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    • Mythbusters: Red vs. Blue Edition

      9 years ago


      I've set this journal up as a companion to my "Read This First" journal. Here, we'll post the agreed upon theories from the main topic (Let's Figure This Out... - Sponsors Only). Feel free to post any points of discussion you know have been settled in the topic, but please leave the actual debate in the main thread.

      - The Red vs. Blue universe and the Halo universe are not the same, but do share similarities. These similarities are limited to names, multiplayer settings, visual style, and basic ideas. This is due to Microsoft's machinima licensing agreement that limits what materials a machinima video may borrow from the source video game. (In fact, Rooster Teeth may be the only machinima group licensed to profit from their works using Microsoft's engines. Look at my full dissection of this issue in this post)
      - Season 1 (or at least Episode 1) of BGC is not entirely canon.
      - Tex is Agent Texas, not Agent Nevada. (Ben's post clarifies this)
      - There was no 800-year time jump into the future. (proof provided by leafshinobi7 here)
      - Church is an AI (in fact, the Alpha).
      - Command purposely sent multiple "robot kits" to Blood Gulch.
      - Vic is a computer (Freeze-frame any clear shot of the underground computer in Season 5. Look at the bottom of the monitor.)
      - There were 49 Freelancers, one for each state (poor Florida...)
      - Not every Freelancer was given an AI.
      - Agent Maine (a male) is the Meta (although "the Meta" seems to be a name for the group of AIs in Maine's head, rather than for Maine himself)
      - The Alpha was created from the mind of the Director of Project Frelancer, Dr. Leonard Church.

      - After her "death", Tex got a new cloaking unit in her new robot body, sent from Command.
      - The voice editor the Meta uses in Chapter 4 has the word "Epsilon" in the corner. This has something to do with the Epsilon AI.
      - Tex is an AI.
      * Tex is a smart AI.
      * Tex is a fragment of the Alpha AI.
      * Sarge is the Sigma AI. (see above)
      - Church entered the Meta to activate Wyoming's time distortion equipment, bring himself and all the fragment AIs back together into the past, and store himself in Epsilon.
      - Tex and Church were part of a personal experiment of the Director.

      Debunked: (Just to clarify, these are false theories)
      - Andy (or Sheila) is the Alpha AI.
      - Tex is Agent Nevada (see above).
      - The character in the middle of the current Red vs. Blue site banner is Agent South.
      - By the end of Reconstruction, the Meta had claimed 8 AIs, including Tex (Note: there were only 7 AIs there, and if Tex was one of them, then either Omega or Gamma is still loose - very unlikely)
      - All of the soldiers in Blood Gulch are AIs. (Burnie debunked this in response to user Que's question. For previous theories, go see Delta's analysis here.)

      I can't finish this list myself, so if you know something I've missed, please leave a comment.

    • Two Weeks of Mind-Crunching Anticipation

      9 years ago


      Ugh...tonight, we found out in Reconstruction Chapter 16 that Church is the Alpha . Just a few hours later, I inadvertently find out that the new alien race in Stargate Atlantis is (*"The Lost Tribe" episode spoiler*) some sort of Asgard splinter cell . Both series won't continue their plotlines for two weeks. Atlantis gets its next episode the Friday after next, while next Monday's Red vs. Blue video will be a PSA.

      On top of that, the patch that I downloaded for Spore broke certain parts of my game. I may need to reinstall it in order to get it working right again - and that might mean I need to use one of the infamously limited activations. Oh why, cruel fate, do you torment me so?

    • So, Church is the Alpha. Now What?

      9 years ago


      To those of you who watched Chapter 16, you might have picked up on Rooster Teeth's subtle hint that Church might be the Alpha AI. If that's the case, then here's a steaming batch of questions from the Blood Gulch Chronicles and earlier episodes of Reconstruction that need to be explained/retconned.

      Church, pre-"death":
      What was Church/Alpha's original body? Evidence leads us to believe that it was flesh and blood. Was it a Freelancer Agent that decided to give up its free will to provide for the Alpha's safety? Or was it a bio-android, like a clone or a Frankenstein of clone parts? We can assume that his "Leonard Church" memories are false.

      Tex's Origins:
      If ghosts cannot exist, then Tex must also be an AI of some sort. If so, how did she coexist with Omega? The only character besides Maine that we know has ever hosted multiple AIs is Agent Carolina - was Carolina Tex's original host? Or is Tex merely a fragment of Omega? Maybe a fragment of Church/Alpha? Also, who gave Tex the role of a Freelancer Agent?

      AI Abilities, etc.:
      - How could Church/Alpha exist in the "spirit world" without a host body or a storage unit?
      - How could Sarge and Sheila interact in that same world?
      - How could Wyoming and Gamma loop Church through time if he's not a physical entity?
      - Why can't Church aim? Why is it that Tex can?
      - How is it that Church and Delta could agree on everything if the Alpha sectored off its logic section? Wouldn't Church, then, be without the same logic functions (not the mathematical ones, you smarmy college types) that Delta has?
      - if Church is the Alpha, then how could he project himself in the real world without any holoprojectors? How could he act as a scout in those BGC episodes (ex. Episode 38) if he doesn't have any actual senses independent of a robot body or AI host?

      What Now?:
      - Who exactly does Washington think is in a position to use the Alpha's memories (Epsilon) to set everything straight?
      - Will Wash "implant" Epsilon inside Church/Alpha and force him to remember his torture?
      - Thoughts are passing around that Sarge might be Sigma, Alpha's creativity. Well?
      - Sarge is plotting to delete all the Blues from the Freelancer database. Will this negatively affect Church?

    • BGC Timeline v.2, Part 2

      9 years ago


      The BGC Timeline Part 2 covers Season 4 to the Series end. For the Pre-BGC era to the end of Season 3, see Part 1 (Warning: the Part 1 timeline contains Reconstruction spoilers. View at your own risk.)
      For events in the Reconstruction series, see the Reconstruction timeline, Part 1 and Part 2.

      Approx. Between Season 3-4:
      Agent Washington assumes the role of Recovery One. He responds to 3 A.I. distress signals, but finds that both the A.I.s and their respective agents' armor enhancements have been stolen by the Meta.

      Season 4:
      After several attempts to attack the Alien, Andy facilitates translating services.
      The Alien speaks of a quest involving the sword. Tucker and Caboose join him, while Tex pursues after learning of "loot".
      Simmons sees Sheila, but is ridiculed by the other Reds. He defects to the (unoccupied) Blue Base in retaliation.
      The Alien impregnates Tucker. Tex joins the quest party.
      Tucker's party arrives at Wyoming's base. The Alien takes command of a ship, but Wyoming shoots it down. Tex pursues him, while the others return to BG.

      Out of Mind/Recovery One:
      In pursuit of Wyoming and Omega, Tex meets York and the Delta AI. York is killed in combat, while Tex attacks Wyoming and extracts information on Omega's wherabouts.
      Wash responds to Delta's distress signal and recovers him. Wyoming counterattacks, but Wash and Delta escape.
      Wash finds Agents North and South Dakota. North is dead and lost his AI (Theta) to the Meta.
      Wash and South attack the Meta, but South (acting as Recovery Two) shoots Wash, takes Delta, severs all ties with Command, and escapes.

      Season 4 (cont.):
      Church contacts Vic Jr. (in actuality, Vic - possibly a different version)
      Simmons returns to Red Base. Tucker and co. return to Blue Base.
      Tucker suffers from his pregnancy. Church calls Doc/O'Malley for help. Lopez comes along.
      Red Team decides to recover Lopez's head.
      Red Team decides to steal Andy to translate Lopez's (Spanish) recorded command orders.
      Doc reports that Tucker is pregnant.
      Church goes to Red Base with Sheila to try to get Andy back (or something). During this time, Junior is born and O'Malley radio-jumps to another host. Church returns to Blue Base, and Donut pursues. A ship lands on Donut, punching him through to an underground cave.

      Season 5:
      Church calls "dibs" on the ship, but loses it when Sheila starts acting up.
      Red Team tries to lift the ship, but fails.
      Grif's sister exits the ship, saying that she is to replace the dead commanding officer of "their team". Red Team promptly buries Sarge alive.
      Simmons takes command of Red Team.
      Sister reveals that she is part of Blue team. Simmons panics and digs up Sarge's grave, but finds that he fell through to the underground cave.
      Grif hands off Sister to the Blue Team.
      Tex returns to BG. Tex debriefs, revealing that (a) York was alive, and (b) Wyoming had a teleporter. (Proof that Wyoming can teleport? Refer to Ep. 93) This leads them to conclude that Gary is really the AI Gamma.
      Blue Team begins to upload Sheila to the ship.
      Red Team finds a computer surveillance system in the cave (probably Vic).
      Wyoming attacks in sync with Gamma (now in the tank) using his time distortion equipment, but Tucker breaks his time cycle, Tex quarantines and firewalls Gamma, and Red Team kills Wyoming's time copies.
      Wyoming last copy, before dying, reveals O'Malley's plan to take over the alien race. Tex tries to join them.
      O'Malley returns to Tex, takes Junior, Alien II, and Wyoming's helmet, and leaves BG in a ship. Andy (on board the ship) explodes while the ship jumps into slipspace.

      Post-Season 5, ~2 months:
      The War ends.

    • BGC Timeline v.2, Part 1

      9 years ago


      The v.2.0 Blood Gulch Chronicles timeline contains Reconstruction spoilers, mostly in anything not labeled as one of the BGC seasons. You have been warned.
      Part 1 covers the Pre-BGC era to the end of Season 3. For Season 4 to Series end, see Part 2.
      For events in the Reconstruction series, see the Reconstruction Timeline, Part 1 and Part 2.

      Dr. Leonard Church loses someone very important to him early in his life. This torments him throughout his career. (His final memo suggests that events in the past few years, most likely the War, amplified his grief, implying that he lost her beforehand.)
      The Great War between the UNSC and the Aliens begins.
      Church (Season 3) travels back in time, likely due to Wyoming/Gamma's time distortion. (Exact timeframe of event unknown. Speculation: Gamma trapped Church in a time loop so that he experienced 1000 years.)
      Project Freelancer is assigned the task of studying aggressive AI for the War. The project is given the permission to use one AI for their research: the Alpha AI, formed from the mind of the Director of Project Freelancer (Dr. Church, henceforth referred to as "the Director").
      To aid in Freelancer training exercises and experimentation, the Red vs. Blue simulations begin.
      To create more AIs to study, the Director tortures the Alpha, so that it will compartmentalize its personality components in self-defense. The Director harvests these components to form the Freelancer AIs.
      The Alpha cuts off its memories from before and including the torture. These memories form the Epsilon AI.
      Agent Washington is implanted with Epsilon.
      Epsilon drives Wash insane, forcing Project Freelancer to remove it. Wash retains the secret knowledge he gained from Epsilon.
      Project Freelancer orders the immediate recall of its AIs. Agent Texas and the Omega AI, among others, escape the recall. (Exact timeframe of event unknown.)
      The Freelancers make their first attempt to capture the Alpha, and fail.
      The Alpha is moved to a secure location (Sidewinder?). Without any memory of its origins, it assumes the identity of Pvt. Leonard Church (henceforth referred to as "Church"), a Blue team simulation trooper.
      Sarge, Grif, Simmons, Capt. Flowers, and Tucker are stationed at Blood Gulch.
      Agent Texas kills all the Blues in Sidewinder, except for Church.
      Church is transferred to Blood Gulch.
      Sarge assembles Lopez.
      Capt. Flowers dies due to an aspirin allergy.

      Blood Gulch Chronicles
      Season 1:
      Red team gets their warthog, "Chupathingy".
      Donut and Caboose arrive at BG. Caboose arrives with "Sheila", a smart-tank.
      Caboose "team kills" Church using Shiela.
      Tucker and Caboose call Blue Command for reinforcements. Command contacts Agent Texas ("Tex") to assist.
      Church returns as a ghost to BG and warns against involving Tex there.
      Tex starts repairing Sheila, while Church plots to stop her so he can remove the Omega AI ("O'Malley") from her.
      O'Malley learns of Church's plot and radio-jumps into Caboose's head.
      Donut "kills" Tex, while Church possesses Lopez.

      Season 2:
      DuFresne ("Doc") arrives at BG.
      Red Team attacks Blue Base, but stops when they run out of ammo. They demand that the Blues surrender.
      The Blues "surrender" by handing over Doc, who was on loan to both armies.
      The Reds try to return Doc to the Blues, but are unsuccessful. Doc moves in a cave.
      Church releases Lopez so he can fix the tank. Lopez flees, but is mistaken for a Blue and shot by the Reds.
      Lopez fixes Sheila, but before Church can take him over again, Tex returns as a ghost and possesses Lopez.
      Tex holds Lopez's body hostage so that she and Church will work together to kill O'Malley, who is inside Caboose.
      O'Malley radio-jumps into Doc.
      The Blues trade Donut and Lopez for two robot shells (one - with a bomb - for Church, one for Tex), however, Lopez and Sheila do not agree. They choose to form their own robot army.
      During the prisoner trade, Doc/O'Malley attacks both teams, takes Lopez prisoner, and flees to Sidewinder. The Reds and Blues pursue.
      Future Church asks Sheila to do an unspecified task (confirmed in commentary to be "broadcast a distress signal later"), in case neither team returns.

      Season 3:
      The teams split up due to a teleporter malfunction - Sarge and Caboose encounter the Zealots, Church and Grif are captured at Sidewinder by the local Reds, and Simmons ends up in a teleporter nexus.
      O'Malley contacts Wyoming to assassinate Tucker, at Vic's behest.
      In order to find the others, Sarge, Caboose, and Simmons use radio signals - and Caboose activates the bomb inside Church.
      The Reds and Blues encounter O'Malley and Wyoming at Sidewinder, using the Grunts to attack.
      Future Church attempts to prevent these events from occurring, but ends up creating multiple time copies of himself due to failure. "Yellow Church" (Season 5) joins the group. Church explodes.
      (Speculation: Wyoming and Gamma use time distortion and/or teleportation to remove everyone from the area. Church ends up in the past, while everyone else is in the "future")
      Lopez loses his body. O'Malley recovers his head.
      The Reds and Blues regroup in order to attack O'Malley. Tex creates Andy the Bomb to destroy his base.
      Caboose plants Andy inside the base. Tucker picks up the alien sword ("The Great Weapon" of legend) and brings it inside the base, causing a lockdown.
      Future Church (henceforth known as simply "Church") arrives, and asks Gary (a.k.a. Gamma) to stop the bomb countdown.
      Red Team responds to a distress signal, only to find itself back at Blood Gulch.
      O'Malley attacks the captured base with Lopez's newly-built robot army. The Alien destroys them and attacks Church.

    • Reconstruction Timeline, Part 2

      9 years ago


      Part 2 covers Chapters 16 through 19. For the Pre-Reconstruction era to Chapter 15, see Part 1.
      For events in the Blood Gulch Chronicles, see the BGC Timeline v.2, Part 1 and Part 2.

      Chapter 16:
      Wash explains to Church the origins of Project Freelancer, including that the Alpha was tortured and fragmented, that Epsilon is the memory fragment including all of the Alpha's memories from up to and including the torture, and that Church is the remaining portion of the Alpha AI.
      The Reds conspire to delete all the data in the Project Freelancer's database related to the Blues - theoretically deleting the Blues themselves.

      Chapter 17:
      Church denies Wash's claim that he (Church) is the Alpha. Wash refutes by stating that AIs are based off of human minds and may have residual memories.
      Tucker calls Command with a message: He found what he was looking for ("It's under the sand!"), and needs backup. Grif intercepts the message, so Command itself doesn't receive it.
      Simmons successfully hacks into the Red vs. Blue database. Sarge deletes all references to the Blues.
      Alarms begin to sound. The guards at Freelancer Command attack the Red Team's position.

      Chapter 18:
      Wash and Church reunite with the others, but draw the Recovery agents through the Red's planned escape route.
      Church suggests using the Red vs. Blue database to prove that he's not an AI, but cannot due to the Red's actions.
      The Meta attacks the Recovery agents, drawing away their attention.
      Wash & co. escape to the motor pool. Wash orders everyone to escape with Epsilon to the "proper authorities", except for Church.
      Wash declares a plan to destroy all AIs on site with an EMP. He recruits Church for this plan, but he resists.

      Chapter 19:
      The Meta finishes off the Recovery agents.
      The Reds and Blues leave the motor pool with the Epsilon AI. Wash sends them a message on an open channel to bait the Meta into following him.
      Wash enters the Director's lab. The Counselor and Director speak to him through a monitor and try to persuade him to cooperate with them, but to no avail.
      The Meta arrives at the lab. A containment shield hinders his progress.
      Wash enters the codes necessary to activate the Failsafe EMP. The Director lowers the shield holding the Meta back.
      The Director and Counselor successfully goad the Meta into attacking Wash, but it is more interested in finding the Alpha. The Director and Counselor promise to arrange a meeting between the two after the Meta finishes off Wash.
      Wash offers the Meta a better deal: Church (in AI form) comes out of hiding from within Wash's head.
      Church's robot body falls out of Caboose's jeep. The Reds and Blues are forced to abandon it.
      Church, maintaining that he's a ghost and therefore immune to the EMP, attacks the AIs within the Meta, thereby stalling its actions.
      The Director and Counselor try once more to convince Wash to fight on their behalf, but he instead activates the "Ehmp".
      The EMP blast radius expands rapidly around Freelancer Command, destroying all electronic hardware including the Red's jeep, but Caboose escapes the blast (with Epsilon) by driving off a steep cliff.

      The Reds and Caboose resettle in Outpost 17-B, Valhalla. The UNSC has granted to them the use of the facilities there for their "training exercises" as a reward for their part in bringing Project Freelancer to justice.
      Caboose uses the Epsilon AI to perform an unknown task (Note: very circumstantial - we don't even know for sure that the AI storage unit he has contains Epsilon anymore.)
      The (former) Director turns himself over to the authorities, but maintains that he cannot be convicted in a court of law for his actions against the Alpha, because "there is no law against the terror we inflict upon ourselves", referring to the fact that the Alpha was created based on his mind.

    • What Motivates the Meta?

      9 years ago


      Over time, I've gotten to thinking, the Meta seems more like a beast than a man - does that mean his motives are more bestial? Even if this isn't the case, the Meta's motives are at the core of Reconstruction, and once we learn them, we learn what Reconstruction is all about. Thus, I submit to you a collection of theories on what motivates the Meta.

      What if the Meta needs to kill the Freelancers so that it may live? If that's the case, then I can see three possibilities.
      a) Maine needs the equipment to defend himself from enemies or to heal a terminal illness.
      b) He needs the AIs to make up for a brain injury
      c) He of the AIs in him is holding his mind hostage, and sort of "blackmailing" him into surrendering control for the promise of future freedom.
      Any of these options ties in well with the opening quote in the Sponsor version of Chapter 1.

      Patawan also has these thoughts to contribute:

      I want to lay out of a few ideas about Maine:
      -He could be like South Dakota, and wasn't paired with an AI. In this case, I think the most likely scenario is that Maine stole (or was given?) what remained of Epsilon. If Maine was commissioned to collect the AIs, he also could have been given a special suit that allowed him to house multiple AIs. Epsilon drives them both mad, and they start hounding down Freelancers, going rampant along the way. Epsilon converts or at least subdues the AIs he picks up, spreading his insanity like a disease. He and whatever powerful AI willingly joined him (Gamma and Omega, at least) now control Maine.

      -Maine has his own AI (probably Beta, Zeta, or Eta) who became obsessed with the Alpha and took Maine along with it. They were probably involved in the previous attempt to take the Alpha and presumed dead. They laid low for a while, going more and more insane, and at some point acquire the ability to absorb more AIs, as well as track them. At this point, they assume the moniker "Meta" and begin targeting the Freelancers, beginning with the ones with the best goodies (and hence, the highest combat ratings), probably skipping Tex out of fear. Maine is a willing and equally insane accomplice.

      What are your theories on the Meta's motivation? Post them in the "Let's Figure This Out" thread so people who don't read this journal can keep up with the latest ideas, then I'll update the journal with the good ideas.

      Chapter 19 Update: The Meta's actions suggest that its AIs, like before, are obsessed with the idea of meeting the Alpha AI. While this might explain its later actions, particularly in Chapter 19, it does not explain how the Meta began its rampage in the first place, or how the Meta chose its targets. The AI dialogue in Chapter 19 got me thinking that the AIs were trying to "rescue" their brethren from the control of Project Freelancer, but this is still unclear to me.

    • Let's Figure This Out - Read This First!

      9 years ago


      Quick Links:
      LFTO thread
      LFTO Resource Index
      LFTO Networking - Our group
      LFTO Shizno - group podcast (Schedule)
      Introduce Yourself!

      Okay, we've had a lot of newbies enter the LFTO thread. While you all may have good intentions, if you don't know what we're talking about (or what you're talking about), then posting something could get you flamed. My thread decay theorem (named after topic creator Shabobble) outlines why this happens and what we can do to combat it. Thus, I've set up a journal to introduce new members to this thread.

      New Site Members: If you're new to the Red vs. Blue forums, go to the First Stop forums first. They'll tell you all the basics of how the site works.

      About LFTO:
      Our humble community started as a list of questions posted by Shabobble. Over time, it has evolved into a catch-all plot hole analysis group for Red vs. Blue. In it, we discuss the ins and outs of how Project Freelancer works, character motivations, the nature of AIs, etc. As long as you have a little proof to back up your claims, no theory is too ridiculous for us.

      Our community has also expanded into other projects, including podcasting (the LFTO Shizno and Grifball (team name TBA). The group forum also has an active Riddle Thread.

      Because this is an analysis group, anything related to it will contain massive spoilers for the Blood Gulch Chronicles and the Recollection trilogy. If you haven't seen either, then what are you doing here? Go to the archives and at least finish watching the latest season, then come back. We're not going anywhere.

      Thread Guidelines:
      Personally, I think the idea of thread "rules" is restricting, but it's a good idea to follow these guidelines, especially if you're new to the thread.

      1) This is a theory group. Don't claim something's a fact unless it is, and make sure you know what you're talking about. Use the index to help with that.
      2) We are a team. No one person has the answer, so expect some constructive criticism.
      3) Don't bring up old topics unless you have something new to add. This especially applies to stuff from the first page - the quickest way to get flamed is to bring up the "Tex is Nevada" debate. Use the links in the index to check what's already been discussed.
      4) The burden of proof is on the person who proposes the new idea. While we accept (and even encourage) off-the-wall ideas, if you can't give a good reason for them, then it probably isn't worth noting.
      5) Flaming is lame. This thread nearly fell apart several times because two people tried to settle their differences by yelling at each other. Be tolerant of others' ideas, and try to explain why somebody sucks instead of simply saying that they suck.
      6) Don't force the discussion. We admit it: sometimes we can't think of anything to figure out and go off-topic. When that happens, you can either go with the flow or suggest a new topic to discuss and take apart. Don't simply yell at us and say "Stop being off-topic!" Some people already tried that, and we're tired of that shtick.
      7) Have fun! None of us are here to write our graduate thesis. Let loose, and don't expect everyone to be serious 100% of the time.

      Using the Index:
      The link index is a general resource for both regulars and newcomers. If you've forgotten a detail about Season 1, or want to find a specific quote, you can use the links provided to do so. If you're new to the group and have an idea you want to post, you should look through the "Confirmed/Debunked Theories" and the Theory Resource lists before you do - someone may have posted it before.

      If any of you have the clever idea of using this journal to introduce a friend or loved one to Red vs. Blue, or to catch yourself up on the internet phenomenon so you can sound cool in front of your friends, you're missing the point. By skipping the videos, you're skipping hundreds of funny or awesome moments that should be experienced first hand. Go to the archives, meet the characters, and figure out why this series is so popular in the first place.

      Note that we don't include Halo resources in the index. While Red vs. Blue draws from Halo's backstory, its narrative is still meant to stand on its own. A healthy knowledge of Halo lore may help put things into a greater context, but it is not required reading.

      Resource Link Index - This is where all the good stuff is.

      Color Coding: In this thread and group, green means sarcasm, and character quotes are usually done with their character's color (bow chicka bow wow). While this system is useful, try not to abuse it. It gets annoying after a while.
      First Post!: In the main thread, if you get the first post of a new page, you should post a link to this journal. That way, other newcomers can find their way to this guide. Copy this stuff below or use the LFTO Link Script (see Index) to make it easy.

      [link=/members/journal/entry.php?id=2174766]Newcomers, read this first.[/link]
      Then, [link=/groups/profile.php?id=55]go join our group.[/link]

      Phew. Now that we got that out of the way, feel free to join the discussion. Seriously, if you cared enough to read this journal, you'll do fine.

    • Reconstruction Timeline, Part 1

      9 years ago


      Here, I've highlighted important (and semi-important) events in Reconstruction. I'll update this timeline as new chapters come out.
      For events in the Blood Gulch Chronicles, see the BGC Timeline v.2, Part 1 and Part 2.

      Blood Gulch soldiers are given relocation orders. Sarge refuses his, so Grif is promoted to Sergeant to take his place. Sarge, Sister, and Lopez remain in the canyon.
      Sarge rebuilds Lopez.
      Tex's ship crash-lands in Valhalla.
      Omega gets loose and infects the local Blues and Reds, in that order.
      Presumably in response to a recovery signal, Recovery Six and Nine arrive at Valhalla to find everyone dead.
      The Meta shows up, claims Tex's invisibility, Wyoming's Time Distortion (and presumably the AIs Omega and Gamma), and kills the Recovery agents. Pvt. Henderson survives by hiding in a cave.

      Chapter 1:
      Command does a full sweep and lockdown of Valhalla. Pvt. Henderson is found alive.
      Agent Washington begins his search for the Meta and South anew.

      Chapter 2:
      Wash arrives at Blood Gulch. He finds nothing of interest there, except info on where to find Caboose.

      Chapter 3:
      Wash pulls Caboose out of Rat's Nest, to the relief of the local blues.
      The Meta reveals itself to be spying on Wash.

      Between Ch. 3-4:
      Sgt. Grif sells his team's ammo to the Blues.
      The Meta kills the Blues at Rat's Nest.

      Chapter 4:
      Caboose leads Wash to Church. Wash & co. set off to investigate Valhalla.
      The Meta edits a radio message from Command to set Sarge against Wash & co., then attacks Agent South, who also is tracking Wash.

      Chapter 9:
      Sarge leaves Lopez at Blood Gulch to gather the Blood Gulch Reds (sans Donut).
      The Rat's Nest Reds prepare to execute Grif and Simmons for the sale of ammo to the Blues.
      Sarge saves Grif and Simmons, then takes them AWOL to fight the Blues (and Wash).

      Chapter 5:
      Wash & co. access Shiela's black box from the crash in Valhalla.
      Command reports that South sent a distress signal from High Ground.

      Chapter 6:
      South prepares to abandon Delta to escape from the Meta, but is shot by Caboose during her attempt.
      The Meta escapes from Wash & co. by using Wyoming's time distortion (probably by accident).
      Caboose opts to host Delta. Wash executes South to prevent another opportunity for betrayal.

      Chapter 7:
      Wash reports South's death as another Caboose team-kill (Ctrl-F-U), then destroys her body.
      The subject of the Alpha AI comes up in discussion.
      Command reports that Agent Maine (the Meta) sent a distress signal, but is cut off before finishing the transmission.
      The Meta kills the Reds and Blues at Last Resort and begins recharging.

      Chapter 8:
      Delta discusses Project Freelancer's experimentations.
      Wash & co. attack the Meta at Last Resort, but it escapes. Church manages to graze the Meta with a sniper shot.
      Before Wash & co. can pursue, the Reds show up and begin attacking.
      Caboose is knocked out, leaving Delta open for capture by the Meta. Before he is captured, Delta leaves a recording in Caboose's mind.

      Chapter 10:
      The Reds pin down Wash and Church underneath "Camp Froman". Wash reports Caboose as alive but critical.
      The Meta finishes recharging using the generator at Last Resort.
      Wash uses his megaphone to demand a cease-fire with the Reds. Instead, Grif tries to recruit the Meta (disguised as a Red) into helping his team against the Blues.
      The Meta begins attacking the Reds using its super strength.

      Chapter 11:
      Sarge and Simmons join Wash and Church under "Camp Froman" to take cover from the Meta.
      Wash deploys a healing unit by Caboose.
      Wash attacks the Meta with a machine gun turret. It escapes again using the Temporal Distortion equipment.
      Wash calls for an airlift for Caboose.
      Church enters Caboose's mind as a ghost, and finds Delta's message: "Memory is the key."
      Wash notices Church exiting Caboose.

      Chapter 12:
      Church explains to Wash why he is a ghost.
      The topic of robot kits gets the Reds and Blues into an argument.
      Wash orders the Reds and Blues to shut up. Sarge challenges his authority, but Wash counters by saying that the Red vs. Blue scenario is merely a testing ground for Command and Freelancer scenarios.
      Church delivers Delta's message to Wash. Wash decides that they must go to Command to unlock the Alpha A.I.

      Chapter 13:
      Wash & co. (now including the Blood Gulch Reds) arrive at Valhalla to steal two jeeps.
      While the Reds lure a second jeep away from the Valhalla base, Church uses his ghost form to sneak into the base, so he can investigate Tex's body.
      Red Team destroys the pursuing jeep. A Hornet picks up the chase.

      Chapter 14:
      Church enters Valhalla Blue Base, finds nothing.
      Wash states that he "knows all about [Tex's ghost state]".
      Wash single-handedly destroys the Hornet.
      In exchange for wash demoting Sgt. Grif to Minor Junior Private Grif, Negative First Class, the Reds agree to come with him to invade "Project Freelancer Operation Command Center" (henceforth referred to as "Command").
      Using Caboose's idea, Wash & co. sneak into Command using disguises (Church possessing a Recovery Agent) and cramming into a tank, clown style. The Meta stows away on the back, unnoticed.

      Chapter 15:
      Wash and Church break off from the group to claim the Alpha, while the rest stay to guard the extraction point.
      Wash and Church arrive at the A.I. storage room. While searching, they find Epsilon (or the remnants of it), Wash's old, insane AI.

      To continue, see Reconstruction Timeline, Part 2.

    • Ouch! Neg Bomb!

      9 years ago


      Okay, so I posted a comment in Burnie's journal that I thought was witty. Apparently, at least 5 people didn't agree. I blame this wit malfunction on my over-anticipation of Spore.

      Have any of you experienced these so-called "brain farts" and gotten called out on it in this community?

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