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    • kg6ejp

      11 years ago

      You need more content!!!


    • Rasta_Bob

      11 years ago

      hey, if its not too much, could you vote for me here? its a once daily vote, im pretty sure im behind, so your vote(s) would be really awsome, thanks....

    • Razzy

      12 years ago

      I love seeing "The Beatles" listed as Favorite Music of people in their teens and 20s. Proof that great music withstands the test of time. You have great taste! You should check out the two 1970s heirs to The Beatles' sound: Raspberries and Badfinger. I bet you'd like them. Badfinger was a UK band and Raspberries were from the USA. Ah ... and you can't go wrong with "The Daily Show"! :-)

    • viper123

      13 years ago


    • viper123

      13 years ago

      i like whetstones.

      their good for sharpening things.


    • Kschenke

      13 years ago

      like your "about" thing. :)

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