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      RvB cameos in Halo 3

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      8 years ago

      I guess I forgot to write this journal, but I have left RvB until school is over.

      It's to time consuming, and was starting to become an addiction.

      Until Mid June, Goodbye.

    • Shocker_Con

      The Day of 3

      8 years ago

      Well, it's the third day I've been in NYC, and this one started off real slow.

      Here's what we did today:

      -Woke up at 10, when we were supposed to wake up at 8. NOT GOOD. We then ate at this breakfast place called Martinique, or something like that. It was ok, but certainly not grand. I had an omelet with broccoli, mushrooms, and cheese. My mom had mini Belgium waffles, and we split a fruit parfait. (Yeah, that wasn't so good either.

      -Next we went to the American National History Museum. Funny thing is that we blew by our stop, and then had to back track. NOT FUN. After being in Museum for appx. 3 hours, including the observatory there, which we watched this thing called Cosmic Collisions, which was narrated by Robert Redford. Oh, and the japan section was SO COOL! THEY EVEN HAD SAMURAI!!! Sadly though, throughout the entire Asian section, they didn't have any NINJAS! I WAS PISSED! That place is so fucking huge! It would take almost an entire week to "finish" that museum.

      -Went to Central Park. We picked up some food before that, I had a "pizza" pretzel, which was really just a pretzel filled with pizza sauce, and my mom had a hot dog. We walked around for a bit, just kind of did. It was just kind of whatever. My mom liked that.

      -Went to Rockefeller Center. We ended up walking like 6 extra blocks because we got lost trying to find the station that would take us there. Augh!

      -Went to NBC Studios, and took the tour there. THAT. WAS. COOL! We actually wenty onto some of the sets there, including the conan o'brien show or something, and dateline. I also bought this shirt, but with the colors inversed. So blue logo, and white shirt. Talk about incredible fun.

      -Went to Nintendo World - Now this place was sick. I got my first go to play the wii finally! They had a total of 18 in there! And over 2/3 of the remotes were missing! since they're wireless, they must be easy to steal. (No, I didn't take one.) I played the wii sports baseball, and even though it's cheesy, it was cool. Did not buy anything there; WAY overpriced. And most of the shirts just weren't cool enough.

      -Walked to Grand Central Station. We just went there for the experience, and we ate at Zócalo Bar & Restaurant, and their Mexican food was transfabulous! I had the Crab Cake Sandwich, and my mom had the Carne Esada, and we had a nice waiter named Pablo. Very Nice.

      -Went to the Grand Central Market, and stopped at Murray's Cheese while we were there. I picked up some gruyere, which is my favorite cheese, with swiss right behind that. Btw, I smiley12.gif Cheese. I did a 3.5 page research project on cheese in 7th grade. That was cool. I just finished my cheese that I got from there right now.

      -Went to Pinkberry for some quick frozen yogurt. (I cant believe almost all the places we went to actually have sites. Amazing.) I had one with strawberries and mini chocolate chips and my mom had the same thing except with raspberries rather than strawberries. Delicious.

      Well, that pretty much ends my day. I've got to set up one more beyblade, Capricorn Strike G, and then maybe play some more Metroid Fusion. (I've beaten that game like 42 times.)

      Btw, today we went to 42nd st. and 69th st. Just wanted to bring that up.

      Also, we still pan on going to:
      Empire State Building
      Metropolitan Museum
      Little Italy and Greenwich villages
      Shopping near our hotel. I have some gift cards, and they might have some beyblades at the kb toys across the street.

      If you guys can guess where I'm staying, I'll give you all my mods, which is currently 152. If you find out, you will be forever labeled a stalker. And this will end Friday, because by then I will have left, and then I can tell you all the answer. I will not tell you before I leave.

      Ok, I hope to get to my watchlist soon, but yet again I need to get back to the room.


    • Shocker_Con

      Day 2

      8 years ago

      Ok, my 2nd day in NYC, and it was much slower and less exciting than yesterday. Here's how it went:

      -Woke up at 9:00, (surprised the maids didn't come in earlier) and went to go eat the continental breakfast at hotel. Yeah, that kind of sucked.

      -We then took our first venture on the subway to South Ferry, which is where the Liberty Island (Island where statue of liberty is) and Ellis Island Ferry is. The lines were Ginourmous, and we waited in line for an hour there. AND I FORGOT TO BRING SOMETHING TO DO! We had no idea that the wait was going to be THAT crazy. We then got on the ferry and went to Liberty Island. We had a late lunch there, I had the Fisherman's Platter, and my Mom had a cobb salad. We then went to Lady Liberty, and took a quick tour of the exhibit they had there. We then climbed the statue, (not to the top however, people haven't been able to do that since sometime in the mid 90s, however, they did for one of the X-Men movies. Those were good.) and we went on a few of the observation desks. XTREME FUN!

      -Ellis Island - Immigration place. We looked around, and we tried to find my Mom's Parents' Parents. No luck, and that search totally sucks. We watched a 30 minute video, and then just kind of toured some more until we had to ride the ferry again, which we then got back to NYC.

      I understand that it doesn't sound like a long trip, but we were there from 11 to about 5. It was KRAZY!!! Took up the entire day! We thought it was going to be like 3 hours max!

      -Went to John's Pizzeria, in Times Square. I had Fettucini Alla Pesto, which was very good, and my mom had spinach ravioli. It was good, but we plan on going to Little Italy, and that's where we get some REAL Italian food.

      -Went to Spamalot. THAT WAS AWESOME! Great show! I remembered a lot of the scenes from Monty Python, but I also really liked how they added some pop culture into the mix. It was hilarious! I also bought a blue Spamalot T-Shirt! Sadly though, they made no use of my favorite phrase:

      Sticky Wicket

      And that was the basic general outline of how my day went.

      Here's where we still plan to go for the week:

      -Empire State Building, including the Observatory pass and the SkyRide
      (We're like 3 blocks away from this.)
      -Central Park
      (It's a must-go.)
      -Metropolitan Museum
      -Museum of Natural History
      (I liked Night at the Museum. GOOD.)
      -The Villages. Little Italy and the other one. Greenwhich?
      -We might see the Phantom of the Opera, but I'm not sure if going to TImes Square again is too much. But that place is FUCKING AWESOME!!!
      -Also, if we can find the Apple Store, I totally want to go there.

      I think there were some others, but I can't remember them at the moment.

      Sorry I haven't had time to comment guys, but my mom is making me go back to the room by 11:15, and there are these 2 semi creepy guys next to me.

      Seeing you would be totally awkward, and I'm not sure I want to reveal myself to a serial killer. smiley0.gif (That's the first smiley face I've used so far.)

      Also, where the fuck is the Nintendo Store? I haven't seen it on any of the maps!

      That's all I got time for, so see ya guys later.

      3 Mods to whoever can tell me how many words are in this! AND IT HAS TO BE EXACT!!!
      And a bonus mod for whoever can give em both the number of characters with spaces, and without. One mod per. SO, you could win a total of five mods!

      (Ohhhh, I'm tricky. Is that underscore a space or just an underscore! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

    • Shocker_Con

      Oh Snap!

      8 years ago

      I found out they have a business center in the hotel I'm at! They also have an internet cafe down the street!

      Anyway, this is somewhat how my day went:

      -Arrive in NYC, get off at Penn Station from the Amtrak. Then walk to our hotel, and eat luch at this Korean place we were recomended to go to called "Won Jo", which is a korean BBQ place. There was also another place we were recomended to which is like two doors down from that, which is also a Korean BBQ place. I guess they are competing. Anyway, I had Teryaki Eel on white rice, and my mom had a semi spicy pork something on white rice. Both were good, and the small little appetizers before that were interesting. (I like oriental food, I just don't have it much.)

      - Went to Times Square, went to tckts (cheap tickets for plays playing same day) I didn't get any tickets there, because they didn't have any Spamalot tickets, which is really the only play I want to go see. However, I'm going to see it tomorrow, because they didn't have a show tonight.

      - Went to the huge ass Toys "R" Us at Times Square, and bought 4 Beyblades. (I still love the game, and can't wait until Zero-Positive starts subbing the series into English, because the dub sucks total ass.)

      Here's what I picked up (AND THEY WERE CRAZY CHEAP!)

      -Flash Leopard II
      -Capricorn (Something...)
      -Flash Leopard MS

      Each was 2.97, with the exception of Flash Leopard MS, which was 4.97. Those are great prices, btw! With NY tax of 8%, it was like 15 dollars. Seeing as originally just two would have been 16-20 dollars. And my first HMS blade!

      -MTV Store - Totally sucked, it was really small, and the stuff just sucked, but we met this street seller outside of there, and had a nice chat. We picked up 2 tickets (Mom and I) for 10 dollars each to a comedy show any dy of the week. "Supposedly" they were "half price", but that's probably utter bull.

      -Hershey Store - Not cool at all. First, I'm not a huge fan of thier chocolate (tastes like chalk), and then it was just one floor of some of the candy, and a very limited souvenir section. We didn't buy anything there.

      -M&M Store - Now this place was cool. 3 floors of M&Ms. On one floor they had a race car! And then they had dispensers of different color m&ms. It was so cool! They even had this car that they sponsored in a car race of some sort, (NASCAR?), and we bought a die cast model of it as a souvenir. I may post pics later, if I can. I guess that would be the first picture you guys would have seen of me then, right? And just for kicks, we bought a small plastic container of sorted m&ms. I guess they do that for people who have OCD. (I'm looking at you, Adrian Monk.) smiley0.gif (That was a very mean joke, I'm sorry.) smiley0.gif

      -Regal Cinema on 42nd St. (I had to google that, because it had a HUGE Lowes sign in the front, but the previews and the clerk inside said it was a regal. We don't have any of those where I live.) Also, we tried to use my like 5 year old Lowes gift card, (We no longer have a Lowes near us Either, just AMC.) and she said they wouldn't take it, but the AMC across the street would. WTF?

      Anyway, there we saw Blades of Glory, which was hillarious! It was a great movie! Even if you hate Will Ferrel for some reason (my mom does), you will like it. A Must See! Big laughs! Ok, maybe I'm over exaggerating. But it was good. If you don't know about it, here's the trailer: Blades Of Glory Trailer And here's the ninja from AskANinja interviewing Will Ferrel and John Heder: Ask A Ninja, Special Delivery 14 "Blades of Glory"

      -Heartland Brewery - Another recomendation, and it was really good. I had a cuban (sandwhich, not person), and some water with a side salad. We ate at like 10 PM, so I just had something small. (Yes, that's small for me.)

      Overall I had a great day, and I can't wait until tommorrow. I know we are going to Spamalot, and we may go to a comedy show, as well as the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. We are also heading back to Time Square, just to see Spamalot, so we may do other stuff there as well. Also, sometime during the weak, when the night is clearer, we are going to the Empire State Building, and doing the tours and other crap they have there. We are really close to there, so we should have no problem doing it sometime during the week.

      We also plan on hitting few muesams this week, Natural History, Metropolitan, etc.

      Wow, I think that's the longest journal I have ever written.

      Bye now, off to set up my new blades!


      P.S. Including this line, this entire journal is 868 words long.


    • Shocker_Con


      8 years ago

      And I have to leave.


      Bye Everyone, off to NYC!

    • Shocker_Con

      That's it!

      8 years ago

      Ok, I'll start reading journals again, but not pictures. I guess I'll save those.

      By the way, I'll be in New York City until friday, starting tomorrow. I'm not sure if I will be able to get on there, but If I can, that's good.

      So long for now!

    • Shocker_Con

      I Hate this

      8 years ago

      See, I'm online a lot here, but without images, I don't even want to commet on stuff. My watchlist is on crazy overload, and so when they finally get user images back, I will start commenting. Until then,

      So long!


      P.S. I'm on spring break now, and am going to be around this weekend, and then I'm going to New York city from Monday through Friday. See you guys around.

      Also, currently I suck.

    • Shocker_Con

      I'm Lazy

      8 years ago

      Yeah, I know I never post journals. I'm always doing stuff, just nothing really worth noting.
      I mean, I could give you guys like a million links, but, last time, I think I went overboard. Anyway, I have a lot of shit to do today.

      But I'll give you guys one link:
      Penny Arcade

      That's some funny stuff right there.

    • Shocker_Con

      I'm running for Class President

      8 years ago

      For the Sophomore class of next year. Do you guys have any lines with a good zing to them?

      Here's some ones I have now:

      Vote for me (But I won't say my name on the flyer)

      Wow, that was pathetic. Sloganizer to the rescue!

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      Get on more and update your journal!

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      Halo 3...........Sept. 25th.
      Mark this on your calendar!

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      Final Round has begun.

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