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    • Gatlinburg..

      2 years ago


      As I start to write this, I haven't thought of a good title for this entry.

      I have sat around a lot since Thanksgiving through this past Monday and started to wonder about what I am thankful for? I didn't spend it around my family, and even my dad is more about spending time with his fiance's daughter and son in law than being around me. He doesn't realize how it makes me feel like the bastard stepchild, and at times I wonder if he really even cares to realize how it makes me feel. So I didn't do anything on Thursday besides watch Simpsons's 600 episodes, fix crock pot chex mix and eat cheese balls. Yup, sounds like a hell of a good time. BTW that is what my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be too.

      I was in my normal "mood" of sorts until Monday evening. I was already pissed off about having to photo middle school basketball as it's more of a chore than high school basketball. The parents are more inclines to yell at the refs because they didn't call a foul when an opposing player breathed near little johnny or susie, and then if little johnny or susie actually commit a foul, that's just the ref being a jerk (or foul mouth version of work). After stopping photoing after the 1st quarter of what ended up to be a near 50 point ass kicking, I was sitting down and looking at social media on my phone. I ran across a post from a recent gruadate that daid he was praying for Ohio and Gatlinburg. I was puzzled, so I looked up Ohio first and saw the Ohio State University shooting, and was feeling bad for those affected. I then had that feeling trumped. I looked at what was going on in Gatlinburg and saw that wildfires were burning out of control. I thought these might get some rental cabins and the like that was similar to an incident a few years ago. However when I got home I called a friend who works with me about seeing about preparations for our coverage for the paper and the website of the local christmas parade. Daniel then told me that "Gatlinburg may not be around tomorrow." I thought he was exaggerating like he does from time to time. However I looked up info, saw photos and video of the fires, the mandatory evacuations of Gatlingburg and parts of Pigeon Forge, and saw that he might end up being completely right. I went to bed and wondered if a place that was a tourist mecca for lots of people, and a place that I have stupidly neglected to visit would be around to be visted in the morning.

      I was awoken by a telemarketer call, and loaded up facebook scared to what I would see. I saw Knxoville's WBIR was simulcasting their live coverage on facebook as well as tv. Luckily for me, as my stations are based out of another region, and I couldn't see the tv broadcast. I watched the tv with the same feelings of seeing the live broadcast of September 11, 2001. I learned however that the downtown area of Gatlinburg where all the shops are, and is the place where everyone shops there was almost completly unscathed by the fires. then I saw videos of the horrifying sites that visitors and citizens of the area saw as they were evacuating. Those images and videos are now all over the place. I saw the reports of what was being damaged, and the effors the firefighters had to endure on Tuesday. I saw the death tool stay a zero for longer than I thought it would have, and then it climb to 3 for a bit, and a few hours later to 7. It was there I saw it remain till I had to cover a basketball game that night, and then  I saw it at 10 later that night. I saw it just today keep at 13, but I know it will still increase as more and more buildings and building remains are searched. However, if after all the damage we can keep it to under 100 people that is still a major win. If we keep it under 50 then it's a complete miracle of the lord. 

      You may be asking what caused the fire to get so bad? Well, it would have been a small manageable fire that likely would have affected a few homes and forrest. However the high winds (some gusts were reported to be near 90 mph) caught the embers and scattered them to the wind, and when those embers fell they started to spread the fire like no one could have expected.

      This week, I've forced myself to think back to the times I've been to Gatlinburg. I know I've been there mainly driving through as my mom would go up there once in a while when shopping in Pigeon Forge, and I know I was there in the school band as part of the annual christmas parade (which is canceled this year for obvious reasons) from the 7th grade until my senior year in 1995. When we would go there, we be let out around 3 pm, and have around 3 hours to shop, eat, or visit the arcade like a lot of us did. We would then march down River road to our end point (I can't remember where it ended), and then we would head home. After high school I din't go there for a long time until about 5 years ago I was in Pigeon Forge and decided to drive down 411 and through the downtown and take river road back to the spur (part of the 411 parkway that leads from Gatlingburg to Pigeon Forge), and go back home. I hadn't stopped there to shop or anything as it was "too busy": for my taste, and it was already dark. In September of 2012 I had my first date with my ex girlfriend, and we drove to a garage here overlooking the ski lift and sat there and talked for a few hours after we met and ate earlier. That was the last time I was there, and Monday night I was afraid that would be my final memory of that place. I had never rode the ski lift, and I still regret never doing that. However it seems that Gatlinburg's downtown area will be open for business on Wednesday November 7th, and I will be there. I have to walk around and take photos, buy some taffy, and do some shit there that I have neglected to do for nearly 21 years. If that ski lift is open and operational (dont know if the top area is still standing) then you can bet your ass I will ride it.. If I can afford to do so that is. However your damn night I am going to shoot photos and video of that day. I hope to vlog some.. I will be there on Wednesday December 7th, and I will be damn sure to make sure I go there at least once a year and walk about the people and the area again.

      If you have a place near you that you haven't visited for a long time that you used to love, visiit it. You never know when it can be destroyed by fire, winds, weather, or even just be sold to another company. You owe it to that place to keep the fun alive.

      And I just decided the only thing I can call this journal is simply "Gatlinburg"

    • Disgusted

      2 years ago


      I'm not one to debate or even talk about political matters because of the division it can cause. However after this most recent election I have to get some things off my chest and out of my mind before the depression sets in. And no, it's not depression because Donald Trump was elected, or depression because Hillary Clinton lost. It's depression because "talent" from a site I love (this site here, roosterteeth.com) have been so filled with hate and calling people all sorts of names on social media.

      I was so shocked that I did exactly what I did to people I've been friends with for 5+ years in my hometown on social media when they started to bitch against the SCOTUS decision to allow marriage equality. I debated a few before giving up the ghost and blocking/unfiending those who had venom in their hearts and vile on their tongues (and fingers). I blocked a lot of "talent" here like Barbara and Aaryn since Tuesday evening. I even wondered why am I still here. I felt depressed because of the words and actions of people I used to respect.

      Hell, I've had it happen since before I was legally able to vote in 1992 when William Jefferson 'Bill' Clinton defeated incumbent George Herbert Walker Bush (Bush Sr,). Since I've been of legal age to vote, I've been there when Bob Doyle was defeated by Clinton in 1996, was there for when Ralph Nader was beaten by George W. Bush (Bush Jr) in 2000 and 2004, In 2008 Nader was by Barack Obama. In 2012 and 2016 I didn't vote as I didn't believe in any of the 3rd party choice again, and felt that Obama and McCain and Romney were all terrible choices. 

      I even considered not watching the Extra Life stream this weekend, purchasing an Extra Life poster this year, nor donating to the stream. It's sad because I typically look forward to seeing it, and seeing what shenanigans that the cast and crew get into to raise money for the children of Dell's Children Hospital. However this year, will it be the fun filled festival we've experienced, or will it be chocked full of Millennials who are still going to be bitter and full of vile after the election. Trust me, I know how much it sucks to have your chosen political choice be defeated. If I tune in and see someone start spouting off with venom over the election I will turn it off and not tune back in. If that happens I will stop supporting anything related to RT. From posters (I have the last 3 Extra Life Posters, the Lazer Team movie poster and backer poster) to hats (I have the AH baseball cap) to media (I have all current RvB and Rwby dvds/blurays). I'd hate to not support this company, but if the people are full of venom then I feel I have no choice. 

      I love this place, but at the same time I dont want to be surrounded by a place where I dont feel welcomed because of who I either voted for, or didn't vote for. I guess I am just too old for this place or the internet anymore.

    • Emoji, I will annoy you.

      2 years ago


      adam-32.png barbara-32.png benson-32.png blaine-32.png blake-32.png boot-32.png bruce-32.png burnie-32.png butt-32.png caboose-32.png church1-32.png church2-32.png crown-32.png disk-32.png doc-32.png donut-32.png elyse-32.png gavin-32.png geoff-32.png grif-32.png gun-32.png gus-32.png hand-32.png helm-32.png jack-32.png james-32.png jaune-32.png jeremy-32.png joel-32.png lawrence-32.png lindsay-32.png lopez-32.png matt-32.png mattP-32.png michael-32.png microphone-32.png gavin-32.png 

      nora-32.png omar-32.png pyrrha-32.png ren-32.png ruby-32.png ryan-32.png sarge-32.png simmons-32.png tex-32.png tower-32.png tucker-32.png weiss-32.png whiskey-32.png yang-32.png 

      There, the most original story on this site, ever.. of all time.

    • I dont know if I will renew my sponsorship / First subscription when it lapses

      2 years ago


      Back a year ago, I never thought I would ever be thinking this let alone really considering it. However when my sponsorship lapses I have been considering not renewing. I've been a sponsor for almost eight year now, since season 6 (Reconstruction) started. I was happy at that time, I loved the content (which was primarily Red vs Blue), and Achievement Hunter which was founded that same year. I loved both those entities very much and really thought that the $20 a year ($10/6 months) was worth every penny. Over the years I saw RoosterTeeth grow exponentially and start to do more and more content. They started the live action side of things, live events (podcast, etc), animation, FunHaus, etc. However recently I started to think to myself that maybe the company was growing too fast and getting to mainstream for me. The first RTX event was a small affair with a very limited amount of sponsors attending, and if I had the time, money, and ability to go I would have went to that one. At that point they were allowing fans to tour the HQ at times, and then even started to do that on appointment only, and then to no more due to the sheer number of people who wanted to see RTHQ. Sadly those members of the first RTX go to walk the previous studio on a tour as part of RTX, but now it's just the same as any other convention. Sure things had to change as the event got larger every year, but I really dont like the concept of "VIP" tickets to conventions that basically mean just early access. Plus I think the tickets are really overpriced.. Maybe it;s because the main convention I go to is fanboy expo and the weekend tickets are $50, and I think $80 is a bit steep. I dont like the fact that you have to purchase tickets to get autographs, but I also accept the fact that it would be impossible for people to get an autograph without strategies like that. Maybe I'm just getting old and set in my shitty ways..

      However the main nevent that made me start to think this was the ending of the minimations Straight outta RT. I preferred these to Jordan's RTAA, and to be honest I havenn't watched the last two RTAAs. I am huge supporters of the guys who made the minimations as I've worked with them on their projects in the past. It was after Grey announced that they had ended that I found myself mulling this over. Should I stay or should I go.. And then I see the price increase for "First" coming soon. Instead of the original $20/year price as my paypal failed me and it was canceled, I went to the $30/year plan without batting an eye. However with how I now feel, I am unsure if I want to go up to $40/year.. This is the point where I sit here and think is it work it, or do I just lose out on things like RT Docs and Theater Mode (exclusives) and just watch the shows on the site when they go live for members, or wait for thinks like rwby chibi, rvb, etc that go live a week later on youtube.. For me, I hardly ever watch RTPodcast, Off topic, On the Spot, or the other live events live as they happen and typically watch them on the site the next day. LP Minecraft and GTA I watch the early day, but it would be nothing for me to wait till the next day or so and watch even on youtube.

      I dont need sponsor to interact with the AH members I enjoy the most. I sub to both Ryan (sortamaliciousgaming) and Jack (jackpattillo) on twitch, and if I wanted to sub to Michael I could (tho the yelling would likely get old to me after a bit), and even to Jeremy's stream. On tiwtch it's easier for the guys to interact more with fans than on here. However I never interacted with any member through the site just because I was a sponsor and they were too..

      Whatever I decide I have until October 7 to decide. Maybe it's my last rodeo as a sponsor after 8 years. Maybe it's time to quit thinking of the people that work here as part of my extended family (whacky uncles, aunts, nephews, and nieces) and see them as what they truly are.. content providers that will never know me as a person.

    • ...Sigh...

      3 years ago


      I absolutely hate having a meal with my dad. Not that we dont typically tolerate each other. I just hate eating a meal with him when he watching Fox News. On whatever the fuck the 6pm show's name is they had a segment about causes of homicides in bigger cities. He just states, "It's because they let the ni**ers run free." I really wanted to say something, but instead I swallowed my remaining piece of fish, got up, and left the table. I walked off instead of saying a damn word as beating my head into a fucking brick wall would garner as much success than speaking to him on shit like that. He's "80 fucking years old, and is too old to ever change his ways" as my sister once said as a fucking defense. I'm sorry, being old and from "that generation" doesn't mean that he is right.

      I'm sure if I debated the issue he would have said, "Back in the 50's the N-words (I still feel like shit for barely censoring the word in that quote from earlier) couldn't run free like today." While that part may be true, it's not like violent crimes weren't committed by white people. There were tons of murders for various reasons, and women were raped in those times that were never reported because they were afraid of what would happen. There also weren't as many gun crimes in that time as there weren't as many guns on the market as mass production hadn't hit the american factories at that time.

      I'm glad I am not racist like my dad, and I really wish he understood how stupid it was to say that shit. However he will never come around to that, and I'm afraid that people who think like him will vote in Donald Trump as president. While Trump may be the worst presidential candidate ever, unless a miracle happens he will be running against the 2nd worse ever candidate Hillary Clinton.

    • My time as a photographer may be ending.

      3 years ago


      My days of being a photographer for my local newspaper may be over in a few hours. I had decided to stay until after one of our photographers had her wedding so that she could concentrate on it. A few weeks ago she asked me if I could cover her college baseball and softball games. At the same time I had to also cover the 50th anniversary of the overhead "skymart" that is in our town's downtown area. All three events started at noon, and I went to cover them. I was under the assumption that the college games were like the high school games where there were only one game per day, but I was mistaken in that regard. I found out later in a text message from my sports editor who was a bit of a dick. He tried to come off as passive aggressive and failed. I actually comptimplated taking all my equipment back to the office and quitting that day. However I calmed down and moved my depature date from July to the local high school's graduation on May 20th. The only reason I did that was because I wanted to see these kids that I've been a substitute teacher and sports photographer for walk across the stage. All seemed fine for about a week.

      Then came April 23rd. I was set to video the local community college's baseball field dedication to it's former coach and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the NJCAA baseball national championship they had won back in 2006. There I was talking to the other photographer, and I found it odd that she didn't know that our managing editor was out that next week as the day before I got a text about sending my hours in due to his vacation. It struck me as odd as we were both independent contractors, or as I thought we were. After getting the video I decided to go to the office to check info for an assignment I was informed about. However I couldn't find any info as there was no info to tell me what to actually photo. I got on the net to find the church's website and try to find info, and then I see on the desk what appears to be a check to that photographer. I was a bit miffed as I assumed they offered her to be part time instead of contractor paid on a 1099-MISC (meaning I have to pay my own taxes for that work in April), and our other photographer was there. I asked him about her being part time, and that's when he tell me.. "Full Time." She was moved to full time, and I wasn't even talked to about being moved up from contractor. I knew it had to be at least two weeks as there is alternating payments every two weeks. One week the staff (part & full time) get paid, and the contractors get paid the next week. As my pay was due Wednesday, I knew she had to be have been the prior Wednesday. I was hurt. I had been there longer and was told that I would be moved up when a spot opened. I guess John forgot about that. Daniel took the assignment for me as went to find info, and I went home. I was so down after leaving the office that I went home and didn't do shit. I was literally ready to quit the job again. I was ready to leave for the 2nd time in a week. I held on and decided I would talk to John when he came back from vacation. Today May 2, 2016 is the first time I will have that chance to talk face to face with my editor. Depending on how it goes I may no longer be an employee of the newspaper. I will have Daniel come to my house and get the equipment from me, and then I will be done. I had wondered how long they offered her the "full time" position, and Daniel said he thinks it was "a few months ago", but didn't want to tell me because he knew how pissed off I would get.. Daniel is such a good and thoughtful friend.. I then thought back to having to "redo my contract" back late last year, and then it occurred to me that it was possible they did it then and didn't want to tell me.

      Sadly I dont currently have a job lined up to replace it, but I have the summer to find something before going back to being a substitute teacher if I dont find something full time with benefits. I know it;s not smart to leave a job without having another one waiting, but at the same time how can I work for somewhere that I dont trust? I have to do things to help me be happy.

      The difference from this school year from the last three is that I will not have to be available for the paper. I wont have to turn down assignments because I know I will be dead after I have to cover some damn sports event, or will I have to be available to cover an event during the day. Sadly I've had to turn down teaching some days because I had to cover something for the paper, and I've had to turn them down because I knew I had a 2-4 hour long game with a possible hour long drive to get to that day.

      In the end, the only things I will miss about that job are the camera, the ability to be on the sidelines to cover the sports events, get to see the athletes grow and mature. I wont miss events like the "Kick off Classic" which are double header football games in late August that start the season for our two local high school teams. I wont miss having to cover between 3 to 8 basketball games a week from mid November to the start of March. I wont miss having to deal with the sports editor, nor his (and the papers) bias toward one of the two local high schools over the other one. I sure as hell not miss being paid peanuts for events and having to pay my own damn taxes in April.

      What I will love, is that I will finally be able to have some sort of personal life for the first time since August of 2013. From late August to middle of May I generally have no evenings to myself due to the things I have to cover. I was lucky to get a Saturday off.


      3 years ago


      Below is the exact comment I left on the "Connected" documentary. If you are not a sponsor, then I would suggest at least getting the 30 day free trial just for this doc. It's damn well worth it.

      This is a great social commentary on how many people live their lives nowadays. I guess I'm lucky in the fact that with the phone I can still not need the feeling of having to have it out constantly. I can have a bit of a conversation without the need to pull it out, and can go meals without needing to check it or get that instant feedback/gratification.

      However I wish I could do that with being on the computer or internet. I could spend the entire day doing something on the computer from gaming, messing with a video in premiere, or even just going to websites. Even tho I've always been an introvert, I feel at times that even with the internet that it's made me worse. I can converse without being around another living person. Also when I have an internet outage I constantly find myself on the computer doing something, and then I find myself trying to go to websites or play games that require the net connection and feel lost. The sad part is that I have only had the internet for around half of my lifetime. I can't imagine what people 10 years younger than I (I'm 39 btw) feel when they dont have access to devices connected to the internet. As well I can also funtion if I need to watch a tv show without the internet. I remember the times of setting a VCR to record a show I was going to miss, and even using hte VCR+ codes that accompanied most shows in the 90s and early 2000s that would tell a VCR when to start and stop the recording. For those people who "cut the cable" when dealing with tv how would you watch an episode of your favorite show without services like Hulu or netflix?

      The best thing for me is that I was brought up to know how to read maps and not rely on gps, which I only use when I need to use it. As a sports photographer I tend to only use it when traveling to cover a game at a school I hadn't been to since I was in high school or one that I'm not quite sure where is. I also tend to try to remember phone numbers so I dont need to rely on my phone in the event that my iphone is dead. Back three years ago I knew the three most called friends phone numbers that I called the most. However within those past 3 years one of the my best friends moved to a town about 10 minutes further away, but I never learned their new home phone number, and one of them cut home phone but as well changed cell numbers two or three times. I can also remember some family members phones, but never learned when some of them changed and just have them in the iphone.

      The best moral of this documentary is know that if you need to you

      can survive without the use of technology in social settings. I wish

      they could have allowed for @Blaine and @Barbara

      to use cars that only had tech from that era. Blaine's jeep people

      might fit that bill, but I doubt that Barbara's car likely would. Tho

      the parts where the office mates were getting sick of the typewriter

      were cute, but made me think of how it was when people older than I had

      to use them for work, or even what they would have done with a dot

      matrix printer running.

    • Camera Pros and Cons

      3 years ago


      i know, I just did a long journal on photography.. However this will just give pros and cons to

      most common camera types.

      1st up. Mobile Phone Cameras.


      1. Cheap (when bought on contract with your provider)

      2. Portable. You typically always have it.

      3. Decent quality. They are getting better ever iteration.

      4. Multiple cameras on phone. Front facing for selfies for the narcissistic people.

      5. Wi-fi and cloud backup are available.


      1. No real zoom.. Digital zoom isn't a real zoom

      2. Megapixels are lacking. Even newest iphones and equivalent are still way lower than actual cameras.

      3. Drain the hell out of the battery.

      4. Have to have cord or other way to get pics off other than card reader. Droid phones need minisd adapter to be used on some card readers.

      5. Can have wi-fi.

      2nd up. Digital Cameras


      1. Portable

      2. Cheaper

      3. Actual zoom

      4. Can do video. Some might do 1080 at 60 fps..


      1. Battery life is shit.

      2. Dont see the exact shot. Most of these type have a "viewfinder" to get a close approximation of what you will see, but not exact shot.

      3. No way to exceed built in lens zoom.

      4. Proprietary charging cables/devices.. These suck ass.. Only Kodak work with kodak, etc.

      Finally. DSLR Cameras


      1. Can be quick and get good fast moving action shots.

      2. Can have better quality photos.

      3. Decent Battery life (depending on battery)

      4. Interchangeable lenses

      5. Has built in flash, but can take better quality flash if needed/desired

      6. You get what you see in the viewfinder.


      1. Price

      2. Cost of add-on components (lenses, flash, etc)

      3. Manual settings are not for beginners.

      4. Photography classes are advised to get most out of camera, unless knowledgeable.

      5. Not very portable.

    • The problems of being a photographer

      3 years ago


      Being a newspaper photographer lends me some ability to talk with knowledge on this matter.

      In the past when you wanted a photo taken, you had to pay someone a bit of money to do it for all the work they had to do. People knew that they had to allow for the setup of equipment and the photographer had to be great as in the old days (days of film photographer, yo) there was no way to view the image until the photo film was developed. Even the "instant" photos (Polaroid, yo) still look a few moments to fully develop. However nowadays the ability to view an image as soon as it's taken is available to everyone, and it's leads to some headaches at times.

      Now the advantage to being able to view an image as soon as it's taken is mainly for the photographer. The photographer can see the image, make adjustments to the exposure levels, and then see if they indeed "get the shot." However it also makes photographers lazy. In the past you had to be spot on when you went to take photos. You had to knew what shutter speed, iso, and appature setting to use. If not, you may have had a plethora of overly dark images or overly bright that were unusable. Now we can say "Oh, wait, let me adjust my settings", and then dial them in to get the best shot we can get.

      A disadvantage to digital photography is that now most cell phones have a camera, digital photo cameras (non DSLR) are relativity cheap, and people tend to think they are a true photographer just by using one. Sure a cell phone can take a decent selfie, but would you consider most of the people making duck faces at their phone as photographers?

      If someone now wants a photo taken of their family, they think their cell phone or cheap camera can do it well. Sure it might look good on a smaller screen, and some that have high megapixels can look good even printed. However with a camera you are locked at a certain zoom level. Now the sliding fingers to "zoom in" on a camera phone isn't a real zoom, it's a digital zoom that only digitally magnifies what you are seeing. Even the cheap digital cameras dont have much of a zoom. They typically have a starting zoom level at 18mm (most common lenses stay that wide) and go to a less wide 55mm. Even DSLR camera have a "kit lens" that does this. So, why is that studio photographer wanting that much money to take a photo?

      Well intrepid reader, the problem comes in with the cost of equipment. While phone cameras and the digital cameras are "cheaper" (iphones and smartphones are only cheap when on a plan with your provider instead of a lone being $600+) is that besides their lenses being lacking so is the image sensor. The image sensor is the part of the camera that sees what you are shooting and converts that into what the camera says is the picture. Phones and cheaper cameras use cheaper image senors to keep cost lower, but the DSLR camera tend to use beefier sensors. Another thing that leads the DSLR cameras to be a bit better when taking photos are interchangeable lenses. With a DSLR you are not locked into a certain zoom lens. if you need and have it, you can get a lens that can take a photo across the football field of players on the other sideline, or even more. The problem with this is that it does add cost, and depending on the quality of the lens it can add quite a bit of money. The final thing I will touch on are the adjustments you can make to a DSLR over the other types. On a DSLR you can change just about anything. You can change the autofocus point to make it focus on something else or the type of autofocus the camera will do. You can change how fast the shutter speed will be (time image senor is "exposed") . Shutter speeds are fractions of seconds. Lower the number, longer the image senor is exposed., and higher the number the less time the senor is exposed. (1/250 of a second is way longer than 1/8000 of a second... .250 seconds vs .008 seconds). That means the lower amount the light available to lower the shutter speed needs to be to make the photo visable. Disadvantage is that at lower shutter speeds anything in motion could be blurry. For one of the best videos on shutter speeds, please look at this slow mo guys video by @Gavin Inside a Camera at 10,000fps - The Slow Mo Guys

      The DSLR also allows you to adjust things suche as the departure, or the "iris" of the lens. They are just like the iris (dark circle) of your eyes. You can even adjust the ISO or the image senors sensitivity to light.

      DSLR cameras have a varied price range with cheaper ones being around $350-$500, medium levels being near $1000, and higher end ones being $1500+. Reasons for cameras to be more expensive are better image senors, speed of the camera, and building materials. The speeds of the cameras vary too. Entry level cameras take photos under 5 frames (pictures) per second, the medium levels take between 6 and 8 frames per second, and the higher end ones typically take 10+ frames per second. For building materials I am speaking of the inner frame of the camera. The Cheaper and medium level camera tend to be things like plastics. However the higher end tend to me made of metals like magnesium to make them a bit more durable. For price ranges of lenes, the biggest factor is the aperture level. Highest end lenses ($1500+ prices new) tend to have a apature level of 2.8 that is constant unless you change it in your settings, and the cheaper ones tend to have a changing aperture level. Most zoom lenses will start at an aperture level of 4 or 4.5 and at full zoom will go to 5.6 or higher. This is because to keep the 2.8 at bull zoom you need large glass lenses. Next time you are watching a pro ball game look at the large lenses the camera men have. Image that entire lens has 4-6 round lenses that are the same diameter as the lens.

      TL;DR version.

      Now people want to get photos for cheap, but at the same time they want them to look professional. They want you to take a photo with a phone or cheap camera and have it look like an image in a big time magazine. It just doesn't happen, and if you got a shot that good you are paying for it.. unless you do it yourself and know what you are doing.

    • RoosterTeeth is now a teenager. Just dont ask to drive the car, asshole.

      3 years ago


      I warn you, those who venture into this jornal. It's rather lengthy. However if you read, you might get some sort of feel as to who the hell I am.. or just laugh at the stupidity that is me.. Either way, enjoy.

      While I sit here waiting for the laundry washing machine to run its course so I can go get in the shower, I must reminisce about a company that started now 13 years ago. Tho I wish I had found this community at that time. I've heard tales (mainly from podcast with Gavin and Barbara talking of the old site versions) of the old forum and when it changed to a more journal centered version of the site. I wish that when I had found this place around season three of the original Blood Gulch Chronicles that I had been more active, but at that time I was too "security conscious"/paranoid to give my name to anyone on the internet let alone do more than lurk on a website that had a show I liked to watch. I can still remember a friend of mine at a rehearsal of the play "Grapes of Wrath" speak of a "movie that was made in Halo", and wondering how that could work. Then around a year and a half later I went into the store where I worked and found a particular dvd that was traded in. I inquired about how much it was, and no one knew. The employee that took it in told me how much she gave for it, and based on that I figured the price we would have sold it at and bought it. What is this dvd? Why intrepid reader it was the original version of the Red vs Blue Season 1 dvd.

      I went home after my shift and watched this. I laughed at the humor in it, I laughed at the absurd "adventure" the characters were in, I watched the features and listed to the commentary. I marveled at how a movie could be made inside of the video game of Halo. I saw the tag at the end of the credits, "For more videos, visit redvsblue.com" and I went there. I watched some videos, and laughed. Thought nothing else of it for a while until I went into the local EB Games (now gamestop) and saw they had Red vs Blue's 3rd season on the shelf. I snatched that up and went home and watched it. Tho it did take me a few more years to get the 2nd season, but that had to be in a set that I was able to get at the closest Best Buy to me (which was an hour away). After part of season 4 I started to watch the episodes and even got to see them when they showed to the public for the next two seasons. I then got brave between season four an d five and registered on the site. Not knowing that the database for name entry was limited to nine characters my name was thus "tuxedojerich"... And I couldn't shorten it to my traditional "TuxeyJ" as the name was tuxedojerch, and there wasn't an easy way to change the name.. And I never EEEEver thought about daring to message @gus to change it for me. Fuck that, I heard the tales about how angry he was, and I dared to not have that anger directed at me. I'm nott that god damned dumb. However as the new "arc" was set to begin (season 6) with the addition of characters like command, the director, the chairman, and especially one of the favorites in Agent Washington, I decided to saw fuck it and join the rank of sponsors. I said, "Gary, this place is fucking cool and it's ok to just buy the dvds, but wouldn't it be better to do more?", and I did. I paid my $10/6 months (I fucking hate I let that lapse by accident to this day) and I was happy. I got access to content that muggles didn't, I got access to episodes early, and I felt part of a club. Slowly I started to do more on the site like posting random journals, post on the forums, and leave an occasional comment on a video (still super fucking rare for me to do that).

      Now we fast forward a few years and @burnie starts to mention a little project and crowd funding for this idea. That idea you may ask? Why it's just some little project called "Lazer Team". I was photoing a little league baseball game between the Morristown 11-12 year old team vs Rogersville 11-12 year old team in the local little league tournament and was told the start time was an hour before it was. I used that time to log in and create an account on indigogo and backed Lazer Team either $35 or $50 (whichever was the blu-ray reward) and I was happy. I helped fund a film from a company that I had been following for around a decade. However that isn't the end of the beam yet. We get to around November and December of 2015. There are talks of screenings of Lazer Team, but not just in special "select" cities, but at a lot more thanks to Tugg. I see that one is playing in Knoxville at the Wynnsong Carmike in the west end of the city. That is an hour long drive for me, but I said, "Fuck it. I'll get to see this film in a special viewing." I went to buy my ticket. Tho I was photoing a basketball game and my iphone wouldn't allow the site to show the map, and then I went home saw seats still open and waited a day or two or my pay to get processed. I went back to the site for the viewings, and it was sold out. My heart sank, and I nearly cried. However thanks to Burnie again on the next episode of the RT Podcast I heard Tugg had opened more seats and stuff. I went back to check and more seats were opened. I wasted no time in getting a seat. I told my other photographers that on January 27th I was unavailable to cover a game. Luckily it didn't matter as no high school basketball games play on Wednesday, and the local colleges were at away games. As the date got closer I was tasting it in my mouth, and then the week before a snowstorm came in and blanketed the area in snow that came and went and came back again that weekend. I was worried, but then I looked at the weather report for the next week (week of the screening), and was amazed that going from Saturday and Sunday being at or near freezing, Wednesday January 27th was supposed to be a high of 50. I did a joyful dance and knew that the remaining snow was going to be melted by that time and I would enjoy my very first special movie screening. I felt like a VIP. I went to the screening, and did enjoy myself even tho we had very vocal asshats who thought they were professional comedians. I mean they think their original by yelling out about the "cheddar biscuits vs bread sticks", getting various red vs blue quotes wrong, and then trying to film an AHWU intro without informing the other 95% of us in the theater at the time. The dipshit bitch was so pissed at us for not joining in, but I resisted the urge to inform her that if she had let everyone know what she was doing then we could have been ready for it. I'm such a good person.

      Then we get to the twitter stuff about the film. I posted a tweet where I was in my car after getting some food from the local McDonald's about to get on I-81 and start to heard to Knoxville for the screening, and it was liked by the RT twitter account. I was pleased. A few days later @Barbara tweeted about what our favorite moment from the screenings were and I replied, "being able to see a special screening of a movie that I helped fund and feeling like a vip." To which I was aghast (meaning shocked, not horrified... just to be clear) to see that she replied to it. Below, I have the link to her reply. It really made me feel like this was a true community.


      Now I wish I had the time and money to do things like go to RTX, but maybe in the future that will happen. Another thing that this place and community had allowed me to do is to live part of a dream and be a voice actor. Thanks to my buddies @aclarkislost @KyleDoesGTA and @FromShanePR aka the dude that are part of TheLoneFew (the dudes who do the GTA minimations here) for allwoing me to be the voice of Sgt Evans in their show "Mistakes Were Made." Without this site, I would have never had the opportunity to do that, and I must thank the guys for casting me, and the RT community for being around to allow this 39 year old idiot to still be like a big kid. Thanks, happy birthday you cock biting website. Here's to many more.

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    • DudeRed

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      Saw your post and journal, and just wanted to say keep positive. For what its worth it has worked for me in the past.

    • Prototype666

      10 years ago

      i think ive seen you on xbox

    • unknownblu

      11 years ago

      Sup. Welcome to rooster teeth (I take it you new here?) Just let me know if you need anything yadayada GIVE ME HALO 3!

      I just had to say it - You can't blame me!

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