As I was watching volume 4 and 5, I couldn't figure out what was different from previous volumes.I went back and realized how interesting was to watch the Nevermore and Death Stalker fight. It really made facepalm on how Ruby never really uses her scythe. All you see her do is constantly shoot at whatever she's fighting. Really, the only time I can see her using her scythe part is in Ruby vs Mercury fight. It seemed like a boring chess game (Might not be the best analogy but proves my point). It moves on very slow and the only excitement it has is the one where you see a character do something amusing like: Arriving just in time to stop a terrorist attack or convincing someone that they are cowards and will only help to the destruction of humanity. or whatever... 

Short: Plot moves like chess pieces, bringing up things that we didn't know or special skills... damn idk how to explain it 

Soooo... does anyone agree?

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