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      2 years ago

      Pretty fun, right?

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      I know, I know...

      4 years ago

      It's been far too long. I never really understood how someone could step away from the site for extended periods of time. Then it kind of happened without me realizing it. More substantial post to come which should include my lame excuses, but for now I simply apologize.


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      5 years ago

      Yes, you.

      I know a couple of people have shown interest in getting prints of some of my pictures in the past. I'm going to be putting in an order at some point in the near future. If you want in, let me know. If you want to do that Art Trade thing I failed to get going with a while back, even better. My walls are barren at the moment, and I absolutely love having stuff like that from friends.

      Here's my flickr photostream thingy for reference...

      Post in here and I'll follow up with you and stuff, or just pm me or whatever. I accept all forms of communication.

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      5 years ago

      Just wanted to thank you all for the b-day wishes, whether they be through the site, facebook, text message, or otherwise.

      Comcast decided to have various outages throughout the week (which coincides with a week away from my computer at work), but after a new modem and a new router I'm proud to say I have internet back in time to check everything out....for now. Yay monopolies.

      Also, I always take shit for not telling people it's my birthday, so consider yourself officially told. The day isn't over yet.

      What did I do to celebrate? Burritos, cupcake cones, and tequila.

      Edit: Oh, and Vicky gets the disturbing photo of the year award. Wtf, dude, wtf.


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      World Cup: The Teams

      5 years ago

      I’m going to try to keep this one a little quicker. This will go group by group.


      Group A: France, Mexico, South Africa, Uruguay
      As shocking as this may sound, I just can’t see France progressing. Their lack of a decent manager has finally caught up with them, and they look like they could crumble at any moment. South Africa also will have a tough time making it through this group. Not making it into the African Cup of Nations this past winter was a big blow, and despite being the home team, I think it will be tough. This group may go to the Hispanic nations.

      Group B: Argentina, Greece, Nigeria, South Korea
      This is a tough group. Argentina has a good squad, but has struggled under Maradona. Nigeria also has a pretty strong squad. I think Argentina will be able to hack their way through, but it’s a tossup between the other three. South Korea is certainly a team to watch here. South Korea vs. Greece will be the match of the group, in my opinion.

      Group C: Algeria, England, Slovenia, United States
      England had a bit of luck with this draw. I can’t see Algeria or Slovenia providing much of a fight. Of course the England vs. US game on Saturday will be one to watch. The United States have a scrappy team, and they’ve managed to pull things off in the past.

      Group D: Australia, Germany, Ghana, Serbia
      Australia essentially have the same squad as 2006, and are probably a bit bitter from their encounter with Italy. However, I can’t see them moving out of this one. Germany has been hit by a lot of injuries, but I think they have too good of a squad not to move on. Ghana stood a chance up until the injury of a key player (Essien). I think Serbia will get the drop on Australia and Ghana on this one. It should provide some exciting match ups, though.

      Group E: Cameroon, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan
      Cameroon stands a chance. Alexander Song has had a solid season, and with the striking power of Samuel Eto’o they may be able to move on. This will depend on Eto’o, however, since he seems to have a hot head at the international level. Netherlands should be able to top the group with ease. They have a solid team, with an underrated back four. Denmark has flown under the radar for me, and I just don’t think Japan has what it takes.

      Group F: Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia
      Italy has been known to start slow, so expect a bumpy ride from this group. Still, it’s unlikely they won’t move on with such an experienced squad. De Rossi will be key to their run. New Zealand is arguably the weakest side in the cup. It’s unlikely they’ll make it through. Paraguay has a well-rounded team, I think they’ll move on as well.

      Group G: Brazil, Ivory Coast, North Korea, Portugal
      We all know Brazil to be a high quality squad. It’s highly unlikely they won’t progress. I’d say the second slot is a tossup between the Ivory Coast and Portugal. Portugal has some good, experienced players. However, they lack depth and have already suffered injuries. Ivory Coast stands a chance, but they suffered a key injury (Drogba) I mentioned in the previous post that may set them back. We’ll have to see if the Toure brothers can push them through.

      Group H: Chile, Honduras, Spain, Switzerland
      Without a doubt, Spain will move on. Their squad is immense and they’ve had an immaculate run leading up to the World Cup. Honduras is an extreme underdog, and I think Chilie will progress over them. Switzerland has been pretty quiet. I don’t think they have what it takes to progress.

      The World Cup starts tomorrow! I hope you’re all excited as I am. I may overlap slightly with the actual event, but next up I’m going to post my picks for winner and a few other things. If you’re going to only watch a few games, I’d pay attention to the ones that involve Spain, Netherlands, Ivory Coast, and of course the United States.
      I can’t wait till 10am tomorrow!

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      World Cup: Players to Watch

      5 years ago

      It seems that in the US, the time to watch football (yes, I call it football) is reserved pretty much only for the World Cup. Thus, a lot of context is lost on the casual viewer. So, I'm going to do a mini series, if you will, to hopefully give you casual viewers some kind of context so that you know who to be watching when it comes to both teams and players.


      (Image edited out due to malware alert on the host site. Original image url:

      Lionel Messi (Argentina/Barcalona/Winger) - Messi is in a class of his own. At 23, he's come into his own in the last two seasons. He scored 34 goals in 30 games for Barcelona in the regular season (an unbelievable statistic), carrying the team to yet another league title. With incredible feats, such as back to back hat tricks, commentators have run out of adjectives to describe him. Immaculate. The only level he has yet to perform with such skill, is the World Cup. He will be crucial to Argentina's chances of winning, but has a lackluster international record. Messi is worth watching not only for his goal scoring ability, but for his ball control. It is as if the ball is attached to him.

      Robin van Persie (Holland/Arsenal/Striker) - Plagued by injuries, van Persie is one of those players you look at and wonder how much more of an impact he could have made if only he had stayed fit. He started the English Premier League season with 7 goals in 11 games, before picking up an injury that kept him out of the sport for 5 months. He's back from injury though, and has scored 4 goals in the 3 international friendlies leading up to the World Cup. He is not only a goal scorer, but also a play maker and this may be a key competition for him. He's worth watching, not only because of his prolific goal scoring abilities, but also because of the way in which he scores them.

      Wayne Rooney (England/Manchester United/Striker) - Another prolific striker, Rooney will be hoping to play a key role in bringing the trophy home for England for the first time since 1966. He's been the shining star in a Manchester United season that fell short, with 40 goals in all competitions. The man has the passion, and it's the reason you should pay attention to him. Not only does it make him one of the hardest working players on the field, it also makes him one of the fieriest. He is notorious for being hot headed, and while he has matured since the last world cup, many teams will be looking to get him riled up.

      Clint Dempsey (United States/Fulham/Winger) - For some reason, Dempsey is underrated in the United States and it's something that I continue to not understand. Seemingly overshadowed by Landon Donovan, I'd argue that Dempsey is more consistent and an overall better player. He's a fan favorite at Fulham, and has been a big part of some of the best form they've ever seen. He's also worked hard for his country, scoring 3 goals in 5 games for the US in the Confederations Cup last summer. He's a hard worker with some nice goals. Well worth watching.

      The Entire Spanish Squad - I have no idea how to do this. Every single player on this squad is worth watching. Even their subs. It's unbelievable how much talent they have, and how fun it is to watch said talent. I'll just leave you with a few clips of various players you're likely to see.

      Hampered by Injury:

      Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast/Chelsea/Striker) - Last Friday Drogba, key player for the Ivory Coast, broke his arm in a friendly against Japan. Drogba has scored an incredible 44 goals in 69 appearances for the Ivory Coast and is crucial to their success in the World Cup. Successful surgery took place, but it is unclear if he will make it back in time to keep his team afloat. Without this injury, I would have pegged him to be the winner of the Golden Boot. Despite being an incredible tool, he has an insane amount of power.

      Continued in the comments...

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      5 years ago

      Hi All,

      Things have been pretty hectic, so I'm going to give you a list of excuses why I haven't and probably will not be online much for a bit.

      - Graduated (woo!). I skipped the big ceremony, but I went to my major's ceremony which turned out to be really rewarding. One of my professors/my advisor came up to my family and told them about how much he enjoyed having me as a student and watching me progress, etc. Made me feel really good to hear that.

      - Moved in with the lady (and two other roommates). It extends my commute at the moment, but it's worth it and it's also much less expensive. Moving is always crazy, though. I'm still unpacking.

      - Job hunting continues...

      - Went to my annual family reunion. Tried an oyster shooter for the first time. Fantastic.

      - Looking forward to the World Cup. It's going to be awesome!

      Finally, I've been doing a bit of reflection on my education experience as a whole. Sir Ken Robinson hits it spot on for me, when it comes to my education experience pre-college so I'm just going to link you to that. I highly recommend you take the time to watch the video.

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      Hell Yeah

      5 years ago

      Took the last final of my undergrad career this morning.



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      I'm not generally big on manga...

      5 years ago

      I got "The Adventures of Johnny Bunko" from my dad for Easter. I wish I had this when I was a senior in highschool, not that I would have believed it anyways. Hindsight is 20/20.


      Daniel Pink is a pretty interesting person, though. I've only read/heard a little bit so far about him and what he has to say, but it all seems to make a lot of sense. Using scientific basis for organizing your business, etc. I'm certainly not in management, but I wish more places were run in the manner he describes.

      I don't know if you guys are familiar with TED at all, but it's essentially just a ton of really intelligent people talking about everything and anything. Some really fascinating stuff, and a lot of it is essentially saying that many of our systems are completely inefficient and not doing as good a job as they could be. I hope the people that run our country watch the videos or better yet attend the conferences.

      But anyways, I think I've rambled enough. Per usual, the ulterior motive to this is to perhaps distract some of you from writing journals of your own, so that I'll have less to catch up on. Life seems to be consistently too busy.

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      Present! Hope you like it smiley1.gif

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        Thanks, that's awesome!

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      Hello! :D

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      if we don't ever reunite in toronto i'll visit boston one day.

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      you aren't really replaceable.

      my biggest regret in life is never being your permanent roommate.

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      was at laurie's place last night helping her and her roommate set up their tv. she was like, "dan usually did all of this kind of stuff for us before."

      i just wanted to let you know that you are replaceable.

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      What's up, man?

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      after next year we should do an anniversary trip together.

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      drinking some wine, watching some cartoons. ya know, normal saturday night.

      how's the job? and the girl? and life?

      we all miss you.