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    • [Impressions] Kingdom Hearts

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      Kingdom Hearts. One particular game series that's positively known to have both Disney and Final Fantasy enthusiasts alike have massive passionate fits at the pure mention. Regardless of whether they're already found guffawing on seawater ice-creams and paopu fruit. The game is both renown and adored. Critiqued and opinionated over a countless thousand few times before. A series that'll have narcissistically self-assured bloggers such as myself wake up drenched in sweat during the early of the night, after another horrendous nightmare surrounding the possible community-backlash such a cynically themed journal may endure.

      Yet I discover myself all snuggled up and contemplating the game series all the same. In purest of reasons that I found myself in possession of a workable PlaystationTwo and a freshly dusted disk of the original Kingdom Hearts just this morning. And after six hours of whimsical button-pressing and subdued commentary, I certainly have a fair number of thoughts to share. Especially considering how beyond a mere twenty-four hours ago I had never even witnessed gameplay of the game series. Let alone had the possibility of physically snuggling down and actually bring my fingers to the controller, to presumedly control a little pixalated Sora. So in this sense then I entered the series with an entirely fresh air of awaitance and anticipation, without the nostalgia or rose-tinted glasses us classic gamers are so often renown to wear.

      Though before I allow that bitter and soured personality of mine to truly shine forth from the all-consuming darkness. Do merely know I positively adored, and thoroughly enjoyed those six hours of gameplay I happened to stumble across. I found myself thoroughly immersed in the world and story those mischievous little Disney characters offered forth to me. Though likewise then the game also wasn't an Arc De Triomphe, and alongside the bemused bewonderment, the adventure came alongside an astounding amount of stumbling blocks.

      Whereupon the majority of the game's charm and integrity came from the Disney characters themselves, and the lush and bountiful personalities they chose to exhibit. Alongside then their well-endowed voice acting and characterizations, they were certainly a sight for sore eyes amongst the feverish amount of monster battles and clunksome jumping puzzles. Though then likewise this charm can also be attributed to the recent success of the Disney Infinity collectable series. A game franchise that plays upon similar themes and archetypes, in a vastly more refined fashion. Whereas the stylized realms of Kingdom Hearts often felt rather two-dimensional and arbitrary. Almost as if they were an after-thought in the grand scheme of the universe. Relying all to highly on square unimaginative rooms and doorways to scope out the environment.

      Though in escape of those often claustrophobic realms. Along comes the rather Starfox orientated galactic sequences, complete with a rather adorable Chip'n'Dale advising one on the proper etiquette required to perform a barrel roll. Though alas, where Starfox once became a cult classic in terms of animalistic space entrepreneurs, Kingdom Hearts only managed to leave a sour taste in the mouth. With rugged textures and unreasonable controls. You're left battling the controller more so than any potential opponents on screen. That and the intergalactic space federation would surely remove any official spacecraft license on my persons were they to witness the destruction left behind me, a mixture of crumpled purple cookies and disgruntled space travellers.

      Though even in the darkest of dawns, a beam of solitude and solace has been known to rise out from beneath the horizon. Basking the world in a subtle light, and separating all existence from the shadows that so desperately choose to envelop us. As indeed there is a saviour amongst all my consistent and irrepressible whining. In that the combat established within the game offers forth a rather quaintly charming emotion. And nothing feels quite so spectacular as battling alongside Donald and Goofy to vanquish the infinite hordes of heartless set before ourselves. It's a little simplistic, though it flows quite naturally, and allows the player to purely lose themselves in the moment, to the gorgeous sights of sparkling stars and diminishing opponents. The only issue that occasionally arises is the full reliance the game seemingly places upon it, often segmenting the experience into thousands of miniature battle encounters. Till even the most battle-hardened hero possibly finds themselves a little exasperated, and in requirement of a little breathing space, so as to not ruin the appeal of the fight.

      Though to those adventurous few who have managed to read themselves through this pessimistic epilogue of game I have barely scratched the surface of. What are your personal thoughts on the game, and the series as a whole. What are your enjoyments, or your anguishes. And how do you further wish to see this gameplay evolve within the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Three?

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    • [Thought] AnimalCrossing X MonsterHunter

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      Imagine if you will a most bright and wondrous world. All designed in the iconic style of the Animal Crossing series. Whereupon you are the major of a serene secluded town surrounded by wilderness, A wilderness infested with massive beasts and creatures. As such you're both tasked with the ability to slaughter and hunt these monsters for both weapon upgrades/customisation in the classic "Monster Hunter" fashion. Whilst still being given the ability to likewise design and fabricate your own furniture from the looted materials you've gathered from both the untamed environment and these majestic creatures. Essentially it'd a massive multiplayer game that combines the everyday serenity Animal Crossing is so known for, with the more monster-slaughtering tactic based elements of Monster Hunter

      So, Thoughts?

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    • [Opinion] Interactive Experience Description

      4 years ago


      It seems that within the history of all occasions humanity-related, a certain pattern comes to form. The continuous pattern of differentiating opinions. A pattern that can conceivably be referred back all the way to mankind's initially cautious steps into the untamed wilds. When gigantically monstrous beasts still roamed the lands. Mischievous Bokoblins. Armoured Mawdads. And all the other fearsome beasts one may come to expect. A pattern that follows through the entirety of our arguable intelligence-driven progress. From community driven societies, through to religious conflicts. A pattern (one might add) that still continues all to presently within present times.

      Though in continuing along this particular train of thought. Allow myself as the author of this post to merely bring this pattern into the greater history and formation of current interactive mediums. Since as it were, we're currently undergoing our own little opinionated revolution in terms of official definitions. Specifically, the definition of what defines and separates a video game from the remainder of all other existing mediums. And this is some sense merely my own personal thoughts on the possibility of this definition. A personal definition that is primarily defined by the following three factors:

      The notion that as a participant one has the natural ability to either physically/mentally or cognitively interact with the medium set before themselves. That their actions will allow them to either manipulate or alter the digital pixilations seen before them. That there is a form of conscious/sub-conscious effort in decision making occurring within their process, even when the potential outcome may well be irrelevant or in distinguishable from separate decisions. This process could be as simplistic as choosing to stomp on a goomba in a moment of pure enlightenment. To writing out a string of alphabetical letters, that'll conceivably cause a set occurrence. An interaction that's dramatically separate from the oft most more linear interactions of indulging in a film or book

      In essence, the natural ability to not only achieve in a certain aspect of the interactive medium. Though also the ability to garner a sense of failure from those digitalized pixels set before yourself. Whereupon the challenge comes from attempting to achieve and reach a set aim(s). Aims that needn't even be forcefully constructed within the boundaries of the game. But rather they can also conceivably be constructed through your own personal goals. An apt example of player-constructed goals may well be found in more freedom inspired games. Games and interactive mediums such as Minecraft for example. Where the only clear aims in sight are the ones you set yourself as both a player and participant

      Potentially the vaguest notion of all. One that personally speaks to me on a host of different dimensions. To myself it's even potentially the most fascinating of all three definitive factors. As experience can be formed from a vast amount of separate aspects. From the world and universe the game has set you into. To differentiating historical settings and immersive realities. To the certain emotions a particular form of storytelling or setting may place upon you. And in the example of emotion within games, consider the genre of horror games. And how they're all to often entirely focused in designing a sense of psychological fear or disturbance within the (un)willing participant. To myself at least, experience within games speak of the ability to acknowledge the player from a first-person perspective, and to actively attempt to immerse them into the alternate reality they've found themselves in.

      Notification: These are of course merely personal opinions

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    • Skyward Sword *Spoiler Warning*

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      The Legend Of Skyward Sword: *Spoilers*

      So these last few months I've been replaying through Skyward Sword, only this time in Hero Mode. And I've really just been taking it quite slowly, only playing when I feel like it and going out of my way to enjoy every aspect of the game. And I recently completed the Lanayru Sandship Temple, and then I discovered quite a neat little something I missed out on during my first play-through. Turns out that after you've saved the ship all the Robot Crew-members will re-inhabit the ship, There's even a row of them standing to attention on top of the mast rigging, and the Prison Cells are now filled with Bokoblins (Which you can Hassle and Tease if you feel like it). So my question is, are any other neat little secrets and somethings I should keep my eyes open for during my second play-through? :)

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    • Bring Your Reading Glasses...

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      Introduction: A 'Hunger Games' Themed game has recently been on my mind, Though one that isn't necessarily cannon to the original story. I was thinking more along the lines of a Online Multi-player Experience similar to 'Call Of Duty' or 'Battlefield' in which you versus up to Twenty-Four (Or even Forty-Eight?) other players where you earn Experience-Points (XP-Points) depending on Players Killed, amount of time survived and games won. This means you could technically gain XP-Points by merely hiding away and not going out into Battle. These XP-Points would work similar to say 'Mariokart Wii', in which you can readily gain and lose these points between matches. The more XP-Points you own, the more you lose when killed and the less you earn when you win a match or similar.

      Sponsoring System: Another thought is that you could spectate in matches, when you either decide to join a currently running match or die in one. And one of the advantages of spectating could be that you can use XP-Points to sponsor players and potential winners (Similar to the original Series). Where Items/Weapons become more and more expensive as the game proceeds. So obviously not many spectators would be willing to pay out precious XP on strangers, so the catch is that if that player you've Sponsored wins the Match the XP-Points you spent is returned and doubled (Or Tripled?). Meaning you could also potentially gain a lot of XP-Points just from spectating and sponsoring, meaning even those not even taking part in the Match are involved and can benefit from it . What this means is that the Sponsoring System would need to be pretty tight to become an important Game-Mechanic, and in order ensure this idea doesn't go of control and get broken by the players, several restrictions would have to be in place,
      - So lets just say as a Spectator you can only sponsor a maximum of three times in a single match. This means you can either sponsor a player three times (Increasing the amount of XP-Points you'd gain if they won, aswell as giving them a greater chance of doing so), or Sponsor several different people and create less of a risk-factor for yourself, Though in the end this is meant to be a gamble and you won't be guaranteed a Win every single time.
      - And to avoid having one single Over-Sponsored Player dominating the Arena lets just say a Player can only be Sponsored a maximum of Three Times.

      Actual Matches: I assume a typical game-match could be anything from 20-40 minutes, Remembering that usually around Seven-Eight players will be slaughtered the initial scramble for Items (At least that's what has always occurred in the Survival Map on Minecraft). And the Arena size would most likely depend on the amount of people within it, Since this would be easiest way to control the length of a match and actually increase the percentage of people meeting and fighting. Where every few times somebody dies a 'Natural Disaster' will occur and force everyone closer to the center, for example a massive bush fire which will Severely Damage/kill a player if they don't take the hint and move fast enough. Another idea would be to occasionally have Powerful Items appear in the very center, These could be a mixture of Potions/Defensive gear or actual Weaponry. I assume items will also be scattered randomly throughout the Arena, this would be to ensure that even those who don't go into the initial scramble will have a chance, Thought the most powerful of items will still be found within the center.
      - To avoid this becoming another 'Call OF Duty' or 'Battlefield' clone several steps could be taken. Firstly this doesn't need to be a Realistic Fighting Simulator, several Weapons and Items could be designed purely around interesting Game-Mechanics. Imagine a Bow that fires Explosive Arrows, Or a Molotov that when thrown at a player will cause them to be unable to open their inventory or use any items for several seconds. A mixture of both Modern and Steampunk/Past Items and could turn out to be quite interesting.

      Experience-Points: These XP-Points could also be used for unlocking perks and/or buying certain upgrades to items found within the Arena. The amount of Perks you have dictates your level, which is used to match you up with other players of the same amount of Perks, that way the Game-play will always remain balanced. Perks could have a huge range and cross many different levels of upgrades, and could be grouped into two specific areas: General and Specific -General: Will be put towards Constant In-Game Perks you're guaranteed to constantly have, this could stuff like Increased-Speed/Smoother Aiming and similar, It's entirely up to you which you decide to upgrade, meaning other Players may well have different advantages from you. -Specific: Will be dedicated to Specific Items and Weaponry, Meaning these won't have any effect until you actually get your hands on that particular Item/Weapon. Perks could be anything from 'Bows Now have a Smoke-Bomb Firing Option' to 'Increased Health Regeneration Upon Using Health Potion. What this means is there is more of a risk-factor in spending on XP-Points in these Perks, since you're not always guaranteed to get those Items during a match. Though if you were to get your hands upon you're upgraded Item you could well have an considerable advantage over other competitors.

      Other: Also I feel as a 'Spectator' you should be given the ability to view 'Players' last Five Match-Rankings. And perhaps 'XP-Multipliers' will also increase the worse a player is ranked, Meaning even though Sponsoring a better player would decrease the risk-factor of spending precious XP, you'd also gain less than had you sponsored someone worse. This means even 'Casual-Gamers' or just those that aren't as great might have a better chance of being Sponsored, It helps balance the scales a little. As a Sponsor you should also be given the ability to free-roam the map, and follow individual Players as they travel around the arena

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