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20 years old
from South Australia, Australia

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    • RWBY Game Music Video

      1 year ago


      SO I spent roughly 8 hours recording and editing this, because I thought it would be an awesome idea! and turns out I was right (In my mind atleast, I loved how it turned out)

      I made a music video in the RWBY video game and I did the same with Warframe too. But thats not roosterteeth related unlike this. If you have the time, check it out!

    • Rest in Piece, Monty Oum

      2 years ago


      Personally I never met Monty, I wish I could have, but that's okay. From everything I have read about him, heard others say and saw him do. Monty Oum was a man with great ambition, a man that took his own life and made it a efficient as possible. Monty did what he loved and loved what he did, he took great pride in his work. His work reached and made millions of people happy... The thing about Monty is, this is what I mentioned before, is he literally made his life as efficient as possible, so he could do more of what he loved and properly hone his craft. Monty lived his life to its fullest barely wasting a single second with how efficient he was, and that's just it, he lived doing what he loved and he did it amazingly and as efficiently as possible... We all love you Monty and "Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong." Monty was certainly a legend. Rest in piece.

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    Hello everyone, I am a fellow RoosterTeeth lover just like everyone else here, except for you. You know who you are...

    Anyways, a few things about me are, I love everything anime and manga related, I build Gundams, make Hama Bead art and I knit... Yes, I knit ahah, its weird im weird. its cool though :) 

    If you feel like adding me as a friend or sending me a DM, go for it I dont mind at all!

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