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      3 years ago


      So there I was. It was Wednesday night, and I was going to Artpark, which is our local concert place up here in Lewiston NY. So I go with my friend Spencer to go see Mariana's Trench. I haven't heard any songs of theirs since I heard "Cross My Heart". So, I wasn't expecting too much. Then, to my surprise, my friend Timmy and his crew of a few girls come join up with us. I honestly wasn't expecting too much from the band cause I didn't think they were gonna be bad. I was dead wrong. The lead singer Josh, has an unbelievable voice. I thought Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes could sing high, but this man could let his voice SOAR without sounding feminine. So then it's around 9:00 PM. About 40 minutes left in the concert, and he heads home cause he's tired, and that he has "work in the morning", which was a BS excuse cause I had work the next morning at 7. So anyways I stay with my buddy Tim and his friends. Eventually he tells me his mom is a sponsor, and he can take us to meet that band. So there we are at the fence at 9:40 PM. They open it up just for us and family, and shut everyone out. So far his was an unbelievable experience cause it was my first rock concert. So, I met the drummer, guitarist, and lead singer, got s picture with all but one, and a signature from all three. Sadly, I couldn't meet the second guitarist cause I had to go. But, before I went, I worked up the nerve to go ask my friend Timmy for one of his friend's numbers. She was very, very cute, and short. I don't know about you guys, but us tal, guys love those short girls (<3) anyways, he gave it to me, and I spent half of the next day texting her. It was an unbelievable night. I wish I could relive that night over and over.

    • RWBY Fanfiction (Official?)

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      So being the new noob in the craziness that is this website, I'm having trouble tracking down a Fanfiction thread. So, I took the liberty of making this topic so people may share, discuss, and create fanfiction for RWBY.

      If you share a story that is yours, please link it from another website, like fanfiction.net or Wattpad and also add your pen name/username to the post!

      If sharing a story that is not yours, please explicitly state it. Nobody likes a story stealer!

      I myself have been on fanfiction.net for around two years now, so if anyone has ANY questions, feel free to contact me! My pen name on fanfiction.net is Operator Blake 'Roxasrock and my most notable RWBY story is Reclaimers, featuring the Lunar Eclipise ship of Jaune and Blake.

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    • Caszie

      3 years ago

      Welcome to the community! :3

    • Kl2go

      3 years ago

      Welcome to the RT community Seth!! I hope you enjoy being part of this weird, fun, and awesome community!!!

      P.S How was the beach?

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