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    • RWBY Frame Skipping on Rooster Teeth - Help?

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      I'm not sure if it's just me of if it's a common problem, but whenever I try to watch RWBY here on Rooster Teeth, there is very noticeable frame skipping at random intervals that really messes up the viewing experience. I only experience this when trying to watch video here on Rooster Teeth. I'm using Firefox and am running things at a standard 1080p 60 fps if that helps.

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    • Roman Torchwick is Back - I'm Calling It

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      Hey guys. Let's discuss.
      Roman Torchwick, does he have a semblance? I think so. I think he has good luck as a semblance.
      Consider how he just rolled out of that mecha completely unhurt, dusted his jacket, and got away.
      Consider how the only time he got caught, he wanted to be caught.
      Consider how he was just pushing buttons on an airship, with no clue what they did, and managed to deploy an army of robots, and destroy an enemy ship... AND INITIATE THE SELF DESTRUCT!

      But then he got eaten by a Grimm. Roman Torchwick's luck finally ran out.
      Or Did It? Ruby saw him "Die", but is he really dead? Considering his luck so far, I doubt it.

      Consider that he was swallowed whole, not torn, not clawed, not chewed, just simply swallowed whole, left perfectly intact inside the gullet of the beast that Ruby kicked into an exploding airship.

      Wouldn't it just be the perfect luck of a scoundrel if the Grimm shielded Roman Torchwick from the explosion, as the explosion destroyed the Grimm? Now he can disappear into the underworld, job done, a witness to his supposed death, and no one motivated to ask questions.

      What better opportunity to scurry away back into the clubs and back alleys where he's always wanted to be, finally out from under the thumb of Cinder?

      So I'm calling it, he's alive, and he'll probably be in Season 5.

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