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    • Stalkers Inc.

      7 years ago


      Feeling lonely?
      Do you feel that everyone pays less attention to you then the voices in your head do?
      Are you tired of your only friend being your shadow?

      Well you are in luck!

      'Cause today we are having a 50% off sale.
      just call.....1-800-STALK ME. that's 1-800- STALK ME.

      We have, White ones, Black ones, Philapino ones, and many many more.
      So call quickly and with in a few hours you can have your very own stalker.
      he will...
      ...follow you!
      ...admire you from a distance!
      ...go through your trash!
      ...get rid of your dates!
      and even on ocation, call you and breathe heavly on the phone!

      We at Creeper Inc. GARANTIE you that you will be running for a restraing order faster then you ran for your razors...yes we know, and you thought you were alone.

      but call quickly now... we are running out of time.
      call 1-800-STALK ME.. thats... 1-800-782-5523.
      and pay the man that has being doing his job for a while now.

      Because remember only important people have stalkers.

    • Stupid X-Box.

      7 years ago


      good weekend, great people, new friends. this is what happend in Toronto.

      but as i walk into the door of my house, i soon find out that my X-Box died on me while i was away. so i let it meet the sidewalk a couple times.

      so liberating yet so sad, and i am now with out an X-Box for a while :(

      why is life so crule?

    • The Gamer Totem Poll

      7 years ago


      Me and my buddy made this up one night, had no idea where it was going. so i though i would post it. feel free to comment a edit/ new group/ diff name/ or just add on to what i have here.

      Tell me what group you fit into. No shame in a gamer.

      catch ya later
      Stevie C

      Gamer Totem pole

      The Chosen
      The GODS of gaming, top of the totem pole.
      These are the men and women all gamers worldwide know and recognize, these are the celebrities,the Koreans, and the ones who are so good. SO ELITE, they are PAID to play video games.( And of course then there's Leroy Jenkins, a god amungst any gamer) We must all accept the will of 'The Chosen'.

      The Prophets
      Legend speaks of them as a brotherhood of gamers, an obsessed group of crazy power hungry monsters, who feast on the souls of thier in game victims.A new game is released, the Prophets have it completed before you pick it up, they know and see all that is gaming. They anwser only to the gaming gods, and only because those guys are rich.

      The Jedi
      This gamer has beaten more gams then there are letters in the chinese
      alphabet. He/she knows the ways of 'The Force' better then you know your
      own way into your pants. If this gamer try's to tell you a quarter of the
      awesomeness that he/she knows about games, your fuzzy little head
      would infact, implode.

      The Junkie
      This gamer is a adrenilin fueled addict. The only diffrences
      from 'The Dweller' is that he/she know's what sun light is, has
      friends, and dosnt let his/her parents pay for his/her addiction. This gamer
      can beat your face in with a pistol on a 'FPS', out race you in a stock
      honda civic, and out golf you with putting club on a Par 4. This gamer
      can usually be found in the top 50 of any game ladder.

      The Dweller
      (even though his/her life useullay revolves around one game)
      This gamer is useully over weight, and dwells in basements and/or
      other dark dindgy places with very little light.(hence the name)
      These gamers lives ARE the game, and their outside world inculdes
      thier tolets ,pizzia and energy drinks. the frase 'RL' comes as a
      question mark to them, and their for have very little (if any) real

      The Sponge
      This know-it-all 'gamer' knows the useless facts of all the games you dont
      care about. Even though at times this 'gamer' is used by higher ranks as a well of information, as they soak up facts and store it into thier nerdy little
      heads for later use. Thus, "The Sponge" (Also get's no credit for helpfull hints)

      The Lacky
      This 'gamer' know the basics of gaming and can usually point out the health
      bar, but gets stuck on the camara angle's in resident evil (any version).
      Useualy can't complete the first level with out the help of a strategy giude,
      or cheat codes.

      The Girlfriend Gamer
      This 'gamer' STILL know jack shit about gaming, but is given the
      permission to hold the controller while the higher gamer urinates.
      this 'gamer' lacks the will to even try, and therefore will more than likely
      get you killed. Your better off with a gopher.

      Gaming Gopher
      This 'gamer' knows jack shit about gaming rituals, he/she is used by the
      higher gamers to fetch gaming munchies.
      This is the lowest rank, and therefore is frowned upon by the gaming
      prophets. This 'gamer' goes by many names. Examples include-
      NOOB!, NUB!, BITCH!, HEY YOU!(Stevie's personal fav.)
      NUB Muffin!(jerry's personal fav.)

    • 2018 years ago

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