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    • The Smorgtees ad…

      5 years ago


      The girl with the meh Smorgtees shirt looks like a transexual Stephen Tyler.

    • I have a dangerous secret.

      6 years ago


      So I play minecraft. I love the game, and would probably be much worse off without it rather than with it. So I found friends at school that run multiplayer servers, which are essentially ports for several people to play minecraft on one world. So a server I loved, run by my friend, decided it was going to be shut down. As some may guess, things got bad after that. Someone who visited one of my other friend's server decided he would send the other server out with a bang. He used TNT (an explosive block in minecraft) to destroy a clan's base. The clan was, to say, not happy at all. Then on of my friends from the second server posted five words that would forever change his fate.

      'My comrads have done well.'

      He was consequently banned as suspect for giving away the server IP to a griefer. He had nothing to do with it. He only knew the guy. As a result, he is hated among that group of people, and they are at any moment willing to blow our server to kingdom come if we give them the opportunity. So here is where I come in. I know the banned guy very well. He introduced me to minecraft. And he was falsely accused. The three of us were on his server, working on his adventure map, so we decided, 'Why not play on ******'* survival server?' So, not thinking, I gave the one who didn't know the server name the survival server IP. Three weeks later, BOOM! No more Chinese laundry (figure out that reference). After two close calls, my involvement with the bombing was left secret. The problem is, my friend wants to be in on the group, but I need to protect my allegiances to the guys, and my friend. As long as this isn't found by anyone from the survival server, I'm set to remain free as long as it stays secret.

    • I'm in a bit of a situation…

      6 years ago


      I survive off of electronics. Specifically, my iPhone. I've realized within the past six hours that our Wi-Fi modem has reached a state where it can't hold the sheer amount of devices connected to it that our piece of machinery has crashed seven times today. It will remain that way all night and probably well into tomorrow. The saddest part is? The killing blow was dealt from my brother getting a live account and us hooking the xbox up to the modem. I hate having to run stuff off of 3G.

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