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      I'm interested in improving my artistic skills, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. I carry around a sketchbook and sketch sometimes, but I'd like to make it more a serious hobby. I've been bored shitless lately, and I'd like to improve my art, but I know that's not gonna happen without practice. So I'd like to practice, but the only problem is that I have seriously shaky hands and it makes holding a pencil very difficult. I can manage for about two minutes before my hand starts to really ache and I have to stop drawing/writing. I'm wondering if it might be easier to use a graphics tablet, because if you want to erase something, you can just click undo.

      I'm a total newbie when it comes to graphics tablets though. I've looked stuff up online, because I want to buy one. I don't really understand how they work, but as far as I can tell, you use a special pen and draw onto the tablet and it shows up on the screen. Right? That seems cool to me, especially because I could save my art right onto my computer. That would be really helpful to me, because I don't have access to a scanner at the moment, so all my art stays in my sketchbook and can't really leave my sketchbook.

      So I'm looking for graphics tablet advice. What are the best brands? What is the best size? How much would a good graphics tablet cost? (I'm hoping less than $200, cause that's my budget.) What are some features that are important in a graphics tablet that I might not necessarily realize at first? Where could I get a graphics tablet? (Either online, in which case I'd need to find some sites, or at a store? But I don't know of any store that sell graphics tablets.)

      I desperately want to improve my art, because my art kinda sucks at the moment. I think a good graphics tablet would make drawing a lot easier for me (shaky hands, constant erasing, etc.) Any advice you guys could give me would be really helpful.

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