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      GBSML10 Division 2

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      This is going to be the most lolzy division ever. I promise. All related discussion goes here. Play nice.

      GI Joes
      Captain: HoboSaaz
      Roster: yaeger51, Manbearpig X2, johelms11

      Green Army Jr.
      Captain: rallyfox
      Roster: Nuclear Taco 42, GhostMachine24, Dinzo 14, rnr m1rbaby

      Lock and Twist
      Captain: H2O Camper
      Roster: TheHolmcross, A Baby Tortoise, S8G Kane, bynumator, anubis1632, SEIVSEI, Wolf is Bad

      Team Red Ray
      Captain: JKPgamer
      Roster: MrJocobo360, x13 Kemp, Trogdor827, Avaianche812

      Captain: HighlndHellrazr
      Roster: Halo3Dragon5, sacredcassidy, pat skelly, Forsaken Mango

      We Eat Everything Delicious
      Captain: CJ Plaunsters
      Roster: Wylde, The Batty Face, Chief of Sixes, QuickNutzMcGee, DJBDarth

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      Happy St. Paddy's Day!

      5 years ago

      With it being St. Paddy's Day, I thought it would be nice to look up my family name and see the history. Apparently my family is descended from Charlemagne, practically ruled Ireland, and left a mark on several countries around the world. Something I didn't know was that amongst our bloodline was Martha Jane Burke a.k.a. Calamity Jane. Nifty. I also like our motto, "One king. One faith. One law."

      EDIT: Here's a link to the full page with history that I found.

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      A Good Day

      5 years ago

      Day off from work + bowl of soup + Firefly + Reese's Pieces = win.

    • TheHolmcross

      Epic Fail

      5 years ago

      To all those covered in several feet of snow and think it's an actual emergency,

      Fuck you. I got in to work today to work my 10:00-6:30 shift in the emergency department of the hospital. Just before 11:30 the hospital goes into Plan D because the power plant 2 miles down the street exploded. So there I am cleaning up when all of a sudden they start wheeling people in one after another, and I got to see it all. The very first person I see get wheeled in: dead. He fucking died right there on the table. Next guy was unconscious with his whole face smashed in. At this point, I got sent to help condense every patient every single patient room on every floor to make room for the influx. At the moment I'm writing this out, there are presumed 100 injured and there are 10 confirmed fatalities. The Governor is at the scene and the Search and Rescue crews are digging people out of the rubble. So to everyone who thinks 3 feet of snow is some huge emergency, here's your reality check.

    • TheHolmcross

      Rings & Things

      6 years ago

      Okay, so my girlfriend had found out I got the call from the jeweler saying that the engagement ring I ordered was ready to be picked up. She also figured out that I wanted to pick it up today and then propose to her today as well.

      So today she leaves the house for a little bit, and instead of going out to get the ring, I stayed home, played halo, had a bowl of cherries, and basically just didn't go out. Instead I went and had my friend Jess pick it up for me, drop it in my mailbox (this was after my girlfriend got back), and send me a weird text message as a cue that it was there. So I went to clean the litter box, and after taking it out to the trash, I picked up the ring from the mailbox. When i came back in, I went into the other room and attached the ring to my cat's collar.

      So I pick up my cat and walk into the kitchen, waiting for her to notice. She gets mad that I didn't go out to get it yet, so I motion for her to pet the cat. Instead she says she doesn't feel like playing with the cat and goes to lay down in the bedroom. So I followed her in and laid the cat down next to her. She goes to lift her head up to get angry with me, and out of the corner of her eye she finally catches a glimpse of it hanging there.

      Her face went into like a frame by frame slow motion. I said, "Will you marry me?", and she just slowly started bawling with excitement. There's kissing and hugging and more crying. Now for the story to take a funny turn.

      Amidst all of the crying, my cat decides to take off into the other room, and hides behind the futon, where I can't get at him. Finally after 5 minutes of moving furniture around, I get the ring off of him and can give it to her.

      So now I'm finally engaged to my beautiful girlfriend. We're planning on getting married on November 5th, 2010. That's right. It's fucking Guy Fawkes Day.

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      GBSML09 Division 1 Pro League

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      This thread is for all discussion pertaining to Division 1 of Pro League for GBSML09. Keep trash talking to a minimum. Enjoy.

      Crayola Magic
      Captain - armyman09

      Hard Liquor Chasers
      Captain - seanzie253

      Separate Intelligence
      Captain - Spud H3ad

      That One Team
      Captain - That One Rocker

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      Amateur Hammer Division 3

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      All discussion about Amateur Hammer Conference Division 3 should go in this thread. The teams are as follows.

      Green Army
      Hard Liquor Chasers
      LFTO: Deconstruction
      Part of American History
      Super Sniper Squad
      The Harlem Grif-Trotters

      Best of luck to everyone.

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      Single game vs Best-of-3

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      I'm making this poll simply for a magazine article. I may or may not quote responses given, but I will be adding the results of this poll to the article. Ready, and Go!

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    • TheHolmcross


      5 years ago

      So maybe you should wake up an reminisce about all those times in practice where you had host and I would repeatedly bonk you.

    • seanzie253


      5 years ago

      I owned you in adream last night. smiley8.gif

    • TheHolmcross


      5 years ago

      Yeah, seems it. Is he doing bad?

    • BYOBdoughnut


      5 years ago

      Did you really pick up Snikklefritz?

    • draco24


      5 years ago

      Nah, I get all your mothers for free.

    • zeg723


      5 years ago

      Any word? I'm watching movie and will be on in an hour but if you need me just let me know.

    • goosechecka


      5 years ago

      Happy Birthday you sexay beast! Can't wait to see those silky legs! smiley12.gif

    • i8yerpuppy


      5 years ago

      Feel free to steal the latest image I just uploaded smiley6.gif

    • BBirdseed


      5 years ago

      Hey there

      When would you like to play our game?

      I haven't heard anything from anyone I still need to play games with, but you're awesome, so I figure you'll respond. smiley12.gif

      Catch ya later. Thanks.

    • draco24


      5 years ago

      Nice, and I know with GA taking a season off we might be able to pick up a couple of those knuckleheads.