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    • Goodbye

      3 years ago

      Vagabond1992 Sith Lord

      Rest in peace monty. you were an inspiration to me. You did what you loved and you put your entire heart and soul into it.
      You were so talented and creative and had one hell of a fashion sense.
      Your memory will live on forever i the thousands of us who looked up to you.
      I have never and will never forget the day i got to meet you.
      Goodbye Monty, and may your soul find peace and happiness.

    • 3 years ago

      Vagabond1992 Sith Lord
    • sponser minecraft server

      4 years ago

      Vagabond1992 Sith Lord

      Mr_squidington offerd me help..came and gave me a helmet, and then brutally murdered me...i had been in the game for like 3 minutes...I WILL HAVE VENGANCE

    • 11 years

      4 years ago

      Vagabond1992 Sith Lord

      tomorrow marks the 11th anniversary of the most amazing company ever!

    • late update

      4 years ago

      Vagabond1992 Sith Lord

      so its a BIt late for this, but i was so happy that i got to meet the wonderful Monty Oum at ALA.....i never knew what it was like to fangirl over something until i saw him....there was a voice inside me screaming high pitcehd was awesome

    • cant resolve host name

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      Vagabond1992 Sith Lord

      can anyone help me with this? i get the "cant resolve host name" message

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    • journals man...

      4 years ago

      Vagabond1992 Sith Lord

      i really should use these journals more...
      chilling in my bad with my puppy watching a monday lets play,
      when everything else in my daily life makes me feel like shit, the guys in achievment hunter always manage to bring me back up.
      i cant thank them enough.
      well...MAYBE....i think its time i helped the rightful mad king take back control of his kingdom...with lightsabers and nerf soon as i get extra money that is.

    • 4 years ago

      Vagabond1992 Sith Lord
    • 4 years ago

      Vagabond1992 Sith Lord
    • update

      4 years ago

      Vagabond1992 Sith Lord

      so, i figure i should post something every once in a while XD. just became a sponser, so while im here i might as well letyou all know some things about me, and im to lazy to add it in my info.
      1. My dream job involves making props and costumes in hollywood, but for now i make props and costumes for cosplayers and myself.
      2. i currently work at Mcdonalds, which is just as depressing as it seems. but it pays me money that allows me to make props.
      3. im sure a lot of people say this, but i am by FAR one of the least normal people you will ever meet. things that others place great importance on tend to have little or no importance to me. i try to view life by the big picture and not by just the present.
      4. MANY of the things i do, in the eyes of others, seem completely random and have no apparent purpose or reason, but they always have an actual reason or purpose. (99% of the time at least....sometimes i DO just do things for shits and giggles.)
      5. I often do things over and over again knowing that it will fail, but the reason is becuase i want to find out WHY it fails.
      6. 90% of the time, i will choose (if given the choice) to spend my time with animals instead of people
      7. "Just because the other person won, doesnt mean you lost. Victory is all about your definition of it."

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    • JaredCarter

      5 years ago

      Agreed, that is exactly like LoL. But hey, it's free so it's not like someone can sue them for stealing ideas.

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