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      6 years ago


      While I understand Londoners being upset with the lack of protection the from the police during the London riots, the change in public opinion on police tactics in the UK is mind blowing. It wasn't too long ago people were complaining about the police being too heavy handed on protesters damaging property in the centre of London during the student fee protests, the cut protests, and before that, the G20 summit in 2009. In all of these cases police tactics were considered too harsh and heavy handed. With such criticism being fired at the met every time they respond to cases of mass public disorder, is it any wonder they were apprehensive at the beginning of these riots on how hard they should tackle the situation.

      When the public keep scolding the police on hard tactics every time they go out to do their job how can the police work effectively and decisively when an emergency arrises such as the current London Riots? Now we hear repeated calls for rubber bullets and water cannons with a handful of residents calling for the Army to be deployed. These things don't work both ways. Don't tie the polices hands on one occasion and then cut them free the next. If then you plan on changing the rules again when the next protest comes around.

      Personally I believe the police have been hounded so often by claims of heavy handed tactics in the past, they have been blunted as far as an effective response to disorder is concerned. In past protests I do not think they were too hard, in fact quite the opposite, they were restrained when dealing with vast crowds that were not showing anything like the same restraint.

      The blame game has already started and as usual the police and the government is going to take the brunt of it, and maybe they should get some of the blame. However, the Prime Minister and Mayor being on holiday when this started has no bearing on the situation on the ground. Especially when things have unfolded so rapidly. These riots are not about social equality, race, religion, or economic cuts. This is the lowest of British society going out to cause trouble and get a new pair of trainers (or nail polish in one girls case).

      Either way, no matter how liberal or hard Londoners may want the police to be in the future, I think after this they can expect the days of ketteling to be over and the days of water cannons to begin.

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      if i can find the game anymore, that was a long time ago

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