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      Thought i would try this thing out on a relevant topic and that is me meeting Burnie and Gav (im australian everything is abrevated) at supanova in Perth. Waited in line for about half an hour and was the second biggest line for the entire expo with christopher loyd's being the longest. when i got to the stand bought $200 worth of stuff and then moved on to meet gav n burnie. i said hello to gavin first and talked about the minecraft video where he poured lava on geoff's, michael, ray's and jack's house at which point i met burnie and i have to say burnie is the first person who hasnt had to ask what my name is or has got the pronouncination right the first time which i thought was cool (my name is bryn so a little unusual).

      But in all honesty the whole experience i felt a little arkward cos your thinking in the back of your mind what am i going to ask them what hundreds of fans havent already asked them and you have 30 secs-1minute to have a conversation with them where you already know a little about them through podcasts and videos and they know nothing about you. It would have been cool if an event like RTOZ occured in Perth as well so you could acutally talk to them and have a proper converstation over a beer or something.

      Went to there panel and that was quite entertaining and i have to say that burnie especially is very good at keeping a tight lip and diverting questions he doesnt want to answer especially in relation to whats coming next in rvb. All in all great experience and hope to meet other RT cast and crew members when they come back again but of course gavin and burnie are always welcome back.

      If by some chance gavin or burnie stumble across this journal or any other RT crew and cast you guys keep up the good work and if you happen to get back to Perth again would love to buy you guys a drink (or 10) for the countless hours of entertainment you have given me

      Here's a pic with burnie, me and gav
      man gav looks short next to me lol

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