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    • L4d glitches pt 2

      6 years ago


      Not only are most of the achievements glitched requiring them to be done in offline mode. Yesterday i found out that "lamb 2 slaughter" requires you to clear your cache and deny the update before playing in system link or it will not work. I wonder how many achievements this is the case for. :(

    • L4D crash course glitches

      6 years ago


      So apparently the crash course dlc for L4D has screwed up a bunch of achievements. I've been having to play in offline system link games just to unlock most of them. For lamb 2 slaughter I had to clear my cache and deny an update and then play in an offline system link game. Come on valve, i've been faithful to you since '98 don't leave me hanging now. :(

    • 2018 years ago

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    Names Anthony, my friends call my finny, I'm a huge geek, been building overclocking and modding PC's since 7th grade, gamer, good with audio (home and car), good at wiring and photography, good with just about anything electronic really. All of my PC and audio skills are completely self taught. I used to skateboard and bmx a lot. I am a 30% disabled veteran, I was a construction mechanic in the Navy Seabees, worked for the seals for 2 years before going off to a battalion. I like some rap, metal, rock, electronic. I love to shoot, fish, I wanna get into hunting.

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