from Homestead, FL

    • Xavega

      i really..

      4 years ago

      miss my writing out thoughts.. for someone to see to compare to comment to see,

      "call me a safe bet, im betting im not" song i am listening to :) well lyrics.

    • Xavega

      great series

      6 years ago

      cant wait for the next one...if there will be any

      i mean tucker found something

      tex coming back

      church? what happened to him

      donut is missing

      sister is still partying

      doc? vic?

      so many questions still

    • Xavega


      7 years ago

      i lost my password and s/n for r/b forums and homepage lol jeez its been forever so ill be back tommorow for a update im playing GRID now so yeah bbl

    • Xavega

      gues who's back

      7 years ago

      i lost my password for MONTHS and couldnt log on... and now im back whahahahahaha

    • Xavega

      woah i need

      8 years ago

      A UPDATE.. tons has happened

    • Xavega

      umm i need to update

      8 years ago

      so guys... umm ive been like lazy on this journal so i will have to update soon

      i have become a dark jedi >.> yes... ive joined the dark side... fuck good! ima be straight out evil! GRRR! lol anyways ill be updating soon

    • Xavega


      8 years ago


      ok ok let me start off by saying this.. fuck. word of the day

      ok i wake up... go to bobbies house cuz shit i lost my cell there. she had it.. but was gone..so i played gears of war online this time... i sucked badly... killed like 2 but downed like 6 lol fun fun... then then bobbie came and my baby was in my hands.... the cell phone not the baby baby lol

      we left to wal mart...to get something for her... we touched a real lightsaber... awesome.

      then we went to see ashley at starbucks interesting bobbie say ashley first time in forever...

      then we got bored... went to see chrissy... it got better from here on...bobbie and chrissy talked alot about stuff... chrissy told her what was on her mind and shit... while we ate taco bell 20.00 worth lol went back to the house and watchedTMNT and to feed chrissy's turtle mikey lol fun fun

      bobbie got "sick" heh she needs to get better because she wont be any fun to hang out with if this continues lol =P

      we took her home... around 12:22

      got there at 12:58 droped bobbie off

      and we started smoking... dum dum dum...

      ok so.. we get so fucking close to megans house i get pulled over... first time in ... well first time... and ya know... smoke coming out of the car... me high...me and chrissy = pwned yeah so... we both get arrested... sent to HPD and we stay there for hours til... 7 am then we get transfer to TCK and stay there till 3 pm

      life in the big house sucks >.> HAHA i know i shouldnt be laughing but.. i dont wanna see it bad...fuck it sucked ass ya know? sleeping on a floor next to fucking drunks and assholes... and i couldnt sleep really cuz i was keeping an eye on chrissy so she wouldnt split up from me cuz she was crying alot..i felt bad for my mom and dad to disapoint them...

      we got out... cost me 100 and chrissy 2000.00

      yeah sucky... i went home with chrissy..and megan and ashley + sara showed up... while we finally got in a BED sleepy time... we ate subway then went back...then to megans house... i felt like crap wanted to shave and cut my hair and shower and shit

      i passed out...once i did go home..

      next day i picked up my car 148.00 and shit...they took my 10.00 lol for gas sucky... w/e

      im here at home...megan and sara at chrissy and ashley idk..

      so im ditched and alone here at my house... if anyone wants me ill be at home lol got my cell back too

      theres alot i gotta say privately to ashley ...chrissy and megan but i can never find them alone really... especially megan but what can i do? nada suck it up and fuck it over





      FUCK! way too much thinking

      i still havent eaten anything since taco bell 2 nights ago. starving...no food here either.

      if someone loves me

      2 chalupa's steak with baha

      1 crunchwrap steak

      1 #2 steak+baha

      1 cheesy fiesta

      3 large cokes

      lol later

    • Xavega

      oh btw

      8 years ago

      happy birthday to my brothers joey and andre... 17? and 22 lol im in the middle at 19 turning 20 in NOV anyways happy bday guys... i woke him up at 3 am to let him know that lol

    • Xavega

      TMNT and my fucking bad night

      8 years ago

      let me start off by saying... TMNT was great i loved it...<3 ty!

      my day started off shitty since everyone was yelling at me.. couldnt stand it so i left megans house....ashley picked me up... blah blah... we went to smoke ashley treat her first day back from NY... she got megan a gift...a boyfriend lol

      i just wanted food...a bagel... a hotdog ANYHING but no... no food for juan lol

      sarah mike ashley and myself went to eat at KFC...where megan invited eddie her ex out of nowhere...odd day this turned out... it ended all of us at the movies they watched 300... i was a 5th wheel so i watched TMNT i hate being a extra...i always am...w/e i couldnt say shit to my friends i want them to enjoy themselves...

      ashley goes " your a beautiful person" heh like that gets me anywhere? i do everything ...to beyond what is normal... and all i get is hurt fuck that.. why bother being nice anymore i feel like i should stop caring i could but eventually people ask me whats wrong...i ask ashley not to say anything i trust she wont

      idk what to do....sit at home all day again? nothing to do...what a fucked up week ya know? GOD i need my dose of halo... gotta kill someone.

      theres alot going on in my head...but 1 thing is clear... megan just keeeps popping out of it....her ex bf ex gf calls ME! at 9 am...we talk for 30 min...i felt bad so i didnt hang up. i tried to keep my mouth shut ofcourse about eddie and shit WHY am i in this drama? idk but ima get out like... now..

      ok so i sleep... i get a 2nd call... SARAH... yay... just who i wanna hear...at 10 am...im like FUCK go away!

      everyone tonight is busy.... megan with eddie... ashley and her new bf...chrissy and christian...jeez did i miss something? probably

      josh and sam are having a party... next month... it should be fun... ill go get fucked up...

      so in conclusion....no more megan... fuck it. 10 bucks ashley told something to megan tho >.> which i probably gonna be super piss and end up not saying anything to her from here on lol...

      i hate acting infront of people like last night i had to pretend to get SUPER DUPER along with eddie..

      im telling you...something really bad is gonna happen soon and no one really cares. w/e hope it hurts you dumbasses. im so hurt alrdy it wont phase me anymore then what i already do. laters

      i love megan... but now that her ex bf decided to turn his dick her way again...i lose huh? fuck you

    • Xavega


      8 years ago

      totally forgot movies

      mummy 3 i alrdy said

      but harold and kumar 2!!!

      and ATHF!!

      TMNT TOMMOROW! ima cry

      rush hour 3!!




      ... i gotta get a job at the movies... im so poor... SHIT I FORGOT I GOTTA APPLY NOW! and do my essay! I AM KING I CAN DO IT!

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      8 years ago

      i hate when ppl get you to choose sides

    • Twisted_Mind


      8 years ago

      how goes things juan?

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      8 years ago

      okay i will hehe

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      8 years ago

      Thank you for the image comment.
      Much appreciated. =]

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      and lots of it.

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      Uhm, what?

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      Ohh, hello there, hee hee. Thank you for adding me! =]

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      haha alright then ttyl =)

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      i sue you 85 cents!