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      5 years ago


      Hi rooster teeth im aaron wainwright and live in the uk i am very skilled at coding and have coded full working games even though im 13. I also have a large skill in 3D modelling especially on my imac when i have completed university i hope to continue buying and selling cars whilst getting my computing skills up so i can pay off my student loan and by the time im 24 i hope to move to austin but what i want to know is how would i go about getting a career at rooster teeth. This is my dream and aspiration which is why i still work on my codes and 3d work but i want to know how to go about getting a career or an internship leading to a career. I would have enough money from car sales to acquire a rental property for 2 years in austin which would mean i could do an internship and if i didnt get pick for a job then i could still be financially secure without worrying about having a house to sell. So please reply because i would really like to know which paths to take to get my dream job at rooster teeth. Thanks

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      5 years ago


      Hi i just want to ask how would i be able to achieve my dream of working with you guys im 13 now and have won a Yorkshire computer science award for a game i coded myself i am set up to move to the usa in 2020 and so what i want to know is would i ever be able to get a job with RH

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