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    • Barrett Brown's Pursuance Project

      5 months ago


      "Hey guys, Barrett Brown is back and making end-to-end encrypted software for activists based on his lessons working with Anonymous in 2012 before he went to prison. He's envisioned a more secure, action-oriented alternative to IRC, but still open source and self-hostable. Their Kickstarter video explains it best, but it's basically an encrypted task management and chat app they're making, and building a global federation of activist groups around it.

    • Pursuance Project

      6 months ago


      share and/or donate to this kickstarer. Pursuance Project is a new state of the art software will create a world where anyone can collaborate on an encrypted network. This will take democracy and journalism to new heights.

    • explosion

      9 months ago


      There was a explosion in Austin, Texas is everyone alright?

    • Hurricane Patrica

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      Dear fellow Rooster Teeth community members,

      As you know Hurricane Patricia will hit Mexico. For our fellow brothers and sisters in Mexico, please be safe. Take you, your family, your friends, and other loved ones to a safe place. Safety is your top priority. For People in States close to Mexico (Texas, California, Etc) please keep safe as well since Patricia could head in your direction. My prayers go to all of you.

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    • 3 years ago

    • Sonnet to Monty

      3 years ago


      Hearts fell into deep darkness when we heard
      The news. Happiness and joy turned to ash.
      So very talented and undeterred,
      Such pointless, senseless loss. A painful gash
      On the minds of fans, friends, and family.
      A drowning sadness felt around the world,
      Alongside painful burning agony.
      A uniting melancholy unfurled.
      But we will keep your memory alive,
      So all your great dreams and hope will endure.
      Since we will imitate your strength and drive,
      And live up to your talent and grandeur.
      The joy you gave us will be remembered
      Throughout eternity. Undying will.
      Like you, we will always press on forward
      While you continue to entrance and thrill
      Even gone, you still make us laugh and smile
      With your unique sense of humor and style.

    • RWBY Gamebook

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      Dear Rooster Teeth community,

      Me and @660677 are looking for talented artists and storywriters for RWBY Gamebook. We interned for this to be a community project and submit to the Rooster Teeth cast so it will be non-profit. We want it to honor Monty's memory.

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    • 3 years ago


      My Portfolio Reel

    • Why I am a Rooster Teeth Fan

      3 years ago


      How I became a Rooster Teeth Fan is a long story. It all happened in the spring of last year when I discovered The Red Trailer. Afterwards, I dived into the magical world of RWBY. Afterwards watching all the episodes of Volume 1, I wanted more. I dived into RVB, RT shorts, RTAA, and many others. Through this, I discovered a group of larger than life people with a lot of talent, wit, and a almost inborn ability to mesmerize people. Expectedly, When I heard that Monty passed away, I was heartbroken. Seeing someone like Monty, who so talented and passionate with a colorful personality, leave this world is so terrible. For half a month, I went through a period of depression till I saw the tribute to Monty and Rooter Teeth's words ("In lieu of flowers or gifts, we ask that you simply do something creative. Use your imagination to make the world a better place in any way that you can. If you know Monty like we do, then you know he would certainly be doing that if he were able to.") made me snap out of my depression. Despite losing someone so dear to them, Rooster Teeth is still going forward and even continue Monty's dreams. This perseverance is almost god like. I now realize that I am a fan of Rooster Teeth not only for their talent and ability to make me smile but their ability to pick people out of their worst of moments as well as for their drive. We could all learn a lot from Rooster Teeth


    • 2019 years ago

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