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    • Great day

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      Went to the gun show today with my dad and step brother. My dad went to look at some guns but me and my step bro prefer knives. So while we were there i picked up a sweet new knife for my collection and he got a blade and some material to make a custom handle. I'll upload a pic of my new addition to my image gallery

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    • An issue with High School APs

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      Well tomorrow I'll be filing a complaint to the AISD school administration. Yes I realize that I got my phone confiscated due to breaking school policy of having it out in the building even though school had not yet started. My compliant is normally the school faculty doesn't mind us having our phones and other electronics out when not in class especially before school even starts. The Arlington high school discipline management in the student code of conduct(and to be more specific rules number 8 and 11) state that any cellular/electronic device seen/heard in the building will be confiscated and must be picked up by a parent along with pay a $15 fee it doesn't matter if school had started yet or not from the point you enter the building until 2:45 the policy is under effect. And refusal to turn over the device will result in a minimum of 4 days OCS, a $15 fine, and your phone will still be taken up.

      I get to school and go up to A-Hall and as I said earlier the school faculty normally don't mind us having our phones out during lunch or before school starts. Well it's about 25 min till school starts I'm bored I start playing plague inc. on my iPhone. My friends start showing up 2 also have their phones out and another has her laptop. It's now oh I don't know let's say around 7:14 11 minutes before the school day starts. Mr Pfaff walks into the hall way and sees us with our phones. He takes mine I don't refuse because it's not worth getting OCS. He then goes over to one of my friends and attempts to take his phone. My friend refuses and argues that he just paid $15 the other day to get his phone back. Mr. Pfaff then walks away with only my phone. At this point I'm pissed and punch the wall. He ignored my other two friends with their phone/laptop in plain sight and my friend who should have gotten hauled to the office is still sitting there with his phone (he still has it, wasn't called into the office during the day, and didn't receive OCS). Now I'm not saying that I wish my friends had also gotten in trouble or that I shouldn't have gotten my phone taken up. What I am saying is that there is no point to having a school policy that the staff doesn't enforce and when they do they enforce it selectively. I went through the appropriate offices to try and argue it. I took it up directly with him he basically said tough nuts I have to pay the fine and have a parent pick it up. I then went to the principle mrs. Young wasn't there so I talked to the ap mr. Davis he agreed it wasn't fair sent me to my AP mrs. Henson I explained everything and after she said "and this was before school even started?" like it made a difference. She calls mr Pfaff and after a good 2-4 min she hangs up sighs and basically tells me I'm SOL.

      I acknowledge that I took a risk with my phone when breaking school policy and that my phone being confiscated is justified in that respect. However the AP's are supposed to enforce it on everyone not just choose who they want to enforce it on.

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    • Going to college 2 years early

      5 years ago


      Well this is both interesting and a lil scary at the same time. I turn 16 in two months and today my school had me take some exam i didn't know about...apparently I scored exceptionally well and now it seems if i fill out the paperwork they handed me next year ill be spending half of each week at my highschool and the other half at one of the two colleges near bye....idk what to do im a lil excited but this is way to early. Arrgh think brain think!!!!

    • which game

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      I'll make this plain and simple I need more achivement points my friend is willing to give me 1 game till i get the achivements on it which one should i go for assasins creed brotherhood or mass effect 3

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    • E-Hero Suggestions/Help?

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      Hi I started making this deck exactly one year today from a bunch of cards i scored from a friend for $5 and since then I've slowly built upon that original "deck" the deck has always had a special place in my heart since when i was 7 and i got this thing of e-hero card packs for christmas and started drawing them (sorry getting a lil off topic) basically I have a special place in my heart for this deck I've competed at locals and have gone to my first 2 regionals with it (Did Pretty well i lost against a few times of course but still did pretty well considering).
      Here is my current deck build if you have any suggestions on how to improve it (i really need help figuring out a side deck) i'd appreciate it although no XYZ monsters in the extra deck (sorry i'm a fusion path)

      Main Deck: 41
      Monsters: 16
      E-Hero Prisma x3
      E-Hero Avian x2
      E-Hero Bubbleman x2
      E-hero Sparkman x2
      E-Hero Burstinatrix x2
      E-Hero Stratos x1
      E-Hero Bladedge x1
      E-Hero Necroshade x1
      E-Hero WildHeart x1
      E-hero Clayman x1

      Magic/Spells: 18
      E-Emergency Call x2
      Heavy Storm x1
      Dark Hole x1
      Monster Reborn x1
      Miracle Fusion x3
      Polymerization x2
      Super Polymerization x1
      Fusion Gate x3
      Smashing Ground x1 (thinking of taking out for a 2nd Bottomless)
      Mind Control x1
      Mystical Space Typhoon x2

      Traps: 7
      Mirror Force x2
      Torrential Tribute x1
      Compulsory Evacuation Device x2
      Solemn Warning x1
      Bottomless Trap Hole x1

      Fusions: 15
      E-Hero Electrum x1 (reveal using prisma to fill grave)
      E-Hero Great Tornado x2
      E-Hero Gaia x1
      E-Hero The Shining x3
      E-Hero Absolute Zero x2
      E-Hero Plasma Vice x1
      E-Hero Wildedge x1
      E-Hero Necroid Shaman x1
      E-Hero Phoenix Enforcer x1
      E-Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer x1
      Vision Hero Trinity x1 (My oh ***** fusion)

      If you have any suggestions like i said I'd love any help i can. I have some cards i can put in immediately if you know what i could take out for them
      i have 1 Super Poly, 1 Bottomless Trap Hole, 2 Solemn warnings (considering taking out an MST and Torrential for them let me know what you think) 1 Smashing ground, 1 parallel world fusion, 3 terraforming, and 1 more absolute zero.

      Thank you for taking the time to look at my deck list and thank you even more if you are taking the time to come up with ways to improve the deck if you'd like to see the deck work PM me on (my username is Elemental 22) i'll probably be online and im always looking for a duel =) thanks again

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