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    • Samutz

      Back to Streaming on Twitch

      2 years ago

      So I've started streaming again. It's a little bit easier on the mic now that it's getting cooler and I don't need to be running the air conditioner in the background. I just streamed Max Payne 3, 007 Quantum of Solace, and currently working on 007 Goldeneye Reloaded, which should be finished today. Tomorrow I'm going to start on Assassin's Creed 3, assuming it arrives tomorrow as the tracking predicts. Then I will start Halo 4 after AC3, assuming it's arrived by then.

      One of my friends' 360 died a while back and he hasn't gotten to play Gears of War 3 and he loves the series. I haven't played it either and just barely finished Gears 2 a few weeks ago, so we're going to play local co-op and I'll try to convince him to let me stream it while we use a room mic. And if that works out, we'll be doing the entire Halo series (except Wars) as Forward Unto Dawn has got him interested in the series.

      I have another friend that streams, Brian_all, who run replays (re-runs) of some of the games he's already played when he's not online. He re-runs Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, and 4 a lot. He lost his MGS3 recording. So I think to compliment this, I'm going to stream MGS3, Portable Ops, and Peace Walker and call it the Big Boss Marathon or something. Also because I bought the MGS HD collection and never got around to playing it. This will likely happen during Thanksgiving or Christmas break since I'm not going anywhere this year.

      And to add to all those, I want to eventually stream Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 (if I like 1 enough). I've never played either and people won't shut up about them. I also have had Dark Souls and have only played the into, but want to start over and try to play it to the end.

      So approx stream schedule:
      007 Goldeneye Reloaded: Oct 31 (this afternoon)
      Assassin's Creed 3: Nov 1 or 2
      Halo 4: After Assassin's Creed 3
      Gear of War 3: Probably The Oct 2-4 weekend (depends on friend's schedule)
      Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST, Reach, 4: Sometime after Gears of War 3 (depends on friend's schedule)
      Metal Gear Solid 3, PO, PW: Either Thanksgiving break or Christmas break
      Kingdom Hearts: Eventually
      Dark Souls: Eventually

      My Stream:
      Brian_all's Stream:

    • Samutz

      87th Bazillionth Borderlands 2 Stream

      2 years ago


      Tomorrow is looking like a good day, starting at Midnight tonight (EDT).
      I pre-ordered Borderlands 2 on Steam, have it pre-loaded already, it unlocks at Midnight, and best of all: I have tomorrow off from work.

      So, I plan to stream Borderlands 2 starting late tonight for as long as I can stay awake, provided that there are no problems (game not working, hurricanes, etc). You can watch it on my Twitch page or in my sponsor chat room. If I can get some people from the RT community to play multiplayer with, I plan to play as Maya, otherwise I'll be doing single player with either Axton or Salvador.

      No doubt there will be 86.9 bazillion other Borderlands 2 streams on Twitch.

    • Samutz

      2 years ago

      The flood of people that show up in chat for live streams:

    • Samutz

      A Work Story

      2 years ago

      Normally, I refrain from talking about idiocy I come across at work because I can't really go around publicly calling my co-workers dumbasses and such, but this particular teacher has been gone for a couple of years and I think enough time has passed.

      I work in a school district's tech department. One day I was asked to help the elementary techs update the 5th grade classroom laptops. These laptops are stored in a cart in each classroom. The 5th grade hallway is large and has power outlets, so rather than roll all four carts across campus to our offices, we decided to work on them in the hall right outside the classrooms.

      One of the 5th grade teachers, who was nicknamed Snotface by one of the techs, walks out of his classroom and asks us to fix his laptop's wireless (he frequently disables it "accidentally"). We have a helpdesk ticketing system that all staff is required to use to request help. No ticket, no help. Not even the administrators are above this. And you can submit tickets from any device that has internet, even your phone. Snotface is one of several teachers that thinks he is above this and that we have to drop what we're doing to help him.

      Politely, I ask him to submit a ticket. "But my laptop doesn't work," he says. "Can't you use one of your desktops?" I ask (he has two desktops too for some reason). "They don't work either," he responds. "Then you'll have to use some one's computer. We can't help you until you submit a ticket." He storms off back in to his room. This happens a few more times throughout the morning. He still doesn't submit a ticket and still asks us to take a look at his laptop. By the final time he asks before lunch, I've stopped being polite. "There are at least 200 computers in this building alone. There is a computer lab with 40 computers down the hall. Each of your fellow teachers has at least one computer. All of the 5th grade teachers, including yourself, have a cart of about 20 laptops. There's a computer in the teacher's lounge for anyone to use. Surely you can find one working computer to use to submit a ticket." He storms off in to his classroom once again.

      By lunch, we've finished updating two carts of laptops, including Snotface's cart. He has 20 perfectly good, working laptops. I decide to reserve the comptuer lab down the hall for us to work on the last two carts, because none of us want to continue to work on them outside of Snotface's classroom. The lab aide confirms that no one else has reserved the lab. At about 3 PM Snotface enters with his class and starts filling up half the lab. We continue working quietly on the other side of the lab without saying a word, but the techs and I look at each other with the same look of "What. The. Fuck." We just updated and fixed all of his damn laptops (except his teacher one that he was complaining about of course).

      The next morning, I find a ticket from him submitted early in the morning from outside the district network (probably his apartment). Later in the morning, his principal (who is awesome and understands why we have our helpdesk system) told us about how he came to complain to her in the afternoon. According to him, we were rude, noisy, disrespectful, etc. In in the principal's words, she told him "You know what? They were doing MY helpdesk ticket. So if you want your laptop fixed, you better submit a damn ticket."

      Snotface did not return the next year.

    • Samutz

      I hate people.

      2 years ago

      Lately it seems I've been seeing people do dumber and dumber things. And I'm not even talking about the internet.

      Today I saw 3 cars sitting side by side at a intersection (stop sign). This road they were on is a standard one lane in, one lane out road. It's one I'm familiar with as I use it everyday. So basically, one car was in the correct lane, looking like it was trying to turn right. One was in the oncoming lane looking like it was turning left. One was in between, right on the center line, going who-knows-where. I needed to turn right in to that road, but couldn't because of these dipshits.

      And it gets worse. There was a cop behind me who did absolutely nothing to them. So I come up to the next intersection to turn right (since I couldn't turn in on the last intersection), still distracted and baffled as to what the fuck is wrong with these people, and so I forget my turn signal. Cop pulls me over and gives me a warning. I know this particular cop well enough to know if I bring up the asshats at the last intersection, he'll just tell me he didn't see it.

    • Samutz

      Xbox Live Friend Requests

      2 years ago

      I haven't logged in to Xbox Live in a while, especially since I spent about a month on Skyrim and Sleeping Dogs on the PC.

      I've got a bunch friend requests that are several days old. I have no idea who any of them are so I'm going to delete them. If someone on here sent me one, resend it and let me know with a comment or a message on RT so I know who it is.

    • Samutz

      Busy Day

      2 years ago

      Jesus, so much stuff happening today.
      First week of school for the district I work for.
      Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC
      Guild Wars 2 launch
      World of Warcraft patch 5.0.something
      Rock Band Blitz release
      And some other stuff I have no interest in (Madden 13, PS3 collections)

      I want to try Guild Wars 2, but so far it looks like there's no trial version. I know there were beta weekends, but I don't want to use a beta as a means of deciding whether or not I want to buy a game. Plus it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I got interested in it. I know it has no subscription fee, but I still don't want to pay $60 for something I might get sick of after a few days.

      Today's WoW patch is the usual pre-expansion patch containing mechanic changes without the major new content. I still haven't decided if I'm going to buy MoP or not. Part of me wants to just to play the new content (that I can solo) and then be done with it like I did with Cata. But the other part of me knows I probably won't get my money's worth out of it.

      The ME3 DLC and Rock Band Blitz will have to wait until I finish Sleeping Dogs. I'm still working through the main story missions, but have been doing every single side mission and collectible as they become available. I think I might actually 100% the game.

    • Samutz

      Finally fucking done with Skyrim

      2 years ago

      All achievements completed:
      As well as some other personal achievements I wanted to do, such as become a thane in every hold, find every shout, and complete all the quests that weren't repeating/radiant quests.

      And just as I was starting to get tired of it. After finishing a 2nd playthrough, I only had a few achievements left and decided to get them. I had no idea the Legend achievement was going to be a such a pain in the ass. I had to level up every single skill just to get a high enough level to get the legendary dragons to spawn. Even the skills I never use, like alteration and alchemy. Who the fuck uses alchemy?

      I went to every single dragon roost (the outdoor word walls) and every single place I normally got a random dragon and still couldn't get one. Then for fun I decide to run from Markarth to Falkreath to Riften to Windhelm to Winterhold to Dawnstar to Morthal to Solitude and back to Markarth, without using the map, fast travel, horses (I never use them anyway), wagons, custom markers, etc. Just the compass and road signs. I figured somewhere along the way I'd get a random dragon.

      Not a single, damned one.

      Finally one spawned outside of Riften while I was screwing around a couple of hours later (real hours, not game hours). Then the fucking thing wouldn't land when I used Dragonrend on it. For some reason when I see dragons around Riften, they like to ignore my Dragonrend, circle around a few times then fly off in to the mountains. This one finally landed after 3 Dragonrends and I proceeded to murder the shit out of it of course.

      If I had the animation skill, I would mod Dragonrend to make those assholes drop out of the sky immediately and slam in to the ground. Not let them fly around and land when ever they fucking feel like it.


      Stats from Steam:
      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: 237.3 hrs
      Creation Kit: 156.2 hrs


      So now I need to figure out what to play next. I still have plenty of games waiting that I haven't played yet. I played the tutorial for Dark Souls late one night when I didn't feel like playing Skyrim and had planned on playing that next, but I think I need a break from the medieval fantasy stuff. I also have Max Payne 3, Quantum of Solace, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, and plenty of other games I got dirt cheap on Steam.

      However Achievement Hunter is making me want to buy Sleeping Dogs so badly. I swore to myself that I would wait until I finish some more of my existing games before buying another game. But I'm a sucker for open world sandbox games and I've heard great things about this game and even better things about the PC version.

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