So this is actually the first time I'm posting a journal. TBH it's the first time I'm posting anything since i never had any social media account. RT community is so welcoming and my kind of weird that i thought to myself "why not?". So here it is.

Last year i attended RTX London and it was quite the adventure. Went there alone and that was the first time (again) i was to a convention. Didn't really do what i would love to in such a place but that was special in one way. I went there to try and conquer my anxiety. Seeing that throughout whole three days i had only one panic attack (huge deal for me) i marked it as a success.

I have no idea if this year I'll be able to go. It all depends on whenever I'll find second job. Hopefully this month. Independently I decided to make a cosplay. I really wanted to make one for quite some time and finally found someone who really fits. So i'm starting to make my Yang cosplay. That will be a challenge since I've never really sew any clothes just plushies. Aaand I will not wear a wig nor will i get my hair dyed. Nobody can touch my hair! Fortunately the only thing that doesn't match is the colour. I'm blonde but not that blonde. I'll think of something i always do.

That's it. I hope i didn't bore you to death ;) any comments are welcome and I'll try and post progress as it comes.