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    • Really, I am still here--

      12 years ago


      friends can talk to me-- I just don't care for the forums here.

    • I am still alive

      13 years ago


      ... I just don't like the forums here...

    • I am back in karma!

      13 years ago




      She brought me from eight to eleven!
      I was gone on vacation and she was nice enough to see that I was down!

      Thank god for her!

    • Lost 8 levels!

      13 years ago


      Daaamn, inactivity sucks!

    • RT: Who would you ruin your liver with?

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      Everyone knows that the people in Rooster Teeth Productions (except Yomary & Kathy) are going to have crappy livers before season 3 hits the shelves. =)

      If you were to meet up with one of them, and had a couple of bottles -- they don't deny beer from what I hear -- who would you ruin your liver with?
      In all things considered, I am to young to drink legally outside my house, but I am apart of a family who drinks table wine which I can have. (I had beer though)

      My person(s) would be Joel and Burnie if I was at all legal, and if Joel is not able to, then Gus come on down. It would be absolutly fun to do something like that, but I am unable to serve beer let alone drink it outside my place of residence!

      I don't know, nice gestures like alcohol is always a good way to make friends and (in some cases) get a women. -damn barflies-

      I don't know, I think they are always drunk when they produce RvB!
      (good PSA idea)

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    • I forgot to tell!

      13 years ago


      A little over three week ago...
      I placed... An order... So large... That it would implode Cabooses mind!

      A $5,498.86 computer!

      (for computer geeks only)
      -have not received nothing yet, but this is my estimates-

      Athlon FX-55 OCed to 2.9ghz
      Zalmann Quiet and Cool
      A8N-SLi w/ nForce4 SLi
      Enermax 600watt NoiseTaker 2.0
      1024mb Dual Channel Crucial Ballistix PC-3200 with tough timings and normal clock
      (2) SLi connected, GeForce 6800 Ultras
      (2) 74gb 10k Raptor HD RAID-0 w/ a Western Digital 250gb 7200rpm "smart drive"
      Pioneer DVD-RW 16x Dual Layer
      Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
      ATi Theatre 550/ until it comes out I will use a TV Wonder Pro w/ Remote

    • Holy crap... Big essay!

      13 years ago



      My essay was finished, lucky me!
      The night it was due!

      1,986 words, 8 pages in size 12 font, extremely accurate, and well articulated
      (had my English teacher check it before school)

      All my OK history teacher said was, "Too long, but okay."
      "I was going to read the book on procrastination, but I still haven't gotten around to reading it yet!"

    • Half Life 2

      13 years ago


      *waits ever so unpatiently for mega-computer #2*


      I want to see how 2 SLi GeForce 6800Us handle it!
      Don't you!

    • Nov. 18, 2004: School Networks=Ass!

      13 years ago


      Boy, I sure do hate WAITING on this awful T3 line...

      They overuse it in my WHOLE school district, this thing is SHARED!
      It causes MASSIVE lag! You get right around 26kbps!1

      It is AWFUL!!
      I really like to watch RvB... I was able to crack the "limitations", and I am able to install the the DivX codec and Winamp!
      But now, I HAVE TO WAIT!!

      Now I have to go to orchestra and deal with this teacher that would send you into a "divine retribution"
      She will destroy me... I am a sensitive violist... I am a sensitive violist... I am a sensitive violist...

      I love ranting... Don't you?


    • Halloween 2004: Happy 'Halo'ween

      13 years ago


      Happy days here in RvB/SH/RT land!! Happy candy day...

      Where is a halloween PSA... Lazy bums! =) Just kiddin'!
      C'mon' they did one for the 4th of July! =)

      I am having fun! Kids love our Halloween stuff! I do a scary scene in the middle of our street every year...

      Last year was a fight between my friend and I involving lots of blood capsules... The police were even called! It was AWSOME, we gave EVERYONE a scare, THEN WE WENT TO PEOPLES HOUSES JUMPING OUT AT THEM WEARING HUNTING CAMO! WE SCARE PEOPLE SHITLESS, BRANDON AND I!

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    • oreo69not96

      13 years ago

      I don't know you and you don't know me, but your name rocks and so do violas!

    • HeresJonny

      13 years ago

    • wmalligo

      13 years ago

      Will your new system run Linux...If so use RED HAT 9...It is the best.

    • ToolPackinMa

      13 years ago

      You're so cute. :)

    • ViolaPrimus

      13 years ago

      Quoting CHEESEBOY2

      I WISH!
      So many places you could put it... And you only have to thrust once to have the motion!



      13 years ago

      dude, are those your girlfriends on your picture thingy-ma-bob??? you poor unfortunate soul...

    • ekaydee

      13 years ago

      Wow, not many people appreciate a good satire.

    • Lemons_R_us

      13 years ago

      Duude. I play the bass and the cello. cello somewhat badly but still. Good on ya.

    • Sakura

      13 years ago

      COOL you play the Viola?

    • Laur

      13 years ago

      Arrogant, you are not, sir. And you want to go to med school, just like I do, so props for you and all your Britishness!

      None of that was related, and yet I put it all in two sentences. Ah, well.

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