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    • Been Forever! What should I do?

      1 year ago


         I haven't posted anything on my journal in forever! Its always been on the RWBY forum thread(s). Maybe I'll think to post some written up fanfictions or some awesome idea I have for RWBY. Someday..........over the rainbow!

    • Chapter 1 overview

      2 years ago


      Here is the long awaited Chapter One Overview!!!

         Ok. Maybe not that exciting but it gives good info on why I wrote chapter one the way I did along with other things. Hope you find it intresting and hopefully it will help you guys who are somewhat confused about Chapter one.

      WARNING: Don't read untill you have read chapter one or it will spoil it!

         Chapter One Overview

    • AT LAST!!!

      2 years ago


      The fan fiction has finally been posted after a week of delays and reviewing!

         I posted this on Deviantart .com because its the only place I know/use to post things. I would have loved to post my RWBY fan fiction here but I just wasn't sure if it would turn out well.

      So, first off...

         If anyone has any problems I do have a disclaimer post.


         If you guys have any helpful tips or suggestions on where to post or what to do/post/say, I am open to every idea out there as I need all the help I can get starting this up.

         I will be adding an Overview at the end of each chapter in a different post two days after each chapter so people don't go accidentally reading the overview(s) and spoil the good stuff.

         I also would love if you guys share the link/fan fiction with your friends to grow a bigger "viewer base". Just don't go copying and pasting things.

         Other then that, any tips and suggestions are awesome and will be welcomed.



      Chapter One

         The folder that I throw all this stuff into is a nicer "browsing" way of finding chapters that I will probably end up linking instead of the chapter itself. But for now,

      Enjoy reading and share as much as you want!

    • The Fanfiction is arriving!

      2 years ago


      The fanfiction shall be posted sometime later today (Friday) as I have not had much time to post after going back over it, school and whatnot. It will be linked/posted later today. If you guys have a time you would rather me post, I don't mind considering the time. :D

    • RWBY: Fanfictions!

      2 years ago


      I have finally finished at 2:00am the first chapter of my RWBY fanfiction! So tired and so amazing that I did it. I will trim things up with it and see if I can find a way to link it to you guys if you want to read it.

    • Test Post

      2 years ago


      Just testing to make sure I know how this works.

    • RWBY: Is RWBY Advancing or Falling Behind?

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      What do we all think of volume four. The "new RWBY" in some ways. I think that the new look the show has going, will not workout long term. Its too smooth and polished. Theres no roughness to really see depth in most all of the scenes. The one thing I saw was someone saying there fight scenes are getting lower quality. Witch I believe they are.

           I think the old rugged look of the old volumes made the fight scenes look more realistic and intresting compared to the new look we have now. Its too smooth and polished. Makes the animations of the characters walking and such way to smooth aswell. I would think its too polished and to balance it out a bit, just revert back to the old style RWBY and take some parts of the newer RWBY and fuse them into a good blend. I really liked how volume 2 and 3 looked. Especially the fight scene with Adam and Blake. I just think volume 4 is too smooth. 

           SPOILER: I also think there moving way to fast in every aspect of the chapters. Fight scenes all the way to the main story. Within 3 min. of seeing Blake, she one liners her bow away. Same with Yang's arm.

           I also have noticed that the volume 4 soundtract hasn't been as "engaging" as the last few have been. I haven't found anything catchy or powerful to get me pumped to see a fight. Its all just kinda sound for now. Although that can change quickly and maybe i'm wrong. I hope I am.

           Also. I noticed Blake's voice is off. Whats up with that! That bugs me! Beyond the expressions of typing!

           What do you guys think of the new stuff we got going. I'm starting to wonder if volume four might be at the bottom of the pit for past volume comparisons and future ones too. RWBY can't stay like volume 4 if it wants to make it to around volume 11. (high hopes people. High frecking hopes.) What do you guys think?

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    • RWBY: The Pyrrah Theory and The Connection Between Ruby

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      If you see this post twice, I had no internet connection when I hit submit so i don't know if it sent when it returned.

      DISCLAIMER: For the length of this post I don't think I haft to add the spiler filter for the whole thing so if you have not watched ALL of volume 3, turn back now, but I assume everyone has so I won't make it too much of a big deal. I also will refer to volume 4 episodes 1 and 2 so go watch those if you haven't already. To everyone else who has watched and is caught up, lets get started :)

      I have called this the Pyrrah Theory because she has taken over almost all the forum posts I follow so I thought I would make one for her and Ruby. If I am wrong on some topics please correct me.

      All comments are accepted except negative comments towards others!!!

      SPOILERS START HERE: If we go back and look at chapter's "Heroes and Monsters", we see that Pyrrah becoming the fall maiden was interrupted by Cinder launching an arrow into the window of that boxy looking cyro like machine that kept the maiden barely alive (You failed us all John!!! XD) and perhaps some of the maiden's power or all of the maiden's power flew into Cinder and she is now overpowered and extremely more dangerous. Long story short, she "kills" Ozpin (or so we think) and seems to try to take control of that dragon sized grim. (will there be an explanation to how it got there maybe? Because it was under the mountain.) Pyrrah flew up to the top of the tower in her awesome metal elevator (pretty epic right?) after giving John the first kiss he has probably ever gotten and Cinder and Pyrrah fight it out, Cinder wins and Pyrrah falls and as she looks up, ("Do you believe in destiny?" -Pyrrah) Cinder says she is sorry she was promised something that she couldnt have and that Cinder will use this new power in ways Pyrrah couldn't imagine. (Oh shes doing that alright. I don't think being seriously crippled and not being able to speak was on either of their agendas!) And as Ruby hauls ass up the tower, she conveniently pops up to see Pyrrah get shot with a rather painful arrrow and disintegrate! If we look at the hunter in the burned down village in chapter 1 of volume 4, he doesn't disintegrate into a beautiful flurry of...dust? Stars? We don't know. So to start off with,

      The Pyrrah Theory!!!

           So she seems to slowly and somewhat painfully disintegrate into what appears to be dust. (Along with the arrow) So she dies leaving what she had on her head behind (idk what it is called sorry.) and Ruby in pain. So Ruby was there when she saw Pyrrah die, and everyone keeps saying that they are both connected. Witch for now may or may not be true. We notice that in the dreams Ruby keeps having in volume 4, that on the left side of the screen seems to be a glow of gold circles and dots and on the right seems to be silver circles and dots, both representing Pyrrah and Ruby's...what? I would assume aura but it could be their soul or something but since this is an aura filled world, its arua or dust. (or could be the same thing!?) But anyways, Ruby keeps having theres nightmares/dreams that are either because she witnessed Pyrrah's disintegration and "passing away" or because she is slowly remembering what happened up at the tower. (I think that is the weaker of theories.) That or it is just simply PTSD or just nightmares! (I had one about a bear that was in the same place on T.V. the next day. No big deal!) I doubt PTSD because she has JNPR to talk to and shes a really happy person in general. Maybe there visions, or maybe Pyrrah has become something part of a spiritual world and is trying to contact her through Ruby's dreams.

      The Connection

           So my main theory is that Pyrrah passed into a realm of the spirit world, and that she disintegrated because the gods of Remnant thought her worthy or something. Or maybe thats where all hunters and huntresses go when they die because of their aura. Either way, I think shes a spirit and shes trying to warn Ruby or guild her towards something and it might be related to Ruby's silver eyes. But for now, we don't know for sure.

      So with all that on your mind now, tell me what you think, witch theory do you think has the most chance of becoming a thing or do you have your own theory? I just wanted a place to talk about Pyrrah and Ruby without invading other forums. So feel free to post what YOU think.

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    • RWBY: New villains, Blake & Yang?

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      What if some characters from RWBY had to become evil? Who would we "nominate" to become corrupt and join the people we saw from episode one of volume four? Who is the most likely to be corrupted? My thoughts are that Blake AND Yang could both be turned against Ruby and become evil. I can see Blake & Yang standing beside that woman just like Cinder's puppets (I don't remember their names :( oops) that were beside her during the battle at Beacon. I can so see Blake and Yang becoming villains in RWBY. Blake would be able to be corrupted easily because she has so many emotional problems after volume three that she could be told anything and she might just think of it as being "rescued". I also see Yang becoming corrupt because she might be persuaded by getting her arm back ect...What are your thoughts on this topic and who do you think should go evil?

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    • RWBY: Blake + Weiss = Bliss?

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      What do you guys think if Blake and Weiss got togeather? Is it a good idea? Is it awesome? Me personally think it wouldnt be so bad. And I think it would shock a lot of people because a lot of people are most likely expecting bumblebee to bee (srry) set up, and it would be quite shocking if Blake and Weiss got togeather all of a sudden. I think it would make perfect sense tho. Tell me what you think and should the RWBY devs. even consider "Bliss"?

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