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    I am a web developer and systems administrator for a small school disitrct in Texas. In my spare time I am a video game enthusiast and still a web developer. I like to take on programming projects that pique my interest for fun and sometimes profit.

    My Other Work

    My work for my job is mostly internal-use only and not available to the public, but here are other things I've worked on.

    • · My longest running website, provides hosting for GTA save files for the PC and mobile versions. Includes generated 100% checklists and save modifications such as version conversion and glitch fixes.
    • GTAModding Wiki Contributions
    • GTA: Liberty City · A total conversion for Vice City to port GTA III in to Vice City's engine. I ported the RC Bandit side-missions and provide hosting for the download files.
    • Steve-Ö's "yea dude, I rock!" Tattoo for San Andreas · A simple texture mod for San Andreas to replace one of CJ's back tattoos with Steve-Ö's (of Jackass fame).
    • My Steam Workshop · This currently only contains Skyrim mods.
      • Arrowsmith (Vanilla and Dawnguard Editions) · Before Bethesda released the Skyrim Creation Kit (official modding tools). I figured out how to create recipe mods for the game using FallOut Mod Manager and released the original version of Arrowsmith, which added arrow crafting to the game and was the first mod to do so. I also wrote a recipe mod tutorial. After the Creation Kit's release, I re-released the mod on Steam Workshop. With the Dawnguard expansion, Bethesda added their own arrow crafting to the game. Some users of the original Arrowsmith requested a Dawnguard version and I obliged.
      • Invincible Hawk Fix · A bug exists in the game that causes hawks to only be killable once. After they respawn they can't be killed. I discovered this when some Arrowsmith users complained that they couldn't kill hawks for their feathers (required to make arrows with Arrowsmith).
      • Jiub's Opus Quest Markers and Arvak's Skull Quest Marker for Dawnguard · The Dawnguard expansion includes a dimension/world/plane of Oblivion called the Soul Cairn, which contains a few quests. However the area has no map, some of the quests don't have quest markers for your compass, and the area is easy to get lost in as it all just kind of looks the same. I created mods to add quest markers to two of those quests to make finding the required items a little bit easier.
    • StackOverflow · Sometimes when I'm bored I look for questions on StackOverflow that I can answer.
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    • ArcherRoLLz

      5 years ago

      Cheers for accepting dude :) hoe are ya?

    • jchancel

      7 years ago

      Your tips on Fable have helped me out a bunch. By the way, love the Aizen pic.

    • DeadRising13

      9 years ago

      you should be an achievement hunter.i want to be one.

    • JasonXLV2

      9 years ago

      ya i noticed you gave the most useful fable 2 tips
      haha maybe you should be an official hunter

    • Soren515

      9 years ago

      Your fable tips are great thanks

    • bazookabob13

      9 years ago

      Thanks for the Fable tips dude.

    • BamBamBradley

      9 years ago

      good job on all the fable tips on the achievements!

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