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    • Looking for Machinimators for an RvB fanseries!

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      SomeoneNamedGem Fegs-XVKgnM

      I already posted a similar topic in the Film-making and Machinima forum but that place is less than active, to say the least. I was torn about posting this topic here because I really don't want to be a spammer but seeing as spambots have already overrun this forum, I decided that the damage was already done.

      I'm part of a group making Nowhere Fast, a Red vs. Blue fan series that was created as a sort of answer to RvB season 14's finale, which asked people to make more fan content. We've released the first episode in the wake of the season 15 announcement, so you can watch in now and see what we're about. We'd also like to keep making it, but unfortunately, we desperately need more machinimators to do it!

      So if you have an Xbox, Halo 5, and a microphone, we need you! Message me on the site or reply here and I'll get in contact.

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    • Looking For Machinimators

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      SomeoneNamedGem Fegs-XVKgnM

      Hey, I'm Gem, and I'm working on a machinima project with several members of the Let's Play Community channel, although it isn't an official project by any stretch of the imagination. We've completed our first episode, but we find ourselves needing more body actors, both for larger group shots and in order to speed up production. So we're looking for volunteers! If you have Halo 5: Guardians for the Xbox One, two thumbs, and a love of Red vs Blue you are qualified.

      We're fun bunch of people, but a productive one too, so don't be afraid to check us out. Our project is a labor of love; we care about it but we try not to take it too seriously either. It's intended to be mostly comedic with a bit of drama thrown in for the hell of it. 

      Most of our communication is done over discord, so you'll probably have to sign up for that (if you aren't already). If you're interested in more information, message me over the site or email me at . I'll add you to the discord server and you can talk with us about the project, get to know us and what we're doing.

      In addition, while what we need are machinimators, we won't say know to people with other talents that they can offer--if you're capable of some video editing, graphics design, or sound/music design, feel free to contact us!

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