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    • Gears of War 3 Insane Run

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      So who is interested in doing an Insane run of Gears of War 3. All of the people will be on insane so this won't be an easy run.

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    • The Binding of Issac

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      Has anyone else played this awesome game? I just love this game because its so random, fun and ridiculously hard (for me anyway).

      If you have why not share some of your experiences with the game.

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    • Continuum Episode from July 22nd

      5 years ago


      I just finished the latest episode of Continuum and I just had to share my thoughts on the episode. Keep in mind that I will be posting spoilers and will not use any spoiler tags. As for all of my journals there will be spoilers, read at your own risk, you have been warned.

      So let me just start off by saying I love this show, there aren't too many good Canadian shows but when there are they are just great. This show is a prime example of a show with good writing and a great plot.

      Now today's episode featured a plot by Liber8 to use technology from 2077 to take over a persons mind and have them kill people. Think hypnotism but you actually control the person's mind. Okay so its more like being a puppet master.

      During the episode Kirra get's her CMR shut down and Alec is trying to get her CMR back online. Now this is all well and good until you find out that Liber8 is trying to hack her CMR to control her as they did for the two killers in the beginning of the episode. Now my only thought is they wanted to take her out so she couldn't stop them. You know what finally a good bad guy who is trying to take out the protagonist, I like that.

      During the climax, Kirra has been hacked and its almost a hacking battle between Liber8 and Alec. Alec does come out ahead in the struggle but in the process Liber8 believes that Alec is the one who is helping Kirra so they will probably go after him soon enough.

      At the end of the episode Alec reveals that he has found stuff in the coding of Kirra's CMR, which leads me to the reason I wanted to write this journal. Alec comes across a document in the coding that says his name 2012 then underneath it says read this, or something along those lines.

      Now myself and a class mate, who I got hooked on this show, had a discussion about what the time travel theory the show is using. He thinks that this is the first time that Kirra has gone back in time but with this reveal its almost guaranteed that this is at least the second time she has gone back in time. It could also be that its the first time but that it will always happen so that's why that document is there. That one is more confusing but does make sense.

      I'm just excited to have a conversation about this episode and what people think of what will happen. If you watch Continuum and want to have a conversation please leave a comment.

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