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    • Osama

      7 years ago


      Is it just me or is it getting really disrespectful with how quick people are to make fun of Osama bin Ladin, I mean he just died a few days ago and everybody is mocking him, yet they wouldn't have done if he was still alive, also, they are making fun of a dead guy, on recently dead as well, which I think is extremely disrespectful, why would you go ahead and mock someone who died a few days ago yet if, say I mocked their dead grandparents they would go crazy, yes, I do understand that that would be different because of the fact that it would be personal, but it is very personal for the people close to him, and the people that were close to him were very dangerous people. Now I am not advocating terrorism, but I am just amazed and offended at by the readiness that people will just take the piss out of something so serious

    • No-one is likely to see this

      7 years ago


      I just fee awesome to be able to post something on the net, and it actually isn't likely to be seen by anybody, that is just cool

    • 2018 years ago

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