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    • Five years ago...

      4 years ago


      Five years ago I joined Rooster Teeth. Because of Red vs Blue. Since then I have made new friends and met interesting people. It's been great. I have taken many a leave of absence and come back to a hell of a lot of posts in certain forums (You all post too much I swear to god) and very few in others (You guys don't post enough). In the end I always find my way back here.
      The main reason for this is I wanted to say thanks to the Rooster Teeth team for making this enjoyable for everyone. Without them, we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't have shared the laughs, tears and anger. Thanks guys.

    • Ohhhhhhh I hate stupid arrogant people

      6 years ago


      Ok, so this happened a couple of days ago, if any of you that will read this have looked at my other posts, I've been sick the last few weeks and I went back to school for half the day the other day. In art our teacher allows us to listen to the radio while we work and that song, "Somebody that I used to know" or whatever it's called was on. Now everyone in the class liked the song, except one person particularly, so she came over and tried to change the radio, I sit in front of it that's just my spot in the class it's where I always sit, me and her have never EVER gotten on together we're always at each others throats, she's the biggest bitch I have ever met... of all time... so anyway, everyone including the teacher gets up her, but because I've been sick I really wasn't in the mood for her shit, I go full off at her, telling her to piss off and other shit, which she deserves. Now our teacher takes me and her outside to calm down, she runs off somewhere I don't know where and I don't care where. So I sit outside the classroom for about 5-10mins and when this stupid stuck up arrogant bitch walks back in through the out teachers other room, and as she does, she looks at me, with disgust and goes "pft" Ohhhhhhhhh! I was sooooo close to going inside having another go at her and smacking her around the head. Now I'm not a naturally violent person. Sp to make me feel like that is very very hard to do.
      Now what I want to know is, is there anyone else who has someone make them feel like that?

    • Joy, oh joy.

      6 years ago


      More drugs to take for my sickness. Someone kill me now. I can't drink on the weekend now I was looking forward to having a party and getting a little bit drunk at least. Lousy Glandular Fever stopping me in my tracks right at the point I need to be going full steam ahead.

    • Glandular Fever

      6 years ago


      So my immune system decided to let me get Glandular Fever. Great, I was in hospital for a week now I have some oral infection on the inside of my mouth that is killing me, it burns and nothing helps to stop it. Does anyone have any advice for me on how to get rid of it quickly, I want to have a party on the weekend.

    • Just doin a post about RvB season, 10(?)

      6 years ago


      I love it, Rooster Teeth have out done themselves with the CGI and the Freelancers this time, it's awesome. Keep it up guys, and girls.

    • Add a word story

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      Just add a word with your post.

      Here are the rules:

      1. Don't be an idiot
      2. One word only not sentences.
      3. No double posts unless correcting your spelling.
      4. Please use proper spelling, no "u, r, ur, wtf" so on so forth. If you do that everyone has permission to neg the shit out of you.

      I'll start the story.

      There was a boy who...

      23 replies

    • Nearly finished school.

      6 years ago


      Soooo, half way through my last year of school, it's goin too slow, I won't get my QCE (Queensland Education Certificate), because I won't have enough points for it, that sucks a little bit. Just thought I would get that off my mind. Anyways, have fun everyone.

    • Red Team Explosive Requesting Agency

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      Anyone who wants me to make them the explosive of their Dreams, leave a post here with what capabilities you want it to have and I'll make it and give it to you in the Red Team RP Group.

      1 reply

    • AK-47

      8 years ago



      Russian for "die, bastards."

    • Australians = Lazy

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      do you agree or disagree

      Australians are Lazy

      17 replies

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    I have a strict set of rules I abide by, and if you don't like the way, I act or what I talk about in anyway, shape or form, then you're just gonna have to deal with that aren't you?

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    • Lo_Battery

      5 years ago


      Don't worry, I'm just practicing my stalking-skills.

    • badchicken5

      8 years ago

      Congratulations, I now no longer consider you a noob!! Now don't fuck it up! =)

    • XyzDemon

      9 years ago

      allrity then

    • jadems

      9 years ago

      Okay, XYZ, I know we haven't been on good terms and all, but to tell the truth you actually participate in our Flood thread.

      And it can be seen you are passionate about it when you tried to emulate WITFRE.
      But please you are of no comparison with Flood_Savior - all he's going to lead to is the locking of our thread.

    • CarnalFilth

      9 years ago're not a douche! Welcome to the Red Team, that apparently doesn't exist anymore! Woot someone that isn't a fucktard! far! ;)

    • delta_62

      9 years ago


    • GriffLord

      9 years ago

      Join my "Pastry Wars" group if your interested, check my journal for stuff on it first though!

    • Michael_JC

      9 years ago

      Yes, but a thread that old is going to be more than several pages back in a forum. As I said, what were you doing looking for threads that far back?

    • Michael_JC

      9 years ago

      Please learn to check the dates of posts. When a thread's last post is two or more years old, leave it alone. In fact, what are you even doing searching that far back?

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