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    • Why I Love Game of Thrones

      6 years ago


      The rule of thumb is that pretty much every HBO show will be near perfection. Other facts are that every Valve game will be mind-blowing and Michael Bay films will be half slow-mo.

      Fantasy has never been that 'cool' or mainstream apart from the Lord of the Rings films but leave it up to HBO give it the HBO tit-fest treatment and make the genre badass.

      Sean Bean is criminally under-rated and I will watch anything that he graces. Sharpe needs to be shown in schools, it would make double history just that little more bare-able. It was a shame his character, Boromir, had to die in the first Lord of the Rings film as the character was cooler than Aragorn.

      Game of Thrones is 'adult' and by that, I don't mean an hour long sex fest. It is an intricate plot and is pretty much the swords version of The West Wing and The Sopranos. Instead of point haired pussies running around, we get a hardcore Bioware RPG on the screen. The viewer is treated as an adult and if they watch with care, they are treated some of the coolest moments on TV (golden crown anyone?).

      The slow pace can drag at times but may I remind you that the best show ever on television, The Wire, went at a snails pace.

      The show has, as far as I can tell, almost no CGI. Apart from the spell-binding titles and the castle in the sky, the sprawling sets have an air of realism and look just like a proper medieval village. Then again, it does not really need trolls and ogres to thrill and excite, a face which makes it all that better, that adult nature of a proper grown up story.

      After such the disappointing Merlin which had so much potential but only if they did not make it a replacement for when Doctor Who is off the air.

      I did consider reading the novels before this aired but I chose not to as I wanted to enjoy the show at face value and the prospect of being disappointed after reading the source material was one I did not want to face.

    • Doctor Who Almost People Review

      6 years ago


      This series of Doctor Who sure had a rocky start but it is back to its brilliant self in this two part episode. Last week saw a classic Doctor Who, using an old castle as a futuristic set for some sort of acid mine. After last weeks revelation that there is another Doctor but he is created from the creepy 'flesh' I knew this would be one of the greats.

      The 'gangers' still want to eliminate the humans to take over their lives but the Doctor has other plans in the form of one of those 'OH! He IS smart' moments by tricking the plastic 'gangers' into showing them the humanity that they crave.

      Twists and turns are a plenty in this action packed episode and things do get muddled up considering the cast look exactly the same apart from one faction wearing 'acid suits' and the others sporting orange jumpsuits. This is a natural issue when it comes to plots involving twins.

      Matt Smith excels at being the scatty and crazy Doctor in this episode and it is true that two Doctors are indeed better than one. Some clunky and cheese-ridden lines do creep in here when Amy finds out that the Doctors switched shoes to see how they are treated when the only thing that separates the 'gangers', clothes, is removed from the equation.

      The inevitable sacrifice of the 'flesh' Doctor was a shame and was a typical Doctor Who trick of the writer creating something so powerful and essential deleting it in front of our eyes. Seeing how the Doctor deals with another one of himself in existence would be a great plot in episodes to come but it was not meant to be but alas a better plot twist was to come, the flesh version of Amy Pond reveal. Finally we know exactly why the magic pregnancy test on the Tardis would not work.

      One does hope that the resolution to this does not end in some convenient way that everything ends up just right and they all sip tea on the Tardis.

    • 2018 years ago

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