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    • Journal #8

      7 years ago


      sorry guys for not keeping you up to date with my life !! but i am quite busy with my studies right now !!

      This a video that might cheer you up !!!


    • journal #7

      7 years ago


      Hello everybody as promised this morning my night journal.

      Well yesterday night was a heck of a night me and a bunch of friends got drunk.
      We had 2 bottles of wine + 3 bottle 1.2l of beer + 1b cointreau + 1b Baileys + 1b Kahlua +1b VODKA + some solvent (mainly orange juice ) and we were 4 !!!! LOL
      But we got really drunk because of a game that a friend showed us called "roi des pouces" a fucking AWESOME alcohol game this is it:
      You begin by saying "one"and showing your left thumb to the left or right thumb to the your right thumb, but you do not have the right to do the opposite (left with right thumb and vice versa). The player that you indicated with your thumb must say "two" and must indicate an other player, who is on his left or his right, still following the same rule said before (left to left or right to right not allowed to cross). You continue like this until 7, the player who says 7 must put his arms horizontally one below the other, and that bottom arm, indicates the next player who will talk. 8 and 9 use your thumbs. Whoever has to say 10 must point out with his index the next player. For 11 12 13 uses of the thumbs, for 14 the same rule as 7 but the top arm shows the next player. 20 is the same rule then 10. The one who says 21 loses and must drink and create a law for the game ( exemple you do not say 1 you must say banana / or even you can change the way you show the other one)

      That game is very hard why ? : because you must be quick if you forget to say the number and to show you friend or neighbor as the law indicates you drink and start over to 1.

      That was a bit the game yesterday. great game !!!

      SO that was yesterday.

      Today had to wake up at 11h with a F******* big headache because of a fucking street band !!! And i discovered that i had to go up to paris !!! If you guys need anything from paris (trocadero) well just post a comment XD

      So today as you saw my #6 journal i posted a video of the situation in greece !!! their protesting again !!!
      So well hoppe for a devaluation of the euro !!!!well they are protesting because the unemployment rate is very high and their isn't any more money. So will hope for them that EU does something but eventually they will do nothing !!!

      Then i discovered that a site that i usually visit are doing a lame trick their putting OLD ads or stuff like that : these are their latest videos in their site: dai.ly/hodiSs
      www.youtube.com/watch?v=b44e8CONq4k this one is in french sorry guys

      Today The music discovery was a remix of lors of the rings :www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZjSwSF7t0I damn good vid the middle is quite slow and dramatic. but the idea and concept is great

      Then an ad for the new WII game concept a friendly game that ends up in an ORGIES www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxd96qRa6wY&feature=player_embedded i laught out loud when i chose the number 2 solution XD and damn i am going to buy this game i have sexy friends WITH BIG B**B*

      And saw a scene of Dr HOUSE I LOVE THAT DUDE but i never saw the latest season the one were he went to the hospital !!!
      www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aTDvm_cNTw Did you ever see this before ??? F***** TARANTINO XD
      Damn I Love this actor playing this character.

      Hoppe you guys are enjoying my journals XD

    • journal #6

      7 years ago


      This one will be a short one because i missed the yesterday's journal.

      Well yesterday i had to go to the university the hole day!!! at night went back home to take a shower then went to drink with some friends.

      As you can all see i still don't have a Karma of +20 so i can't post any thread yet !!

      SO to all who might this power to creat a thread can they creat a thread about the protest being help in greece

      This is a video to show you what is happening their !!!!


      As you can these protest are going back to action in greece against the government. Lack of money and jobs etc..

      See you tonight for the highlight of today !

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    • runelady

      7 years ago

      I usually don't create threads.

    • madmanmoe Keeper of Shenanigans

      7 years ago

      i understood every word :) . inshallah we'll get rid of him soon.

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