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      6 years ago


      Pretty much while playing some Call of Duty: Black Ops with my friends, we encounter a really annoying child who tried trashtalking us, so banter occurred, mainly us calling him a squeaky lil' tool. It then seemed to happen that this child is 8 years old! (That's right 10 years younger than the PEGI rating!) So we had a go at him for that, and that his parents are terrible, yadder-yadder then we found out that his Dad was sat right next to us, bearing in mind we are all 15-16, he had a go at us , then he said that we shouldn't be picking on little kids, so we explained how he's being hypocritical and we argued with him, suffice to say myslef and my friends won this argument so he put his son back on the mic and you could hear the faintest "I give up, you talk to them" x'D Very successful banter there ;D

    • 2018 years ago

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