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    • Thoughts on the new world of remnant episode.

      1 year ago

      awsomesaucekirby Delusional Desparado

      Just a theory, and a simple one mind you, but here's mine (I'll post a line below, cause I don't know how to do the spoiler thing)

      We know that Salem's forces can't find the Vale artifact, and that led to people assuming that ozpin's came was the item in question. Now I take this video as confirmation of the fact, because, as Qrow said, the only things that the king brought to battle were his sword, and his staff. Staff = cane perhaps? Plus, the fact that the Vale king put the academies right where they needed to be, proves that he had knowledge of the relics, which would further justify Him resorting to one to win the war (like a nuke). This would also give context as to Ozpin's contemplating taking the cane during the fall of Beacon.

      Oh, and my theory on Ozpin's reincarnation stands. He doesn't keep doing it. Either he A) just did this as a last resort (like what Qui-Gon and Yoda did at the end of the clone wars cartoon), or B), that the host only has to deal with his predecessor, because if it didn't, the alternative would be far worse, being either C) Oscar's got a ton of personalities raging around his head (which we haven't seen, plus, he doesn't know stuff that predates Ozpin), or D) total spiritual eclipsing/assimilation (which would explain a lack of more voices, but not why he doesn't have memories of before Ozpin's time). C and D don't work, so either way, Ozpin's not immortal, either when Oscar dies, Oscar will co-inhabit some new shmuck, or this was a one time thing that Ozpin pulled to save the world beyond his death.

      Or, y'know, this could just be a contrived plot hole.

      Thoughts below please.

    • RWBY Volume 4 Theory

      1 year ago

      awsomesaucekirby Delusional Desparado

      NO NO NO NO NO.

      I just realized something on the walk home today.... Yang's new arm isn't a replacement OR prosthetic.... it's a TRANSPLANT.

      Now stay with me on this...

      At the fall of beacon yang lost her arm right? and the whole thing was blamed on Atlas by the world?

      In the last episode we learned that there's a worldwide blockade on Atlas tech and merch.

      We also know that General Ironwood wanted to give Yang a new arm, but he's got too much pride in morals, and common sense now to break that blockade, even for an "old friend" and powerful man like Schnee.

      And this is High-quality stuff too, not something from those Atlesian drones. so it would take considerable resources to make, and would be worth a LOT. So he wouldn't trust this thing to smugglers right? and Crow's been AWOL following Ruby, so he couldn't deliver it.

      So the tech would have had to have ALREADY been in Vale for easy/possible transport.

      Buuutttt...... Taiyang said that a lot of people went to a lot of trouble to get that to her. So what's close by but hard to access? Beacon. Cause all those grimm are still being drawn to it. And what's the most advanced piece of tech in beacon that can be made into a limb and is capable of channeling aura/ is battle tested and Combat Ready?


      They used Penny's arm, modified it, and sent it to Taiyang for yang.

      Boom, mic drop, hold the applause people.

    • 2 years ago

      awsomesaucekirby Delusional Desparado
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