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      6 years ago


      It so happens that I just got a visit from the SPA (Animal Control blah blah). Which happened to be the same week as the podcast talked about snakes.

      Little background info: I live in Montreal, Quebec (Canada, more precisely in a suburb surrounding it. My city is very "vague" on it's stand with pets that don't fall under the "cats and dogs" family. We aren't allowed more than 2 dogs and no more than 2 cats as well. It doesn't specify anything about exotic species (birds/rodents/reptile/invertebrates).

      I have been digging out a pond in the backyard for about a month (finishing my degree at school during the day) and the backyard neighbor has a clear view of my entire backyard from his two story house. There was a little period or so during the day when the sun came out so I decided to let the savannah monitor I rescued for a swim in his tub. Savannah monitors are considered to be a large species - but this little guy is 2 years old and not even half of what length he should be. He's just under 1.5ft with tail included due to poor husbandry from the previous owner. Stunted growth due to Metabolic Bone Disease and lotttttssss of stuck shed (hence the bath time).

      Here is the gentleman:

      (Notice I say gentle - very laid back creatures - big potato babies)

      Anyways - my neighbor must have looked down and freaked out when she saw him in the yard (in his tub). This is just speculation on my part because the SPA would not tell me who called about my animals. I was told that I wasn't allowed letting non-native species roam free in my yard - especially not giant lizards. I knew that already - he IS non-native, obviously, but reptiles shut down when exposed to low temperatures...and this is Canada. This species of monitor needs at the very least 140F temps to start thinking about being active.

      I didn't let them in because I know they can't legally "take a look". As I said, there are no laws prohibiting owning such animals, but it's easier to write one up than change an existing one.

      Wall of text just to say that it still blows my mind that people are afraid of reptiles. Yes - I can understand a "fear" or misunderstanding because often times when portrayed in the media - they are evil, want to kill you, are on a plane, are venomous, and are 34ft+ (as if lol) and also want to kill you...

      Fact is: Generally...people pay A LOT of money to own these animals and ensure they are well kept. I can say the words Ball Pythons and people will jump to the conclusion that I house over a dozen 20ft snakes in my basement. I've paid well over 5k back in the day to have the collection I use to have - it's sort of an investment...but that's another story.

      The reptile hobby is victim to the same bullcrap as certain breeds of dogs. We can't own pit-bulls or rottweilers here because people think they'll kill you. Idiots who own certain animals with greater responsibility requirements than most have and always will ruin it for the hobbies involved.

      Lack of education is killing the hobby that I love - and that might be partially because no one in this community (and I'm singling Quebec alone) seems to be willing to fight for their right to keep owning animals.

      TL:DR I'm mad about ignorant people trying to ruin my passion because of fake movie monsters/newspaper stories.

      This is my first journal. I don't know who can see it, or if people will. Then they need to decide if they're willing to invest the time reading it. IF you are brave enough and have survived the pointless yammering - and if you have any questions about why I own slimy creatures (even though they are dry and smooth) or why I'm complaining or you just want to friend me because it keeps telling me I'm an e-loser...then do so. I'll happily answer anything.

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