finished my season on a rotating stage - a first!

      - Our house continues to look more and more like us. We have hung more art, and the fiance is powering through getting the deck done which makes him very happy. If you want a sneak peak at our place, check out my Instagram.

      - Wedding plans are progressing. We handed out all our save the date cards during January :) I am going shopping for my shoes soon, in preparation for the dress arriving in June.

      - I felt spoiled on my birthday. It wasn't even a milestone. Beautiful well wishes, cakes everywhere, dinner out at a very nice restaurant.

      - I am reading more, which became a past-time while I was studying as all I read were text rather than fiction. Reading for leisure relaxes me enormously.

      Happiness is how I see my life, how I lead my life, and the key for planning for my future.

      Laughter and Sunshine!

    • RWBY Season 5 finale!

      3 months ago

      SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

      My girls are reunited. Huzzah!

    • 2018 in the shortest list possible.

      4 months ago

      SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

      2018 is going to be a busy year for me. I sat down this evening to write down my resolutions, and kept writing and writing; I just had too many, and having too many makes them all unachievable.

      So I whittled away until I got to the 3 I think are what I need or want most from 2018.

      1. Write more, and often
      2. Prioritise having experiences

      3. Don't stress on your wedding day

      Care to hold me to them?

      Laughter and Sunshine!

    • I went to Hong Kong, renovated/moved into my house... AND HAVE THE INTERNET FINALLY

      5 months ago

      SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

      ... I can finally sit down, start suffering and write that symphony! (Cosmo, "Singin' in the Rain")

      Or write here :)

      I have a video in the works for the Hong Kong trip, which I will link here once posted. Until then, here are some random ramblings about our house:

      - Paint walls is fun, but I am the best at painting touch-ups

      - Putting floating floorboards together is like a giant jigsaw
      - I don't like angry sounding power tools (aka the nail gun, table saw or drop saw)

      - Sawdust is everyone's enemy, but especially freshly painted white doors

      - I can live without internet and my computer, but not for long

      - It is great to finally sleep in our own place

      We aren't done with the renos, but it is great to finally be in, and before the holiday season too.
      Laughter and Sunshine!

    • PAXAus 2017

      6 months ago

      SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

      PAX is now the convention I have attended most in my life ^_^ (5 years running, previously held by Manifest)

      I can sum up the days with 3 hashtags (which coincidentally *all* have to do with boardgaming), and 3 honourable mentions.

      Friday : #Sarahwearsthepants
      My mates and I spent part of Friday checking out some of the boardgames on offer at the library. We picked two we had not seen before, and one of them was called The Voting Game. Black card has a question or statement, and you have a a hand of coloured number cards, each which correspond to a different person you are playing with. You put down the number of the person you think best fits the card, and for me this was 'Who wears the pants in a relationship?'. It was unanimous, and quite funny, more so in that my fiance was off playing another game while we did this. The joke of 'Sarah wears the pants' followed me with everything we did that day, lol!

      Honourable mention : Burnie Burns!
      Our goal was to go straight to the main theatre for Burnie's Storytime. It was really well done - great stories, great lessons, and may have teared up a bit when he talked of Monty. Thanks Burnie, Ashley and Ellie for coming all the way out here! I am bummed I did not make time to come and get an autograph or selfie, especially as I wanted to know if Ashley had seen the Stardew Valley pins floating around. I hope the Vlog turns out great!

      Saturday : #alwayschooseCatan

      Another day, another boardgame. For the record, I was not around when this started. It was a choice - whether to play good-old-faithful Settlers of Catan, or a steampunk-which-shall-not-be-named-themed game. My mates went with the steampunk-themed one, and opened the box to find a piece of paper which said 'And you thought Game of Thrones was complicated - Good luck  :('. If you have not played that boardgame before, please note it takes an average of 5 hours, once you have figured out how to play. My mates gave it a good shot, and 3 hours later admitted defeat after getting a whole bunch of rules mixed up and accidentally two players being killed off at once. So the lesson of Saturday became to always choose Catan ^_^

      Honourable mention : Pinny Arcade pins
      These pins were my Saturday. Think like the Disney-pins, but videogame and Penny Arcade themed. I bought a lot, traded a lot, and enjoyed doing the staff trading which I had not done in the way they had organised it this year. Great experience and even greater community. Cheers to future pin trades!

      Sunday : #nosalesuntil5pm

      One of the (usually) greatest things about PAXAus is that a lot of the boardgame vendors put on sales on the Sunday afternoon - saves them having to pack up and take back a lot of stock. We must have checked each hour from 12pm to 4pm - only 1 of the 25 or so vendors had a sale on, and that 1 sale started at 2pm. So all our lovely thoughts of buying boardgames just that little bit cheaper went up in smoke, as we all needed to leave by 5pm to get to other happenings. Previous years we had bought games at 20-40% off. Goes to show how popular the boardgame scene is these days if vendours decide not to lower their prices.

      Honourable mention : the Indie games

      I love the indie pavilion at PAX - I always find a game to look forward to. This year it was a game called Florence. OoOoOoohh myyyyyy gosh is it pretty! I have never been more relaxed while trying to piece together a couples relationship. Other Indie highlights include Grabbity, Ticket to Earth, Necrobarista, Rumu, Dead State Drive and the return of Death Squared (which I did not know had been released for the Switch).

      I have other stories of games I tested and fun that I had seeing friends. It always ends up being a very social weekend. I did not cosplay, as I left my cosplay about 48 hours too late (it is currently sitting in the garage waiting to be painted) but that's okay, as it is a highly reusable one.

      Hope other attendees at PAXAus had an equally awesome time!

      Laughter and Sunshine!

    • Life Update 2017

      7 months ago

      SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

      In an attempt to stay positive (as I am home sick today mask), here's a summary as to stuff going on in my world and things I am excited for.

      What I have been doing:
      - Settlement for our house has gone though, and we get the keys from the tenants (who had extra time to move out) on the 27th. We put a deposit down for our new couch, and bought the floorboards we are going to install/
      - Fiance surprised me with 3-day passes to PAXAus this year. I won't be able to buy every badge that I want, but I will be able to get a few and trade some of the ones I don't want for those that I do want.

      - Finished my post-grad studies (for now). I now have a Graduate Diploma of Museum Studies. This will make any study under that level super expensive, but it is hopefully going to help me get into a career I want to be in, and not one that just pays the bills.
      - Been doing a lot of gaming. Currently obsessed with Overwatch (Halloween event), PUBG, Fallout Shelter (almost got everything/one), Cook Serve Delicious! and Disney Tsum Tsum (phone app). Caved a bought Dream Daddy the other day when it was on sale - apparently these simulation games are having a huge trendy rise at the moment.

      - Going to Hong Kong in November for a family wedding. 80% of the Chan family living here in Australia are going as well, so it is going to be a hell of a party.

      - 5 words: I went wedding dress shopping.

      What I am amused/excited to hear about:

      - Movie & TV trailers that have been released in the last month including The Runaways, Man in the High Castle Season 3, The New X-Men, Justice League, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Lazer Team 2.
      - Amused to hear there is a Settlers of Catan movie being thrown around for green-lighting. Like...  seriously... wt...

      - Happy to see nice snaps and cool panels running at RTX London. Sounded like it was a bit like the first RTX Sydney, but I am sure it will grow to be as awesome as all the RTX's are.
      - RWBY Volume 5: RWBY got me into Rooster Teeth. I now watch so much content that I totally have issued about trying to cram it in around movies, TV shows and anime. First episode was great, and the new CRWBY mini-show is a worthy nod to such a hard-working team. Gunning to get some more Yang cosplay's done now!  yang

      Hmm yes, that has lifted my spirits. Never underestimate the power of writing!
      Laughter and Sunshine!

    • R.I.P. Sponsor Chat

      7 months ago

      SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

      'An error has occurred.'



      So long, original Sponsor Chat - I made a few friends through you, whom I still chat with to this day. In the trend that is technology, something else came along and just took your place (aka. Discord).

      I know RT are in the midst of revamping a lot of things on this site, so cheers to bigger and better things for Sponsors and Fans ^_^

      Laughter and Sunshine!

    • Coincidental Extra Fun Weekend!

      8 months ago

      SachiiSez Good-Natured Realist

      It was an actual coincidence that I happened to be at the bar that Funhaus chose to have their meet-up at here in Melbourne.

      My friend had organised her birthday drinks there very late in the week, and I was keen not only to catch-up with her but check out this bar. Called 'GGEZ', they stream non-stop Esports on all screens, and had only opened recently in a very central location of Melbourne's CBD.

      So along my fiance and I went. It is actually quite a good venue. Plenty of screens so you don't feel you need to crane your neck to see anything; decent price and variety on the food and drink menu; also a variety of Esports being screened (Overwatch, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, World of Warcraft, League of Legends etc etc).

      The place was busy already with a Twitch meet-up, which in my head I linked with the fact that VidCon was on this weekend. My head had not however made the connection that I also knew Funhaus were in town for that specific con. It did eventually make the connection when my fiance spotted them walk in. As we are unable to get to RTX this year, I knew this was going to be my one chance this year to say hello to some of the web creators that I admire so much, and I managed to get a few words in with Elyse! She was super nice in answering my questions about 11 Little Roosters, and posed for a quick selfie. Absolutely made my night!

      My fiance and I spent the following day sitting on all sorts of sofas for our new place (a fun experience, I highly recommend it) and explaining who Funhaus are to the people who asked about our social media posts that night. 

      PSA: now I see that Photobucket have changed their distribution mechanisms... hmm, gonna have to go and update all the photos I uploaded into journals through them. Here's hoping this one works through Facebook....




      PSA #2: Nope. Well then, just click this link to see the awesome Twitter post instead!

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        Hullo, thx for being chatty on the sponsor chat, and for accepting the friend request ^_^

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