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    Well ... I guess I have Gavin Free to thank for first introducing me to Rooster Teeth related content with his absolutely brilliant work with the SlowMo Guys, though I wasn't yet aware that he was affiliated with Rooster Teeth back then. Until today, the sight of a watermelons bursting as a result of wrapping countless rubber bands around it fascinates me ... for some twisted reason.

    Yet, it was the phenomenal work of our dear Monty Oum that dragged me into this community. Drawn in by his seemingly limitless creative pool of ideas, I was left thirsting for more after watching his iconic works, mainly Haloid and Dead Fantasy. That is when I found a music video of Red vs. Blue. Initially I believed this would be a continuation of Monty's work, more of the awe-inspiring combat sequences that I was so captivated by, but I was surprised to find out that it was so much more.

    And well, I guess what happened from that point on is pretty self explanatory. As per standard decorum I binge watched (listened) to all of the RT Podcasts and scoured the website for other shows. Now, as a novice member of the RT community, I wish to support it to the best of my ability.

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