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      Today, I finally hit 100000 gamerscore. That's the equivalent of perfecting 100 xbox games.
      That's an almost inconceivable amount of time, money, and effort wasted.
      Oh well, I'd better go and waste some more.

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      I was looking through my past journal entries today, and I realised a couple of things.

      1) My jokes really don't stand the test of time.
      2) It's been two entire years since I did... well, anything.

      Two years is a lot of time. It's 730 days, 17520 hours, 1051200 minutes or 63072000 seconds.

      Why is this important?
      Whenever I think back over a long period of time, I do my best to think about how I've changed and grown from then to now. And to be perfectly honest, I'm pretty damn proud of all the things that I've changed since my last journal post.

      1) My profile picture.
      2) ...Ask me again in two years.

    • Internet Anonymity: Following #229

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      At the time of writing this, the live stream of podcast #229 has just finished. A large portion of this podcast was taken up talking about the actions of people on the internet when they are not held accountable for them, such as threats and very personal insults. This topic is one I'm very much interested in as it occurs offline in the physical world as well as in the virtual one.

      A few years ago, psychologist and entertainer Derren Brown hosted a one off TV special called The Gameshow. In the show, people were told they were being a member of the audience on a gameshow they believed to be real but was actually completely fake. The show followed the events of a single unsuspecting man on a night out. Every member of the audience was given a mask in order to protect their identity and an electronic device that allowed them to control the outcome of the man's night. The audience would be presented with a situation, such as the man talking to an attractive girl (who was an actress) and deciding wether the outcome should be positive (e.g. The girl flirting with the man) or negative (e.g. The girl's boyfriend coming over and threatening the man). Every single choice was presented in the same manner, with the audience deciding wether the outcome would be good or bad.

      I won't spoil any of the events of the show, as it's actually very entertaining. The show is a study of deindividuation - where members of a mob begin to (temporarily) forget their own personal identities and along with them typical social norms. This kind of phenomenon plays a key role in events such as looting during riots and natural disasters.

      The station that airs the show (Channel 4) has a very good online presence, so if you're interested in giving it a watch you could probably find it on YouTube. I would 100% recommend it, especially to people who spend a lot of time interacting with online communities.
      If you know of any other interesting studies or have any opinions on why you think this kind of behaviour occurs so frequently on the web, post them below. I'd love to hear about them.

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    • I'm a massive nerd.

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      My local cinema is having a special double feature of the final Harry Potter film, where they show both parts of the deathly hallows back to back. It starts at 8:45 and ends at 2:45 AM the next day.

      That's not the nerdy part. The nerdy part is that in honor of the final Harry Potter film I re-read all of the deathly hallows today.


    • Favourite/Best Mass Effect Class

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      Recently I've been hearing people talk more and more about the release of mass effect 3, so I decided to start from the beginning and pick up the original Mass Effect. Now, other than the ME2 demo I am completely new to the series, and before I begin playing I thought I'd ask: What is your favourite Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2 class and why?

      Now here are some things to keep in mind:
      1) If you want to recommend a class for me, go ahead. I like to run and gun, would use guns more than abilities and prefer to go close range than snipe.
      2) I'm completely new to the series, so while you can still post about specific powers or abilities and the areas to develop, I won't understand at all.
      3) No spoilers please. As much as I want you're input I don't want the plot of either of the mass effect games ruined for me.

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    • SGilley

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      Haha, love your profile description!

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