I hate the new site.  This isn't just ranting because things change and people on the internet hate change.  I used to come to work, watch all the new releases for the day, and go home having enjoyed my day.  Since the new site launched, it feels like way too much effort to do what I want.  The interface isn't intuitive, and even when I sort of find what I want, it's several more clicks and page loads to find it's not really what I was looking for.

Even then, I have to keep track of which videos I've seen when it used to just let me know.  The video player size is significantly smaller than it was before in my window.  Videos restart once a few seconds into each one I watch.  Trying to find the content that isn't on the scroll bar on the homepage is sucky at best, and impossible at worst.  I'll give an example of something I'm finding particularly difficult now.

If I want to go back and watch the AH 7 Days to Die videos from where I left off, I have to open the Series page, re-sort by the year (because it thinks I want to start in 2011?), hope I picked the right series, scroll through 'till I can click to see more, let that load, and scroll through again trying to find a video in the series.  Is it the right one?  Don't know, guess I'll have to open it in a new tab (because the watchlist is essentially useless and much more difficult to use than managing what I'm watching with tabs) and keep scrolling 'till I find the next one, and repeat.  I do this until I'm pretty sure I'm past where I've seen up to, and start working my way through the tabs until I find the last one I remember seeing.  When the video is done, it doesn't just stop, because even after changing the setting in my user profile for binge watching, it decides I didn't really mean to and loads another random video anyways.

What I used to do was go through the massive archive of all the AH videos, scroll to the ones I'm looking for, open in new tab, and scroll to the next, going back pages as required.  Along the way though, I'd look for videos I hadn't watched before and queue those up as well.  I'd stop when I found one it said I'd seen before.  I watch the oldest one I opened, and the video ends when it's done.  I ctrl-w when I'm ready to start the next one, and it loads and plays.

Granted, I could ctrl-f instead of scrolling, but I like looking for the videos I might've missed.  And it's all still similar, but it's different enough to cause frustration and annoyance when I wanted to watch the content I enjoy.

As for what I'd like to see done to help, the biggest thing is showing me what I've seen before.  Next, is an option to sort the series by most recent, or even starting at this year instead of the oldest possible one.  Give me back the massive list of all the videos on a channel, again, sorted by most recent.  Fix whatever in the player makes it restart a few seconds in before it starts playing the full video.  Letting the video player be sized to the window would be amazing instead of having it so much smaller with so much more empty and wasted space because of the way the frames are setup.  Last thing that would be nice is making the watchlist something someone would actually use, again with a sort option, but add a selection for when I added it or a way to group by series on there.  Oh, and make the binge mode work with the playlist.

Some of this stuff may have been addressed in the last week or so, but I haven't felt like watching anything lately so I haven't.  I don't want to come across like I'm trying to make a threat, but with the way the site works now, I just have no desire to watch anything here.  I love RT, but if you make it difficult for me to enjoy the content, I won't watch it.  Soon enough it'll be too much to get back into it, and I'll just get into something else.

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