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    • Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom

      13 years ago



      Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom Web Page

      This is a great little practice guitar. It is most likely the best guitar Epiphone makes as Zakk demands they have a higher level of quality then they would normaly put into there guitars and he says he keeps an eye on them to make shure they don't cheat on it. I have had it for about a year now and I love it. My firends actully like it more then my SG but I think this is more to do to the fact they like the Les Paul shape.

    • Marshall AVT 150H

      13 years ago



      Marshall AVT 150H Web Page

      I've had this amp for over a year now and I love it. OD2 channel is just insanely bass heavy (just the way i like it).
      The acoustic channel is only just ok.

      Like wise most of the built in effects are only just good and do not compare to the high end effects you can get from BOSS,Dunlop or Digitech. Although they are good enoth that I don't see any need to buy the higher end effects. I think they should have left out the effects myself and just made the amp cheaper.

      It has alot of control over sound. Its powerful enoth that you could use it on stage with out useing the pa system (if you wanted to). Small enoth that it has alot of room to move around in lower volume levels(makeing it good as a practice amp as well). If someones watching tv in the next room you'll be able to turn the volume to a reasonable level were they wont feel the need to throw the tv remote at you (ofcorse if your into that sort of thing you could turn it up to a level were it would most likely blow out all your windows. To each his own).

      Its about as tall as I am. (5'8") But can still fit in my car when I go out to jam with friends. Although its a realy tight fit.

    • Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah

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      Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah everyone.

      I can't decide if this is funny, scarry, warped, annoying or all of the above.

      The Chrismahanukwanzakah Toon

      The TV Ad is funnier. You need QuickTime to watch it.

      The Chrismahanukwanzakah TV Ad

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    • Gibson USA Tony Iommi Signature SG

      13 years ago


      I've had this guitar for a little over a year now and I love it. Its only weakness are its light body combined with the position of its strap peg on the neck. The body is so light (the lightest guitar I've ever held) that the neck dips down when not held. Slightly annoying but no big deal.

      Gibson USA Tony Iommi Signature SG Web Page


    • Karma +1

      13 years ago


      Wow I actully have a karma of +1 for the first time ever. My people skills are astounding. Truly all the ladies will be all up ons.

    • Half-Life 2

      13 years ago


      Well I got Half-Life 2 last weekend and I just beat it today. I got to say it was way funner then Half-Life was. Thats not to say Half-Life was not fun. Just saying Half-Life 2 is funner. Very fun from start to finish. I loved the air boats and the gravity gun. Seems to me they learned from the mistakes they made in Half-Life.

    • More stUFF

      13 years ago


      I'm finding it hard to be excited about the soon to be released Halo 2. This is mostly because I don't own an X-Box and I think the 6 month wait for a PC version is simply a ploy to sell more X-Boxes. The bigger the gamming industry gets, the more and more slime that seems to be covering its every move.

    • Have You ever been Accused of Cheating

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      Today I was accused of useing aim cheats when playing Halo for pc. This is the first time I've been accused of cheating in a long long time. Last time I can remember is back in the early days of the Half-Life mod, Day of Defeat (patch 1.2 and 1.3). When I use to get over 500 knife kills a week. Those were the days.

      I never quite know how to take it. Its almost a complement in a way. There saying that your so good that they can't see how you could have done those things with out cheating.
      You want to fight back and say "hey I'm not cheating" but what good does that do? Its the same thing a actual cheater would say.

      This punk had the nerve to claim he had a admin program set up on his server that said I was useing a aim cheat (guess what, I wasent). The realy funny thing was that I wasent even doing that good. I was just good at sneaking up on the snipers and takeing them out.

      I'm shure others here have stories of being called cheaters. Lets here them (unless you were actuly cheating)

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    • STuff

      13 years ago


      I don't have a clue what to say here. But I don't want to leave it empty LOL. Music and gamming are my major interests.

      I use to play alot of the Half-Life mod Day of Defeat (in the days of patch 1.2 and 1.3 I was #1 ranked player on 2 servers)

      Curently I play alot of Neverwinter Nights and Halo PC

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    • kg6ejp

      11 years ago

      You need more content!! Drogar-Loser(DBG).gif

    • Microbe

      11 years ago


      I was just wondering if I could get your support on Google Idol. I'm the only Canadian contestant in this contest. You can vote once daily if you want. It would help a lot. The competition ends on June 2nd. No registration is required.

      Thanks! smiley0.gif

      P.S. Vote Edaz! smiley8.gif These kids are great too!

    • hilikusjade

      12 years ago

      Sker update those pics man. Its almost springtime.

    • evilscotty

      12 years ago

      Sweet! another person who's into the great Norse god of the guitar (Zakk)

      and dude, undertowed, theres NOTHING wrong with lookin at hot nekkid ladies...unless you swind the other way....maybe then

    • UnderTowed

      13 years ago

      So True, Gaming Is The Pinacle Of The Internet Capabilities...Well That And P**n...(sick People) HEh

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