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    • Last episodes should be longer

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      Howdy everyone,

      RvB seems like it is coming to a close, with only 3 episodes left. I think the last episodes (or at least the finale) should be longer than the 5 mins that the rest of season 5 has been. I know Burnie has said he believes RvB is at its best when it is 5 minutes long, but all of the most important, and entertaining episodes have been significantly longer: my favourites were the finale of season 2, and Church's time travelling episodes (about half an hour from 3 episodes).

      I am also concerned with the number of loose ends that still need to be tied up. In addition to all the normal enemies: Omalley, Lopez, Wyoming (and sheila, butch, aliens etc that have only been added recently), there is still a 100 episode long war to wrap up between the reds and the blues. I'd much rather see this drawn out and done well than packed into the 15 minutes of RvB that is left.

      So I'm pleading with Burnie to consider an extra length final episode. Go for half an hour if you need. I really think you're wrong when you say that noone wants longer episodes: I for one hang on your every word when you're speaking about nothing for 15 minutes at the end of the director's commentary (episode 96). This is your series, and has done great things for all of us, let the last episode take as long as it needs to resolve. Let it be as memorable as the other extra-length episodes: I think we all want it to be the best episode yet.

      Regardless, thanks for 5 years of quality cartoons. And please consider what I'm saying: there is no need to hack out half the storylines just to keep these episodes within 5 mins.

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    • What to do about these videos on YouTube

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      Season 5 HiRes movies are far too common on YouTube at the moment. I know there has been a lot of discussion about this in other places, but haven't seen an official response (except in the director's commentary, which I honestly think made it worse smiley2.gif ).

      What is being done at the moment, and what could be done?

      I for one think sponsors who share these movies in such a blatant way should be banned, no refund. If Burnie wanted to put the movies on Youtube, I'm sure he'd do it himself: it would certainly save him a lot on bandwidth. I don't know much about Youtube, but they might help track down the uploaders / remove the movies.

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    • My computer Games

      12 years ago


      Hey all

      I've written 2 computer games so far and am currently working on a third. I do it mainly because I enjoy it, but also so that I can become better. I would love someday to win some sort of indie game programming award. If you're browsing through here, please check them out. Give me any feedback you can: about web design, graphics, bugs, gameplay etc, I just want to learn to do my best. I will accept random friend requests as long as they comment on my games smiley11.gif

      the gateway to both games:

      The first game is Pyro: the little pyromaniac who could. It is about a strange boy who, for no reason, gets teleported to a land of tiny wizards. While there he finds out about their cruel dictator, the professor, who has recently stolen some of their sacred treasures. Pyro (as the boy became known) must use his power of fire to burn through 19 levels (hehe, funny pun).

      The gameplay is similar to Commander Keen. With the graphics I was going for a 'retroey' commander keen effect as well. As for the Pyro powers: you start off with just the fireball. Later you will get Fire breathing (a short ranged but powerful burst of fire), a huge fireball (Which rips through enemies and keeps on going), and rocket feet (which blast you upwards). And by the way, all Pyro's enemies are mutated cows or robots. All in all, the game is good fun:
      Pyro's Home page
      Direct download of Pyro
      Some screenshots:
      The first few steps on a long journey

      One of the bosses: the Combot 4200

      A race against the rising acid levels

      A mad cow (yay, more puns)

      The other game is called Maverick. It is about spaceship pilots who have slowly lost their sanity and live now only to die in fast-paced tournaments. They cluster in small communities away from law-abiding eyes, and have attracted quite a support network of engineers, gamblers and fans. It has become one of the chief revenue sources of organised crime. The levels take you firstly through a tournament, then go to a defence against a policing force, and finally a retaliation against the police base of operations.

      The original idea was to make it like 2-player asteroids. You can upgrade your ship in many ways, armour, weapon power, shielding, as well as 8 unique weapons. These include: the Death ray (similar to the death star's super gun), EMP bomb, mines, plasma bolt, and more. The game includes a musical score, as well as same computer multiplayer support.
      Maverick's Home page
      Download Maverick

      Wrench, the engineer is the guy to talk to when you're looking for upgrades.

      A tight battle scene

      The Death Ray put to use against the police's local moon base.

      Feedback is eagerly awaited.

    • Pyro: the little Pyromaniac who could

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      A game I wrote. Very similar to Commander Keen, but naturally it's a lot better smiley0.gif


      Check it out, I promise you won't regret it.

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    • Pyrogame

      12 years ago


      I have written a great computer game: similar to commander keen (but obviously better in my own warped opinion smiley0.gif )

      Anyway, download it at www.pyrogame.com: you won't regret it. Feel free to leave comments about it here.

    • I like me

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      Lousy RT profile, won't let me be my own friend :(

    • lol

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      You seriously want to be friends with yourself? Fucking loser.

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      lol, why do you have sponsor whore as your title?

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      Thanks a lot, glad to hear it smiley0.gif

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      im addicted to your games

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      hey, that pyro game you made is actually very fun. i love it man. keep up the good work

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      of course I sponsored myself, about 6 months ago now.

      Why do you ask?

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      Did you like ... sponsor yourself?

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      Nope. I think it was burnie that made a thread about the new video, and I went and checked it out. I watched the whole thing, then posted. Don't know why other people took so long....

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