from Basingstoke (near southhampton)

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      I LIED

      5 years ago

      I'M NOT BACK


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      5 years ago

      I'm baaaaaaaaack and more awesome than ever!

      so erm... mods anyone?

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      Farewell to thee!

      7 years ago

      Hey guys, as most of you will have noticed, i'm not using RvB as much anymore (well, to be more precise, i haven't used it at all in about 3 months).

      So, lets consider this a farewell journal shall we?

      Thanks to all you guys who comment regularly and watch me (and those who used to watch me) and thanks to those of you who weren't complete douchebags for the first couple of weeks.

      And it is with a heavy heart that i bid the Roosterteeth community goodbye, look me up on xbox live at some point guys!

      (also, first three people to comment shall receive my complete stash of mod points, evenly distributed between them.)

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      I got really bored...

      7 years ago

      Might make some more this afternoon.

      Anyone want one made for them?







      Which one do you think's the best?

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      Holy Crap, A Journal?!

      7 years ago

      Yeah, it's been a hell of a long time since i've done a proper Journal, or since i've done anything on this site for that matter...

      s'pose it's a good thing i don't Journal Spam. *looks eerily at Titanroller*

      Well, things... hmm, lets see

      Passed my driving test on the 28th of December, that was pretty fun, though i do get the impression the examiner sort of gave it to me as i did almost pull out infront of a car.

      My Xbox live gold subscription expired on the 26th of december, ordered a new one from play on the 27th, which still hasn't arrived yet. (co-incidentally, does anyone know the e-mail address at which i can send complaints too?)

      We had our new TV delivered (46 inch LCD!) and got a reasonable surround sound system to use it with, parents won't let me connect Xbox to it yet though, apparently i've got to get a job first (whatever the hell that is...).

      There've been several new Yahtzee Croshaw videos up since i last posted something here.

      Oh, giving a shout out to N4cer2002, he's at Uni, so everyone, give him your smarts!

      Oh yeah, got Ace Combat 6 recently, it's god-damned awesome! though i did pend a bit too long trying to unlock the CFA-44...

      and last but not least, a new webcomic i've recently come across: Lint-tacular (just a random one i chose).

      Veteran Over and out.

      Did you know: You could feed a third world country for 2 days with the ellipses used in this journal

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      All work and no play...

      7 years ago

      Well, i've just finished a truck-load of Homework, Coursework and random mock tests and i now feel so Freaking tired...

      There's not really much point to me throwing this journal up, i've got a few links to throw around and some tidbits of info for you all to have though, but feel free to throw a random comment in the bottom and ignore this post ;)

      Well, First off, ordered a new TV 4 weeks ago (46 inch LCD HD TV - too many acronyms...) which turned out to be part of some elaborate online scam, no fear though, was paid for with a credit card so the card company can worry about that.
      Dad did, however order a new one from Sharp 2 days ago that's due tomorrow, though i wouldn't Trust Citylink as far as he does...

      Secondly, Discovered The_Church's awesome Halo Sprite Comic, they're in his Journals every now and then, so keep an eye out for them!

      Also, Completed Call of Duty 4 and Assasin's Creed, Call of Duty 4 is By Far the best game i've played this year, it's got an awesome storyline, great graphics and pretty intelligent AI (especially on Veteran difficulty, I've spent too long trying to do "The Mile High Club" Mission...)
      Assasins creed on the other Hand, whilst having impressive visuals and an interesting style of Gameplay, was a little... Shallower than i though it would be. it's a reasonably good game, i can't fault that, but it's Extremely repetitive Mission style and "Collect all of item X" achievements let it down considerably, so i got rid of it in favour of Mass Effect (still need £5 for that though...)

      Got the Halo 3 soundtrack and, for some reason, the Ace Combat 6 soundtrack last week.
      The Halo 3 Soundtrack is EPIC, i can't say much more that that Here's the official site, with some snippets from the soundtrack Definitely worth money.
      The Ace Combat 6 Soundtrack is fairly good, i Adore the main themes, and some of the better pieces that apparently appear later in the game (especially "The Liberation of Gracemeria") but i don't know why they included the menu music, briefing music and even the pause menu music.

      there's a new Yahtzee up Here This week, Yahtzee Reviews F.E.A.R.: Perseus Mandate

      That's about all i can think of that's occured recently, hopefully RvB'll let me post all of this in one chunk.

      'til next time

      Veteran - "I'm British"

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      Revenge of the Brown Castle!

      7 years ago

      Well, i've got a question that needs answering (though i'll probably stick to the option i'm think of now though)

      I recently Bought Assasins Creed, i've now finished it and have been left with a sort of "cheated" feeling (i didn't like the ending really, though it was still better than Halo 3's...) so i'm wondering, should i part exchange it for Mass Effect?

      Normally i'd just do that, but here's the problem:

      Trade in Assasins Creed for mass effect, cost to me £20 (but no ability to buy christmas presents for family)

      Wait until christmas for Mass effect, and spend £20 on christmas presents for the family, cost to me 1month wait (but i still get to keep hold of Assasins Creed, which i undoubtably, won't get any replay value out of)


      Trade in Assasins creed, get some Halo merch with the cash from the trade in, also, spend £20 on family for Christmas

      Or finally

      Sell Assasins creed for Cash (i won't get anywhere near as much money though...) and use that money along with my remaining £20 to get better christmas gifts for family, then hope to get Mass Effect For christmas.

      those are pretty much the options i'm considering at the moment, so if you guys can let me know what you think would be the right choice, i'd be greatly appreciative!

      Veteran over and out.

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      Internets is finally back!

      7 years ago

      God damn you Orange! You and your Sucky internet stuff!

      well, basically, after 2 weeks of Non-internet, it's back!

      thanks for all you guys who commented and didn't expect a comment back, i really appreciate it.

      also, +1 to all those who comment here, because i can!

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      7 years ago

      just felt like saying hi

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      7 years ago

      on a pic of mine the startrek armada2 crossover pic what did you mean by you had failed at it

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      7 years ago

      hi there missed u whats new

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      7 years ago

      Yea, the new one's Out

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      7 years ago

      Thank you. smiley8.gif

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      7 years ago

      sadly no ....i don't

      talking about comics ...could you give me the link to that

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      7 years ago

      You could have posted it, it wouldn't have spoiled it for many. My profile doesn't get much traffic.

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      7 years ago

      With this, I wish you you a good morning/night/day/Merry Christmas, depending on where and when on the world you live.

      I am currently in GMT +1 2008, and thus I go to bed now. See ya tomorrow.

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      7 years ago

      Can't wait to live in that future. I suppose they don't have the internets there.

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      7 years ago

      Alright, so you do have a (sort of) thought-out opinion on life and the universe and all that crap, but you can admit that you are too tired too talk about it, you have the humor to publicly display other, less though-out, theories that others have come up with, and you are cool enough to take insults and the like calmly and with humor?

      You, my friens, do not belong on the intarwebs. ;)