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    • 6 years ago


      I don't think anyone will read this but I'll type it anyway.
      Hey I'm Alex, I love everything roosterteeth (who wouldn't) and I just started trying to work on my account. my account may say I'm 31 or something but I'm actually 15, I don't know how to change it. if anyone knows how please comment.
      I love making friends and I'm open to about anything. If anyone has Xbox live add me my gamertag is "DUBST3P KITTY".
      If your ever bored on Xbox and you don't have anything to do, just invite me and I'll invite you to my party and I'll talk and play with you, unless I'm with someone else. If that is the case, you'r always free to join my game.
      I play Mw3, Halo, and just about everything except gears of war, its not that I don't like it its just I don't have it.
      So if you want to discuss anything or see if I have a game or if I've seen something just ask.
      I love people, so I would love to start doing stuff on this site.

    • 2018 years ago

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